Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus or Netflix?

Sing 2 is not on Disney Plus, but it is available for streaming on Netflix and a few other streaming platforms. Released in 2021 after the massive success of Sing (2016), Sing 2 is not available on Disney Plus, unfortunately.

Since its release, Sing 2 has gained widespread viewership, making $162.8 million in Box Office in the U.S. and Canada and another $245.6 million in other parts of the world. With many still enjoying it, followers of Disney would have hoped to access it on Disney platforms, but as indicated, the successful animation movie has nothing to do with the production company.

Is Sing 2 a Disney Movie?

On the surface, Sing 2, as well as the 2016 prequel, seem perfect fits for Disney movies. This is because of the nature of the animation and the songs that followed. However, Sing 2 is not a Disney movie, and neither is the 2016 release.

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The movie was produced by Illumination Production Studios, which used to be known as Illumination Entertainment, and it was distributed by Universal Pictures. There was no point in the production or distribution of the animated film that Disney was involved.

Is Sing 2 On Disney Plus?

No, Sing 2 is not on Disney Plus, and neither is it available for streaming on any other Disney platforms, including Disney Now. The reason why it is not available is because it is not a Disney film, and Disney has not reached any distribution agreement with Illumination Studios.

More so, being a subsidiary of Universal and a competitor of Disney, we may hardly get to see any of Illunination’s works, including Sing 2, on any Disney platform.

Is Sing 2 On Netflix?

Yes, Sing 2 is now available on Netflix. By the mere fact that the first release of the animated film was on Netflix, it became almost certain after the release of the second that it was just a matter of time before it would also be on the streaming platform.

While it is on the platform, it is also important that you understand that there is such a thing as geo-bocking of content. Because of this, some people may not be able to access it based on their geographical location.

When Does Sing 2 Come Out On Netflix?

Sing 2 became available on Netflix in June 2022. Netflix is one of the very few subscription-based platforms where you can watch the animated movie. With that said, there is a possibility that you may still not find it on Netflix, which, in that case, may be because it is not available in your region.

Is Sing 2 Streaming Anywhere?

Yes, there are many platforms that stream the 2021 animated film. Among the most popular are Netflix and HBO Go.

If you want to buy or rent, the platforms where you can easily access it are Apple TV and Google Play. Amazon, Direct TV, Microsoft, Flix Filing, and Reel Box are other places to access the movie. The platforms make it possible for you to access the movie in both SD, HD, and 4K. VUDU is another place where you can buy or rent Sing 2.

How To Watch Sing 2 At Home

While it may be difficult to have it aired on TV, the best way to watch the movie is either through streaming, buying, or renting. As already stated, such platforms are Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Direct TV, Microsoft, Flix Filing, and Reel Box.

Most of the platforms have a limitation because of geo-blocking, which makes it difficult for viewers in some parts of the world to access the movie. Because of this, the only way you may get to view it is either through Apple Play, which gives more options than all others or through the use of a VPN. This is because the use of a VPN will grant you the opportunity to change your location virtually.  And you do not have to worry because VPN is legal in most countries around the world for privacy purposes.

When Did Sing 2 Come Out?

Sing 2 came out on December 22, 2021, after making its world premiere a month earlier in November 2021, at the AFI Fest. The initial release was for North American countries, while the release date for the United Kingdom was on the 28th of January, 2022.


The release of the Sing animation sequel came more than three years after an announcement was made for it in 2017 by Universal Pictures and Illumination.


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