Marvon McCray Update: Did He Pass Away Or Is He Still Alive?

While there are various reports suggesting that Marvon McCray has since passed away, there is no true source confirming this. Hence we believe he is very much alive, although there is no information as regards the current state of his health.

Better known as Von, the American has been in the news for a long time with his wife, Andrea ‘Dre’ McCray. Von has battled ill health for a while now, and many have speculated that his wife, who is a social media star, has contributed to his challenges, leading to a JusticeforVon campaign on social media. While most of the things have only remained speculations based on things seen on social media posts by his wife, here is all we know about him.

Who Is Marvon McCray? 

Marvin McCray was a 29-year-old individual who had served in the United States Marine Corps before being discharged due to a knee ailment. He was married to Andrea ‘Dre’ McCray, who achieved recognition on social media for her work as a makeup artist and her advocacy for the therapeutic benefits of various plants and Dr. Sebi’s remedies. Together, Marvin and Andrea McCray enjoyed almost eight years of marriage and welcomed a child during this time.

Marvin’s life, as described, appears to have been closely intertwined with his wife’s interests and social media presence. Things soon deteriorated in the marriage. Dre, who runs a Facebook page, Slay with Dre, claimed that Von was initially the sweetest person, but soon turned violent and abusive towards her around 2019 when he started seeking therapy for something she did not reveal.

What Happened To Marvon McCray?

After he left the military, Von and his wife began a business, according to Dre in one of her videos. Things seemed to be going well for them, but her husband began to suffer from a health challenge, the nature of which is not clear.

There are reports that he suffered seizures. Dre once made it known that Von suffered as many as eight seizures on a particular night. This drew the angst of netizens against her because she failed to call 911 or even seek medical help when it happened.

Having suffered many challenges, he was said to have attempted to take his life by hanging, but he was found and revived, even though the damage was done as it left him with neurological issues.

Von McCray Story

The Von McCray story is one that is long and complicated with so many uncertain details. At the center of the story is his ill health and the claim that his wife has not been doing enough to help him.

In fact, it was alleged that she was making matters worse as she took him off his seizure medication and introduced him to a vegan diet as well as kratom and kava herbs. She continued using the herbs even though the DEA described it as a Drug and Chemical of Concern, and the FDA has not authorized it for use as a drug.

Following his suicide attempt, it was claimed that Vom suffered brain damage that had him in a coma for a long time. His wife revealed that he was put on ventilation, and at a point, she was told that he might never get to survive being away from the ventilator for the rest of his life, but she stated that she prayed, and before long, he was off the ventilator.

Von McCray’s Police Report

Many are of the opinion that Dre has something to do with the travails of her husband. This is judged by her actions and some of the things she said in the past, including the claim that she might go down for murder for the silliest reasons and the claims that her husband was abusive towards her. However, she has not been implicated by police reports yet.

According to a police report on what actually happened to McCary on the day he attempted to take his life, the police found him on July 7, 2022, lying on his back, and while they tried to resuscitate him, a policeman interviewed her, during which he said she was shaking. She revealed to the police that although her husband used to be good, he soon became someone else after a particular incident that left him having to seek a therapist.

She claimed on the fateful day, she gave him an organic product for his well-being, but he was more lethargic than normal, which meant that he took the drink more than normal. They had a small disagreement, and he went outside. She decided to check on him, and that was when she saw him hanging in the shed. She cut him down and called the police.

There were many who believed she knew more than she was saying, with some alleging she did something to him. This led to various campaigns, including a Facebook page which was created to seek justice for him and a petition created for the same reason on The Facebook page has close to 10 thousand followers, just like the petition.

Is Von McCray Dead or Still Alive?

There have been many conflicting reports in the past, claiming that he was dead, but it always turned out to be false. There were reports in early 2022 that claimed he was dead, but this turned out not true. Again, in November 2022, another report surfaced that Von had died, but again, it turned out to be untrue.

In June 2023, an Investigative reporter known as JLR claimed that Jackson had died without adding more information. Like all the previous times, there was nothing to suggest this report was true, and in her recent videos, Von’s wife referred to him in the present, making it clear that he is still alive.

Is Von McCray Still in a Coma?

As stated, Von has been out of a coma for a long time now, but the true state of his health has continued to remain a mystery. The claim is that Dre has kept her husband hidden from everyone, including his parents, which is why no one knows anything about his true state.


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