Meet Marc Chalamet – Timothée Chalamet’s Dad

Marc Chalamet is Timothée Chalamet’s dad and a French-American journalist born in 1953, who has worked for renowned organizations like The United Nations and UNICEF.

Every member of Marc Chalamet’s nuclear family has been involved or is involved in the entertainment industry except him. Despite having famous people around him, Marc prefers not to be in the limelight, however, he has a successful career as a journalist. Learn more about him.

Timothée Chalamet’s Dad, Marc Chalamet, Was Born In France

Marc Chalamet was born in 1953 in a town called Nimes located in the southern part of France that is between the Mediterranean Sea and Cévennes. He holds a French nationality seeing that France was the place of his birth and he is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Marc is of protestant Christian origin. His father, Roger Jacques Chalamet, was a pastor and missionary who raised his children to follow the Christian faith. Roger Chalamet is of French origin while his wife, Jean Ashworth (Marc Chalamet’s mother), on the other hand, is a Canadian. His parents had five children, including him.

Summary of Marc Chalamet, Timothée Chalamet’s Dad

Attribute Details
Full Name Marc Roger Chalamet
Relationship to Timothée Father
Nationality American (with French heritage)
Occupation Editor for UNICEF
Influence on Timothée’s Life Introduced Timothée to French culture and language, thereby influencing the roles he has taken in films such as “Call Me by Your Name.”
Other Children Pauline Chalamet (Timothée’s older sister)
Marital Status Married to Nicole Flender
Role in Timothée’s Upbringing Raised Timothée bilingually in both English and French. Encouraged his passion for arts and culture.
Public Appearances Occasionally seen accompanying Timothée at film premieres or industry events.


He Completed His Academic Pursuits In France

Marc Chalamet was raised alongside his brothers in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in France. It was in this village that he completed his elementary and secondary school education. He attended Collège de Cévenol (later known as Le Collège-Lycée Cévenol International), one of the most prestigious secondary schools in Chambon-sur-Lignon at that time.

Following the completion of his secondary school education, Marc had to leave his family in Chambon-sur-Lignon to go to Lyon where he continued his academic pursuit. He got accepted into Sciences Po Lyon where he completed a program in Politics and Administration. He went further to pursue a bachelor’s degree program at the Universite Lumiere Lyon earning, himself a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature.

Marc Chalamet Started His Career As a French Teacher

Despite the fact that Marc Chalamet spent a large part of his life in France, after successfully finishing college, he preferred to move to New York in search of greener pastures.

On getting to New York City, his ability to speak both French and English made it possible for him to start a career as a French teacher. In 1977, he landed a job to teach adults French in French Institute Alliance Franchise. However, his stay in New York lasted for only three years as he had to move back to France in 1980.

He Started A Career In Journalism In France

On going back to France, Marc Chalamet stayed in Paris. He landed a job as a photo editor for Association Press (AP). His stay at AP helped him gain insight into journalism and the media and after working there for some years, he felt it was time to move back to the United States.

On getting to the United States, Marc decided to put the knowledge he had gained from working at AP, as well as what he learned in college into personal practice. He took up the initiative to start his own News Organisation which he called News Of America.

Over the following years, News of America built a name for itself and was widely known for disseminating news about things happening in America for both American and those living in Francophone countries.

Marc Chalamet Got a Job With UNICEF In 2000

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After working for his company for 13 years, it was time for Marc to move on to pastures anew. In September 2000, he started working as a writer and editor for UNICEF and after doing this job for 16 years; from 2000 to 2016, he landed another job with the United Nations.

Marc Chalamet became a writer, editor, and translator for the United Nations. Once again, his bilingual abilities paved way for him. He also works as a freelance journalist for renowned organizations like UNDP and UNFP.

Marc Chalamet Is Happily Married To Nicole Flender

While Marc Chalamet is busy building a successful career, he is also happily married to Nicole Flender. These love birds are said to have met each other sometime around the 1980s or 1990s. Unfortunately, clear details about how they met is not available. However, there are reports that they may have bonded over the fact that they both speak French and once lived in Paris.

There is also no information as to when they got married, but seeing that their first child is over 30 years old, it is believed that they have been married for over three decades. Judging from family pictures that are shared on Instagram, these two are still very much in love.

Nicole Flender Was A Ballet Dancer

Nicole Flender is a third-generation New Yorker who is of half-Russian-Jewish and Austrian-Jewish descent. She is a graduate of Yale University where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in French. This may account for why she speaks French despite being an American.

She has worked as a language and dance teacher. Nicole is also a former Broadway dancer. During her time on Broadway, she performed in Broadway productions like Hello Dolly, The Chorus Line, My One, and Gypsy to mention but a few of her works.

However, Nicole Flender has since moved from dancing as she is now a real estate broker. Although Nicole and Marc have never worked in the same industries they have been supportive of each other’s careers.

Marc Chalamet Is A Father Of Two

Marc Chalamet seems to have it all figured out. Aside from having a successful job and a happy marriage, life has also blessed him with two amazing children. Meet them:

Timothée Hal Chalamet is His Father’s Only Son

Timothēe Hal Chalamet is an American actor who was born on the 15th of December 1995 in New York City. Just like his father, he speaks both French and English.

He made his debut in the entertainment industry by featuring in several commercials and acting in two short horror movies (Sweet Tooth and Clown) as a child. However, he got his major shot to the limelight when he played the role of Luca Guadagnino in Call Me By Your Name.

This performance in Call Me By Your Name earned him the Gotham Independent Film Award for Breakthrough Actor and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead.

Pauline Chalamet

Marc Chalamet and his wife, Nicole Flender, welcomed Pauline Chalamet into the world on the 2nd of January 1992. She has grown to become a writer, actor, and director. Like every member of her family, she is bilingual.

She has been featured in movies like The King of Staten Island, What Doesn’t Float, After Dark, and The Sex Lives of College Girls to mention but a few.


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