Jeremy Renner’s Leg and Injury Update Since the Snow Plow Accident

Jeremy Renner can now work with the aid of a cane some months after a horrific home accident in which he was run over by a massive snowplowing machine.

The accident left Renner with 30 broken bones and in a critical albeit stable condition. Thankfully, the award-winning actor received good medical care. He is now on the road to recovery, and though it is turning out to be a long and tough one, he is in good spirits and doing as much work as his condition can allow.

What Happened to Jeremy Renner?

Jeremy Renner suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries in a snow plow accident that occurred at his home in Washoe County, Nevada, on New Year’s Day 2023. Renner broke 30 bones in different parts of his body, while eight ribs were broken in 14 places. The actor also suffered a broken knee, a collapsed lung, and a pierced liver.

Renner also suffered a broken eye socket as his eye popped out. He was, however, lucky that no major organ was messed up. Renner was hospitalized for multiple weeks and underwent multiple surgeries. He later made a good recovery and was sent home to continue recuperating. The journey to full fitness and health is, however, not any time soon.

Details of the Snowplow Accident Involving Jeremy Renner

The northern Nevada area, where Jeremy Renner, has his home, had suffered some heavy snowfall toward the end of 2022, and on the first year of January 2023, the actor got out his snowplow to clear his residence. One of his nephews was helping out at the time, and at some point, the snowplow got stuck.

They were trying to get it going again when it zoomed off without anybody in the driver’s seat. The snowplow headed towards Renner’s nephew, and the actor saw the impending danger. He made a dive for the driving seat so that he could control and turn off the machine. He didn’t get to it and was pulled under the machine instead.

Jeremy Renner was crushed by his snowplow machine. He was left in a pool of his blood and had difficulty breathing. The right of his chest visibly collapsed while his upper torso was crushed. His nephew thought that he had died and shouted for help. Other family members came out, and they immediately put a call to 911.

Emergency services arrived and, upon seeing how serious Renner’s injuries were, airlifted him to a nearby hospital, where he was immediately taken to the intensive care unit. The doctors determined that he had suffered blunt chest trauma as well as orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy Renner Injury Photo

Jeremy Renner has shared several photos of his recovery but none of his injury photos. Such photos, if they exist, would be with the authorities. They have not released this, but they have released bodycam footage that captures the scene of the accident in the aftermath.

The tracks made by the snow plow can be seen as emergency workers help to lift the actor from a pool of his blood. There are also photos of Jeremy Renner in the ICU, hooked up to various tubes which show how serious his injury was.

Jeremy Renner
Renner in the ICU Image Source

There Was an Outpouring of Support for Renner in the Aftermath

Following Renner’s accident, his family, as well as his rep, released official statements confirming what had happened. The actor also shared a video update on his Instagram page a few days later. The updates led to an outpouring of good wishes from every corner of the internet.

Renner’s MCU co-star, Chris Hemsworth, described him as a champion and said he was loved. Other Hollywood stars like Ryan Reynolds and Michelle Monaghan also chimed in with their messages of goodwill later. Renner will later reveal that he feels blessed despite everything as he gets to play make-believe for a living.

Did Jeremy Renner Lose His Leg?

Jeremy Renner did not lose his legs. Although he suffered serious injuries to his legs in the snow plow accident at his home on New Year’s Day, the extent of his injuries did not require his legs to be amputated or anything similar. It only affected his ability to walk temporarily, and he now has to rely on a walking cane to get about.

There is every possibility that the actor would become fully mobile and no longer require the use of a walking cane in the not-too-distant future. The journey to that point won’t be easy, though, as it would require lots of physical therapy and rehabilitation, which the actor is braving through.

Is Jeremy Renner Paralysed?

Despite the horrific nature of the injuries he suffered in the snowplow accident, Jeremy Renner is not paralyzed. He still has use of both of his legs. The only limitation is that he can’t walk about without aid in the form of a walking cane. He cannot also stand up for too long. All this can be quite frustrating, but the actor is choosing to adopt a positive mental attitude.

In an interview in March 2023, Jeremy Renner described himself as a lucky man and stated that even though he lost a lot of flesh and bone in the experience, he had been refueled and refilled with love and titanium.

How is Jeremy Renner Doing?

Jeremy Renner can walk around now following his accident and hospitalization. The actor is in great spirits and chooses to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Renner has documented his recovery journey for all his followers and fans on Instagram.

In a post in early May 2023, he shared a video update about using his legs to work out and stated that he was taking the new parts of his body for a test drive despite the pain. He stated that he was feeling encouraged and described himself as a tin man needing oil for his hips, knees, and ankles.

Also, even while he was in the hospital, he shared a video of his hair being washed and cheekily tagged it “ICU spa moment to lift my spirits”. The actor has kept updating his fans as time passes, which has helped dispel any false news and wrong notions about his health.

Will Jeremy Renner Walk Again?

Jeremy Renner can walk with the aid of a cane just months after he was involved in a snowplow accident at home. Renner walked the red carpet with the aid of a cane at the April premiere of his Disney+ reality TV series, Rennervations. He stated that doing the series gave him a sense of wonderment and that he was grateful that he was still around to continue finding that wonderment.

Shortly after, Jeremy Renner appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and revealed that his mom wanted to destroy the snowplow that caused the accident. He, however, made it known that his only option was to learn how to drive it better,  as such a vehicle was a necessity in the area where he lived.

Jeremey Renner also appeared at the 2023 edition of Fan Fushion on the 2nd of June, 2023. He once more used a cane to get about and had to take a seat after some period of standing. The actor received a standing ovation from the crowd and said he was returning stronger.

Jeremy Renner has also made it clear that he is not thinking of quitting acting anytime soon. According to Renner, he would, however, have to wait to make a full recovery so that he can meet up with the grueling schedule of filming for 18 hours a day.

He stated that he was always happy to work and would soon be going back to Mayor of Kingstown, the crime thriller TV series he headlines. Renner also stated that he was always ready if the MCU needed him to portray Hawkeye’s character in any of their movies.


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