Meet Taylor Sheridan’s Wife, Nicole Muirbrook

Taylor Sheridan’s wife is Nicole Muirbrook. She is a 41 year-old model and actress born on March 19, 1983, and is best recognized for her roles in The Human Contract and I Hope They Serve Beer.

Although she is best recognized in some quarters for her marriage to the American filmmaker and actor, she has also come a long way in establishing herself through her aforementioned career. She has been out of acting gigs since before the 2010s, but she has continued to be referenced in relation to her husband. Here are things to know about her.

Who is Taylor Sheridan’s Wife?

Sheridan’s wife is Nicole Muirbrook. She has been in the life of the filmmaker since 2013, when the pair got married. Nicole was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, on March 19, 1983.

She was brought up alongside a brother named Jason Muirbrook by their father, Jimmy Muirbrook, and a mother whose name has not been revealed. Growing up in a closely knitted family where her parents emphasized the actress and her brother to always be kind, she got her education in Utah.

The woman who would grow up and become Taylor Sheridan’s wife had always considered herself a tomboy during her childhood days. She was also athletic in school and was involved in various sporting activities, including basketball and horse riding. However, things soon changed for her when she was discovered by an agent firm, NEXT modeling agency, while she was shopping with her mom.

It was after this that she got to start her modeling career, which would earn her fame and fortune through the years. It was easy for her to delve into the modeling world because her mom was once into pageantry and was said to have once ended as Miss America’s runner-up.

What is Taylor Sheridan’s Wife’s Ethnicity and Heritage

Nicole is a woman of mixed ethnicity, which is the first thing one would guess as a result of her distinctive physical features highlighted by her green eyes. The actress has German roots from her mother’s side of the family. On her father’s side of the divide, she has Mexican and Lebanese roots.

The actress has not spoken much about how her ethnicity has affected her in any way. Also, she has not revealed if she has been brought up according to any culture to which she has been traced.

Nicole Muirbrook’s Nationality

The nationality of the actress is American. This is by the mere fact that she was born and brought up in the United States, which is also the country of her parents. Even though it is pointed out that she has roots in other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, including Mexico, Lebanon, and Germany, it is unlikely that, apart from her US citizenship, she is a national of any other country.

What is Nicole Muirbrook’s Age Now?

As indicated, the former actress is currently 41 years old, as she was born on March 19, 1983. She was still in her teenage years when she started her modeling career, which gave her some level of independence from her parents at a very young age.

Her fortune is significantly below that of her husband, who, according to Celebritynetworth, has an estimated $70 million to his name.

How Did Taylor Sheridan Meet His Wife?

After her move to Los Angeles, Muirbrooks set out to find an acting coach. On his part, Taylor was a young man making his name in Hollywood as a writer, actor, and acting coach. This was how the two met, as the actor took her as part of those he was coaching. Soon, the professional basis upon which they met gave way after the pair fell in love and started dating.

Before their paths crossed, there were many reports that claimed the actress was previously married to film editor, actor, and producer Christian Wagner. The circumstances under which the duo first met and how they got married have not been made known, but details available indicate they were a couple for two years, from 2006 to 2008. They did not have any kids between them, and they maintained tight lips on what might have led to the divorce.

While it was the second marriage for Nicole, it was the first for Taylor, who was born on  21 May 1970 and is 13 years older than his better half. 

When did Nicole Muirbrook Become Taylor Sheridan’s Wife?

After they started dating, Nicole Muirbrook and Taylor Sheridan moved in together and remained together for a few more years before they tied the knot on Sept. 18, 2013. Their wedding was a very simple one, which saw Nicole wearing a white gown while her husband was in a white shirt, cowboy hat, and a pair of jeans.

Prior to getting married, the actress made it known that in their earlier days of living together, things were quite hard for them. What they were interested in was just to do whatever was possible to make enough money to keep food on their plate and a roof over their heads. Fortunately, everything worked out to their benefit.

Their marriage has been blessed with a son, Gus Sheridan. Their son was born in September 2010. The kid was three years old at the time his parents got married. Following in the footpath of his parents, Gus made his acting debut in 2017 when he appeared in the film Wind River.

Is Nicole Muirbrook on How I Met Your Mother?

Nicole Muirbrook was on How I Met Your Mother. As an actress, she had a brief career that ran only a few years before she drew the curtains. Initially, she had dreams of making it big as an actress, which was why she moved to Los Angeles in her early 20s to get better opportunities for breaking into Hollywood.

When it comes to her appearance on How I Met Your Mother, the actress took part in the 16th episode of season 9. Her only appearance was in No Tomorrow, where she got the chance to play the minor role of a woman. She was credited as Nicole Muirbrook-Wagner in the series. 

Is Nicole Muirbrook in Yellowstone?

While her husband is co-creator of Yellowstone, the highly successful Paramount Network TV series that began in 2018, Nicole is not a part of the series. The actress has neither been credited among the cast of Yellowstone nor was she named among the crew members.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether she will feature in the show, which is now heading into its fifth season. Here is a list of all the films and TV shows that she appeared in over the years:

  • The Human Contract (2008)
  • How I Met Your Mother (2008)
  • I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009)
  • Dark Blue (2009)

What is Nicole Muirbrook’s Net Worth?

Nicole Muirbrook has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. She made her fortune from her career as an actress even though she has less than 10 films and TV shows to her credit. Another way that she made her fortune is through her career as a model, as well as other things she has been into since she left the entertainment business.

Her husband, Taylor Sheridan, on the other hand, has a net worth that is much bigger. His fortune is put at an estimated $70 million. Taylor made his wealth from his career as a screenwriter, director, and actor.

What is Nicole Muirbrook’s Height?

Nicole became a successful model thanks to her good looks and great physical features, including her height, which is put at 5 feet 8 inches, according to the Block Agency. In centimeters, she stands 176 cm tall, while in meters, she measures 1.76 m.

The model has a slim body build, which she has maintained from the time of her modeling as a young woman to date. Her body weight is 60kg. Her body measurements are 34 inches bust, 24 inches waist, and 34 inches waist. More so, she has dark brown hair and green eyes and wears a size 4 US dress and size 8.5 US shoes.


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