Matt Walsh’s Age, Height, Net Worth and Salary

Matt Walsh is a 38 year-old American writer, podcaster, and political commentator. He reportedly has a net worth of between $5 to $7 million with a monthly salary of about $100,000, and his height is put at 6 feet 1 inch or 1.83m.

Walsh is quite outspoken on gender and Trans issues, and his views tilt toward the right. This has made him quite controversial amongst the mainstream media, and his books and documentaries have been dubbed hate speech and transphobic. He continues to soar, though, thanks to a dedicated fan base.

How Old is Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh is 38 years old. The controversial media personality was born on the 18th of June 1986, and reports have it that his place of birth is Montclair, New Jersey. Walsh is an American of Caucasian ethnicity. He has ruffled feathers in the past with his views on race, for instance, arguing that as Anglo-Saxons, whom he dubbed the original Americans, die off, the country’s culture and identity will also go with it.

Where Was Matt Walsh’s Education?

Matt Walsh did not attend college, and his formal education ended at the high school level. In one of his past blog posts, Matt Walsh revealed that he was quite miserable at school and though he showed some brilliance, flunked many courses. He later realized that he was good at writing and decided that this was what he would do with life.

As Walsh sees it, rather than going to college and piling up debts in the form of student loans, people should focus on getting specific skill sets through which they can make a living. He also points out that one does not need to be within the four walls of a school to read and learn.

What is Matt Walsh’s Salary?

Matt Walsh reportedly earns a salary of about $100,000 monthly for his work as a columnist and podcast host for The Daily Wire. Walsh joined The Daily Wire in 2017 and has risen to be one of their star personalities alongside the likes of Ben Shapiro.

Though The Daily Wire does not expressly reveal what they pay their staff, there is no doubt that Walsh would be well remunerated given his high profile. He is the maker of the 2022 documentary film, What Is A Woman, which has many people signing up for subscriptions on the company’s site in order to be able to watch it. He also hosts a popular podcast show on their website.

Prior to joining The Daily Wire in 2017, Matt Walsh kicked off his career in 2010 by working as a radio host for radio stations in Delaware (WGMD 92.7 FM and WZBH 93.5 FM) and Kentucky (NewsRadio 630 WLAP). He hosted shows on these programs where he sprouted his right-wing views on various issues and gained notoriety for them.

Matt Walsh earned a salary of as little as $56 per day in his early days as a radio DJ in 2011. However, in 2012, he got a massive pay bump that ran into thousands of dollars. The pay rise skyrocketed him and his family to $8000 above, legally poor, in his words.

Matt Walsh’s Net Worth

Matt Walsh’s net worth is $5 million, while some sources peg it higher at $7 million. Of course, it could be much lower in actual reality, but the right-wing personality has undoubtedly built up something decent for himself.

One veritable source of Matt Walsh’s multimillion-dollar net worth is his salary earnings as a staff of The Daily Wire as well as the other media organizations that he has worked for, including radio stations.

Matt Walsh has also done some freelance writing for several media organizations, including HuffPost. Those gigs would have paid him as well, and he once boasted of being able to sustain his then family of four on the salary he earned.

Walsh also hosted a hugely popular eponymous show on YouTube from April 2018 to April 2023. The show was a weekly show, and it amassed many views. Walsh was able to monetize it successfully and, at some point was making $100,000 per month, which totals to $1.2 million per year.

He, however, lost this after YouTube demonetized his channel for misgendering (referring to a transgender person with a pronoun that does not reflect their gender identity) prominent Trans woman, comedian, and actress Dylan Mulvaney.

Matt Walsh is also a prolific public speaker and makes much money from it. He is affiliated with Young America’s Foundation, which has organized numerous public events for him.

His profile on their site shows that he speaks on topical issues such as transgerderism, modern feminism, white privileged, etc., and that his fee is not less than $20,000. YAF has organized some of Walsh’s college campus tours in the past, and while it has attracted many people who want to hear what he has to say, it has also seen protests by hundreds of people at each stop.

Finally, Walsh also makes good money from books. He has penned several, including Church Of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call To Complacent Christians (2020), What Is A Woman: One Man’s Journey To Answer The Question Of A Generation (2022), and The Unholy Trinity: Blocking The Left’s Assault On Life, Marriage, and Gender (2017).

List of Sources of Matt Walsh’s Net Worth

  • Salaries as a staff of The Daily Wire
  • Past YouTube earnings
  • Free-lance writing gigs
  • Proceeds from book sales
  • Public speaking fees

Matt Walsh’s Children’s Book

Matt Walsh’s children’s book is titled Johnny the Walrus, published by DW Books in 2022. Walsh penned the story, while the illustrations were done by an artist named K. Reece.

The book tells a story of a boy who loves dressing up as a walrus and using spoons as his tusks. His antics eventually catch the attention of people on the internet, and they tell Johnny to decide whether he wants to be a boy or a walrus. They also pressure his mother to take him to a doctor who will do the necessary surgeries to turn his physical features into a walrus.

Matt Walsh’s children’s book was lambasted by many prominent LGBTQ groups who dubbed it hate speech and urged stores to stop selling it. The likes of Target dropped it, but Amazon continued selling it and only re-categorized it. It was a best seller and sold 100,000 copies within three months of release.


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