Meet Violet Moon Howey, Sarah Shahi’s Daughter with Steve Howey

Violet Moon Howey is the daughter of Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey. Her parents are very popular Hollywood stars, and their fame has rubbed off on her over the years.

Violet, who was born at a time when her parents were already famous and prosperous persons in Hollywood, is thought to have begun to be influenced by the Hollywood lifestyle and may perhaps take after her parents in the future. Time will tell if this will happen.

How Old is Violet Moon Howey?

Violet Moon Howey is currently 9 years old. We know this because she was born on the 1st of March 2015 under the star sign Pisces. Violet Moon Howey was born in the city of Los Angeles. This is also where she is being raised by her family.

Not much is known about the exact way Violet is being raised. However, it is noteworthy that at the time she was born in 2015, her parents were already famous and wealthy and were making waves in the industry. Apparently, this means that she was given the best treatment any child can hope for, as money was not a limited resource for them.

Specific details about what school she is attending remain unknown. However, considering her age, it is safe to say she is still in elementary school, slowly navigating her way through the school system.

Violet Has A Twin Brother Named Knox Blue

Violet Moon Howey is not an only child, as she has siblings with whom she is growing up. Interestingly, Violet is actually a twin and has a twin brother. The celebrity kid was born alongside her twin brother, a boy called Knox Blue Howey. The twins are said to be very fond of each other.

Another interesting fact about Violet Moon Howey and her twin brother, Knox Blue, is the circumstances surrounding their birth, which set them apart from conventional stories. Interestingly, they were not delivered within the sterile walls of a hospital but rather in the warm embrace of their own home. The brain behind this unconventional choice was their mother, Sarah Shahi herself.

Sarah had always embraced the concept of natural birth with unwavering determination, and this conviction led her to embark on a journey that culminated in a water bath home delivery, which was orchestrated under the watchful care of a skilled midwife. So, Violet and Knox Blue took their first breaths in the very space they call home. Apart from the midwife who was there to help with the delivery, Violet’s father, Steve Howey, was also right there to give his wife all the support she needed during the birth.

Violet Moon Howey
Violet Moon Howey and he siblings with their parents

It is noteworthy that apart from her twin brother, Violet also has an older brother called William Wolf Howey. He was born on July 9, 2009. His birth came five months after their parents’ wedding. Essentially, Violet is the only daughter in her family, as both her siblings are boys.

Violet Moon Howey and her brothers are very close. The two boys, though still very young, are protective of their sister. They are also regularly taken on outings by their parents.

Violet Almost Died During Her Birth

It is noteworthy that the birth of both Violet and her twin brother was accompanied by a series of challenges that added a poignant layer to their birth story. When Violet Moon was born, it was discovered that her umbilical cord was coiled not once but twice around her tender neck. The midwife and Violet’s mother were stunned and worried by this development. Especially because Voilet was not crying when she came out.

The precariousness of the situation was further heightened by the color of her skin, which was hue. To make matters worse, it was also found out that Violet was actually not breathing. Sarah Shahi, talking about this, later explained that she thought she had given birth to a stillborn child and was on the verge of tears.

Fearing that the umbilical cord may have done some damage to Violet’s neck, the midwife immediately got into action and began carrying out a few medical procedures, beginning with the unwrapping of the umbilical cord from Violet’s neck to coax the breath of life into her fragile form. Eventually, a few snaps at the baby by the midwife got Violet to issue her first cry, to the huge relief of her parents.

Violet Moon Howey Has Scottish, Spanish and Iranian Roots 

Violet Moon Howey was born in the United States, and this has granted her American nationality. However, she is also of mixed ethnicity because her identity flourishes as a tapestry woven from diverse ethnic strands. Our investigations reveal that she has an ancestral tie to Scotland through her father’s lineage because her father has Scottish ancestry.

On her maternal side, her lineage is even more diverse. Her maternal grandfather was born and raised in Iran. Several other extended family members also come from there. Adding another layer to her heritage is her maternal grandmother, who was born in Spain to an Iranian father and a Spanish mother, resulting in a remarkable blend of Iranian and Spanish bloodlines.

Clearly, this intricate lineage means that Violet has Scottish, Iranian, and Spanish roots. Time will tell whether or not she will become acquainted with the different cultures that form her identity as she grows up into a woman.

How Violet Moon Howey’s Name Was Chosen

Without a doubt, selecting a name for a child is a decision that many parents don’t take lightly. This was not an exception for Violet Moon Howey’s mother, Sarah Shahi. She once revealed that choosing her only daughter’s name wasn’t an easy task. In the process, she explored several options and even read up on the subject at some point. She also consulted with her ex-husband extensively before they finally decided on the middle name “Moon.”

Also explaining how they came up with Violet’s name, Steve told People Magazine that “Moon” is actually the English translation of Sarah’s mother’s name (Violet’s grandmother, Abbas Shahi), and they wanted to honor the older woman by giving their daughter the name. He shared that he and his ex-wife had initially considered naming their daughter “Moon,” but they eventually concluded that it suited the middle name position better.

They also chose the name “Violet,” because it originates from the Latin word for love. Steve explained that he and his ex-wife, Sarah, were drawn to names like Ruby and Olive because they had a preference for color-themed names for a girl, and that was when they came up with Violet.

Violet’s Parents, Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey, Are Hollywood A-listers

Violet Moon Howey’s parents are important people in Hollywood. Her father, Steve Howey’s name, carries weight due to his significant roles on both the small and big screens. He is notable for his incredible role as Van Montgomery in the sitcom television series Reba, a production that found its home on The WB/The CW networks. This charismatic portrayal is known to have etched a mark in television history.

Beyond Reb, Howey’s incredible talent was also on full display in the acclaimed Showtime series Shameless, where he masterfully assumed the role of Kevin Ball. This performance allowed him to exhibit his range as an actor, further solidifying his position in the entertainment industry. His journey extends beyond television, with his on-screen charisma spilling onto the silver screen.

Among his notable film appearances are in works like Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive, Bride Wars, Game Over, Man!, Day Shift, and Something Borrowed. These roles collectively demonstrate his versatility as he navigates through a diverse range of characters and narratives.

Violet Moon Howey
Violet Moon Howey’s parents, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi

On the other hand, Violet’s mother, Sarah Shahi, is also a notable figure within the realm of American entertainment, boasting a diverse career that spans acting and modeling. Her journey into the limelight began as a former model, gracing the industry with her striking presence before transitioning seamlessly into the world of acting.

For her acting career, Sarah Shahi has played many captivating characters that have left an indelible mark on television. Notably, she breathed life into the character Carmen in The L Word in 2005, captivating audiences with her portrayal. Her versatility further shone through her role as Kate Reed in the USA Network’s legal drama Fairly Legal, where she navigated the intricacies of legal battles while showcasing her acting finesse from 2011 to 2012.

One of her most iconic portrayals came in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest from 2012 to 2016, where she expertly embodied the role of Sameen Shaw, captivating viewers with her compelling performance within the intriguing crime narrative. Sarah Shahi also played the main role of Det. Dani Reese, in Life, further displaying her acting prowess. Additionally, her talents were harnessed in a supporting role in the acclaimed series Alias, where her contribution added depth to the show’s intricate storytelling.

Both of Violet Moon Howey’s parents are respected for their work in Hollywood and have become very popular and successful in their own rights. Their combined popularity has rubbed off heavily on Violet, as she has been in the spotlight since the day she was born.

Are Violet Moon Howey’s Parents Still Together?

Violet Moon Howey’s parents used to be a happily married couple, but they are no longer together. The couple got united in matrimony on the 7th of February 2009, in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas, USA, witnessed by their closest friends and family members. As per available accounts, the seeds of their love story were sown back in 2004 when their paths first crossed on the set of the sitcom Reba, in which Steve shone bright with his portrayal of the character of Van Montgomery, the show’s lead, while Sarah took on a guest role in the same series.

When they first saw each other, they got drawn towards themselves and soon became friends. They remained friends for quite some time before they eventually began to date. The former couple is reported to have dated for about six years before they got married on the 7th of February 2009. Their marriage flourished for a remarkable span of 11 years, during which time they shared deeply affecting experiences and family bonds. They were seen everywhere together, and it appeared that they were going to last forever. However, the tapestry of their partnership began to fray, leading to their decision to file for divorce in May 2020.

Eventually, the divorce was finalized in January 2021. But, throughout this period, the couple remained united by their shared devotion to their three children, actively engaging in co-parenting despite the changing nature of their relationship. At the time of their divorce, their daughter Violet was around five years old, a testament to the complexities and challenges that life presents.

Steve Howey later talked about why he parted ways with his ex-wife. During an interview, Howey mentioned that their divorce was prompted by their conflicting work commitments. He was deeply engrossed in filming the final season of Shameless, while Sarah was equally occupied with projects such as The Rookie, Persons of Interest, and Netflix’s Sex/Life.

Their hectic schedules left them with minimal time at home, preventing them from engaging in discussions or sharing intimate moments as a couple. Their remaining energy was devoted to their parental responsibilities, caring for their children.

Sarah revealed to Oprah Daily that motherhood profoundly transformed her. Following the birth of their kids, both she and her now-former husband lost the romantic connection they once shared. The emotions they once had for each other seemed to fade, and they started to feel more like strangers than a couple.

This realization led them to acknowledge that their relationship was no longer functional, prompting their decision to end their marriage. In the aftermath of their divorce, Sarah Shahi has found romantic companionship with her Sex/Life co-star Adam Demos, while Steve Howey remains single at present.

Violet and Her Brothers Split Their Time Between Both Parents

Following their divorce, Violet Moon Howey’s parents got joint custody of their three children. This means that Violet and her two brothers now spend their time visiting and having amazing times with both parents. Photos of Violet and her siblings having great times with both their parents are available, proving this point.

Both Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi are deeply committed to making life a wonderful experience for their three children, even though they are divorced. This involves coming together once in a while to reunite briefly and take their kids on outings.

Will Violet Moon Howey Take After Her Parents?

Many celebrity kids often end up following the paths of their famous parents when they grow older, especially if both parents are into entertainment. This is mainly because they have grown up watching and observing their parents go about their entertainment business and inadvertently learn the basics of navigating the entertainment world.

Questions have been posed about whether or not Violet and her siblings will eventually take after their famous parents when they grow up into adults. Some of Sarah Shahi’s kids, especially their oldest child, William Wolf Howey, have followed her to film sets in the past and may become actors themselves in the future.

Violet is still too young at the moment, but growing up watching her parents star in movies and go about their entertainment business, she could be impacted to follow their paths in the future. Time will tell.


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