Mark Mester Update: Where is the Former KTLA Anchor Now?

Former KTLA anchor Mark Mester now hosts a YouTube show titled The Mark Mester Show. The show sees him exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, wonderful food spots, etc. Mester also plans to launch a podcast titled Mark Mester’s Dad Jokes in the near future.

Mark Mester is a Hungarian-born news anchor and reporter. He joined KTLA in 2014 and rose to become co-anchor of their weekend morning news show. He became a beloved figure for many locals in Los Angeles for several years but ended up leaving KTLA unceremoniously in September 2022. What caused the whole drama? Read on and find out.

Where is Mark Mester now?

Mark Mester is presently in Los Angeles, California, which is where he lives. He is no longer working for a news channel, but he does keep fans abreast of his activities via social media. A look at Mark Mester’s Instagram account will show him hanging out with his beloved dog, surfing on the beach, etc.

The young man is also trying to rejig his career. Mark Mester currently hosts a show titled The Mark Mester Show on his YouTube channel. The vlog-style show offers an insight into his activities, such as wakeboarding, hanging out with his dad, and his hilarious first attempt at getting Botox, etc.

Mester also explores local food spots that serve up wonderful cuisines and has also shared some recipes with his followers. His YouTube channel has more than 2k subscribers, and his videos have gotten more than 3k views.

Mark Mester also plans to launch a podcast known as Mark Mester’s Dad Jokes. It remains to be seen what the podcast will be about, but the title does give some things away. It is possible that Mester will have his dad, Dr. Andrew Mester, over on the podcast. Father and son are quite close and often hang out together. Mark has also interviewed his father in the past.

Was KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired?

Yes, KTLA anchor Mark Mester was fired on the 21st of September, 2023. His firing was in connection to the whole drama that went down after his co-anchor Lynette Romero departed KTLA after 24 years at the station. Mark Mester’s firing generated mixed reactions. Many Los Angeles locals who loved watching him on screen expressed their displeasure over his firing and declared that they won’t watch KTLA anymore.

Meanwhile, some of Mester’s colleagues, including newsroom staffers, are said to have called for his firing as he had betrayed their trust with the outburst he unleased in the wake of Lynette’s departure. Mester’s employers did not officially address the media about his sacking and warned other staffers not to do so. They simply scrubbed his profile from their website.

Why Was Mark Mester Suspended?

Mark Mester was suspended for his on-air outburst against KTLA on the 17th of September, 2022. The outburst was in connection to the departure of his colleague and Weekend Norming News co-anchor, Lynette Romero. Romero had been at KTLA since 1999 and had become a fan favorite with her news reports and segments.

Many thought that she would stay at KTLA forever, but on the 14th of September 2022, the channel abruptly announced her departure. They stated that she had decided to move on to another opportunity elsewhere and that they would miss her sorely. They also wished her luck and thanked her for everything she had done for them.

This statement gave the impression that Romero’s departure was on very amicable terms, but it soon turned out not to be. According to insiders, Romero never wanted to leave KTLA but had asked the station to move her to a weekday timeslot so that she could have more time with her family. They refused to do so, and she decided to leave. When she made this decision, things became fractious.

KTLA did not give Romero the opportunity to go on air and bid a proper farewell to viewers. They rather asked her to record a message at her home, which she refused. KTLA, on their own part, refused her from coming in and packing up her stuff.

Mark Mester was quite unhappy with the manner Lynette was treated and decided to do something about it. During a broadcast on 17 September 2022, the plan was that a video and picture montage of Lynette would be shown while Mester would read a prepared speech, but he threw that plan out of the window.

During a monologue that lasted nearly four minutes, Mark Mester decried the shabby manner in which KTLA had treated Lynette Romero. He apologized to her for what had gone down, stating that she did not deserve what happened to her. He stated that the whole thing was a mistake and that he hoped that she could find it in her heart to forgive them.

Continuing, Mester stated that they were going to offer Romero the dignity and grace that KTLA should have done from the very beginning. He also apologized to viewers for what they had experienced, which he termed rude, cruel, and inappropriate. Mester also went on to single out KTLA’s general manager, Janene Drafs, for her role in the whole thing and flashed her picture on screen.

As you can imagine, Mester’s bosses were livid by the time he came off the air, and they immediately called him for a meeting. He refused to join the meeting and was immediately suspended. He reportedly exchanged words with members of management and refused to leave the office building immediately when asked to do so.

Mark Mester never returned from his suspension, as he was later fired. His outburst was the primary reason behind the sack. Reports also have it some colleagues had complained about his temper and disrespectful attitude toward women.

What is Mark Mester’s New Job?

Mark Mester is now a YouTuber and aspiring podcaster. He has not gotten a new job with another news channel since he was fired by KTLA. As pointed out above, he now runs the Mark Mester Show on his YouTube channel. It is a vlog-style show that also features posts on foods, cuisines, etc.

Mester also plans to launch a podcast soonest. It remains to be seen whether Mester will get back to the news media industry or whether he will simply decide to remain an independent creator and use the power of social media to build an empire for himself.


What Happened to Mark Mester?

Mark Mester was fired from his job as an anchor at KTLA for criticizing his bosses on air on the 17th of September, 2022. His criticism was in connection with the departure of a colleague named Lynette Romero.

Romero left KTLA after nearly 24 years in September 2022 and received an ignoble sendoff. Mester was none too happy with this and bashed his bosses on air. They were equally none too happy with what he did and suspended him immediately. They then fired him a few days later.

What Is Mark Mester Doing Now?

Mark Mester is now a YouTuber. You can catch him on his YouTube channel, where he hosts The Mark Mester Show. The channel has thousands of subscribers and thousands of views as well. You can also keep up with all the developments in Mark Mester’s life via his Instagram account, which he regularly updates.


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