Who Is ‘Something Was Wrong’ Jake Gravbrot and Does He Have a Wife?

Jake Gravbrot is a 43-year-old American photographer and hair stylist accused of criminal abuse by several women. The allegations against Gravbrot were detailed in season 14 of a popular podcast known as Something Was Wrong.

Throughout the season, 11 women detailed the physical, emotional, and verbal abuse as well as sexual coercion that they had faced at Gravbrot’s hands. They also accused him of child abuse. The allegations were blood-curdling in nature, and this has turned public opinion against Gravbrot. He has been trolled on social media. There have also been petitions to the police to investigate and possibly charge him in court. That has not happened, though.

Who is Jake Gravbrot?

Jake Gravbrot was born in the United States of America in the year 1981. He is of American nationality and has Caucasian ethnicity. Gravbrot was raised by a single mom and his maternal grandparents. His biological dad was rarely in the picture. His mother later remarried, and he lived with her and his stepfather for some time. However, by age 18, he moved out to Seattle, where he made a life for himself.

The level of Jake Gravbrot’s education is not known, but he acquired the requisite skills to become a hairstylist. He is a short hair expert and founded a hair salon/barbershop in Seattle known as Mars Hair. The business ran from 2011 to 2014. When it shut down, Gravbrot joined Zero Zero Hair, located at Pine Street Seattle, in 2014. He remains with the company, which describes itself as a full-service hair salon to date.

What Does Jake Gravbrot Do For A Living?

Jake Gravbrot is an accomplished hair stylist. He has been hired by bands such as Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Yellowcard to tend to the hair of their members. He also worked for Justin Beiber for three days before he was fired.

Gravbrot was interviewed by Menshealth Magazine in March 2011 in a segment on tips for great hair. His advice was texturized cutting with scissors and the use of grooming products such as pomades, styling creams, waxes, clays, etc.

Jake Gravbrot is also a Freelance Photographer and Journalist

Jake Gravbrot is also a Freelance Photographer and Photojournalist. A look at Jake Gravbrot’s Instagram handle shows several portraits that he shot with his camera comprising varying and interesting subject matters. Most of his photos are in black and white.

Gravbrot is also a journalist. His photos have been used in several news articles in Seattle. He is also affiliated with a news outlet known as Seattle Met. Seattle Met covers varying topics such as Food and Drinks, Arts and Culture, Home and Real Estate, Health and Wellness, and Style and Shopping.

Jake Gravbrot was the Focus of Season 14 of the “Something Was Wrong” Podcast

Jake Gravbrot was already a moderately well-known person in Seattle, but he gained nationwide infamy after he became the subject of season 14 of the Something Was Wrong podcast which aired from October to December 2022.

Something Was Wrong is an award-winning podcast that was started by Tiffany Reese in 2018. It aims to give voice to people that have faced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, coercive control, and gaslighting in their relationships, be they familial or romantic relationships. The podcast has been quite a hit since it launched, and one of its most controversial topics has been that of Jake Gravbrot.


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He Was Accused of Abuse by Several Women on The Podcast

A total of 11 women spoke to Tiffany Reese over the course of season 14 of Something Was Wrong. The women all had one thing in common, and that was Jake Gravbrot. They detailed the criminal emotional, physical, and verbal abuse that they had suffered at his hands. They also detailed that the abuse had extended to the kids that some of them had for Gravbrot.

Amongst the women that spoke up against Jake Gravbrot were Kaylan von Sothen and Melissa Mullinnex. They and others alleged that Jake Gravbrot had a history of treating women in a demeaning manner. He had boasted of having an infinite number of one-night stands. In one of his text messages, he boasted about “how disgustingly awful I am with women.”

The women alleged that the abuse from Gravbrot was not only physical, emotional, and verbal in nature but also sexual. According to them, Jake Gravbrot was a sexual predator and emotional manipulator. He coerced some of them into sex with intimidation. He also had sex with one lady while she was asleep and unable to give consent. The women also alleged that Jake Gravbrot forced them into nonconsensual pornography, using hidden cameras to record their sex sessions without their consent.


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How The Accusations Against Jake Gravbrot Built Up

Kaylan von Sothen and Melissa Mullinnex got to know each other as they both had children for Gravbrot. At a point, they shared their experiences and discovered that it was similar. They were also convinced that it was not isolated and that other victims of Gravbrot’s may be out there.

They communicated with those in their social circles and later set up a social media account in December 2021 to reach out to other women who may be victims. The duo was able to gather about 45 women who accused Gravbrot of assault and misconduct. The acts were perpetrated between 2019 and 2020, but Gravbrot’s history of nonconsensual pornography stretched back to the early 2010s.

There is a Petition Calling for Jake Gravbrot to Be Prosecuted

The women that had allegations against Jake Gravbrot did not only stop at speaking on the podcast. They gathered evidence against the hair stylist, including his text messages and Instagram posts, such as a post that showed a camera aimed at his bed, allegedly for keeping tabs on his cat. They took all this evidence to the Seattle Police Department (SPD). Tiffany Reese, the host of Something Was Wrong, also got in touch with SPD and the FBI.

The results were, however, disappointing. The FBI directed Reese to go to the state police. SPD, on their own path, insisted that the victims themselves must make a formal complaint before they can take any action. The basis for this requirement is logical, but the police rigidity was condemned.

The whole podcast has also led to a lot of outcries. Many people have gone over to Jake Gravbrot’s Instagram page to curse him out. There is also a change.org petition directed at SPD calling for Jake Gravbrot to be held accountable. The petition was launched in December 2022 and now has nearly 31,000 signatures.

Gravbrot Maintains His Innocence and Has Not Been Charged

Jake Gravbrot was invited to the podcast to give his own side of events, but he refused to be interviewed. His reaction to the vile accusations has been minimal. He did release a statement through his attorney saying that he completely denies all the allegations against him.

Meanwhile, the women involved are not concerned with seeing him in jail. They rather want the authorities to search for and retrieve any tapes that he may have of them.

Is Jake Gravbrot Married?

Jake Gravbrot was previously married to Melissa Mullinnex. They dated for five years before getting married. Their marriage lasted for some years, during which they welcomed a daughter born in 2003 and a son born in 2008. They later divorced, and Jake Gravbrot got married to Kaylan von Sothen. It lasted for a couple of years before they broke up.

Following that divorce, Jake Gravbrot got married to Mimi Gravbrot. Their union lasted for a couple of years before they divorced in 2021. It is not known if Gravbrot is presently married.


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