Rose Bundy Is Ted Bundy’s Daughter But Where Is She Today?

Rose Bundy is the 42-year-old daughter of Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer who kidnapped, raped and murdered over 30 women in America in the 70s and possibly 60s.

Because of her infamous parentage, Rose Bundy has avoided the spotlight and lived her life under the radar. It is, therefore, difficult to pinpoint her current whereabouts, occupation, and marital status. Some sources, however, have it that she currently lives in Oklahoma and has legally changed her name to Abigail Griffin. It is also said that she has grown into an intelligent and kind woman.

Rose Bundy is the Daughter of Ted Bundy and His Ex-Wife, Carol Boone

It is not hard to fathom why Rose Bundy has lived her life out of the public eye as she holds the distinction of being the daughter of Ted Bundy who’s one of the most notorious serial killers that the world has ever seen. A native of Vermont, Ted Bundy was born in 1946 ad was largely raised by his maternal grandparents as well as his mother. He attended high school and college and worked various jobs.

Ted committed his first murders around 1969 and later embarked on a killing spree in the 70s, murdering over 30 women. He was later apprehended and tried. He was sentenced to multiple death sentences in 1980 and was eventually executed in 1989.

On the other hand, Rose Bundy’s mother is Carol Boone. She was born around 1948 and obtained a reasonable degree of education. She took various jobs to make a living, and one of the places where she worked was the Washington State Department of Emergency Service.

She Was Conceived While Her Dad Was In Prison

Rose Bundy was actually conceived during the time that her father was incarcerated for his crimes, but before we delve into that, let’s first unpack the romance between her parents. Her mom, Carol, first met her dad while they both worked for the Washington State Department of Emergency States. This was in 1974, and they became very good friends.

They remained very good friends for some years and started dating around 1979. Ironically around that time, Ted had been charged with multiple murders in places such as Colorado and Florida and actually taken to jail. Rose, however, believed Ted’s claims of innocence. She clung to her first impressions of him as a kind, warm, and patient man and supported him during his trial.

In fact, it was while Carol was testifying in Ted’s favor in February 1980 that he asked her to marry him. She readily agreed, and they automatically became a married couple thanks to a Florida law that makes a marriage declaration in the presence of a judge valid.

Despite all his protestations of innocence and the marriage stunt, the jury still convicted Ted Bundy of multiple murders and sentenced him to be executed to in February 1980. He was immediately shipped off to jail, and his brand new wife, Carol, took to visiting him in jail.

It was during one of these visits that Rose was conceived. Though Bundy was not allowed conjugal visits, the jailers did not strictly enforce this, and he and Carol found creative ways of sleeping together.

Rose Bundy
Bundy’s parents during a prison visit Image Source

Rose Often Visited her Dad in Prison as a Toddler

At the time that Rose was born, her dad had already spent several months in prison and was on death row. Her mom and her elder half-brother, Jamey Boone, often visited him, and when she got a little bit older, she joined them in visiting her dad as well.

There are several photos of a young Rose with her mother and father inside the four walls of the penitentiary. Though this wasn’t ideal by any means, it allowed little Rose to grow up with the illusion of a typical family unit for the first few years of her life.

The Visits Stopped When Her Parents Split and Later Divorced

Rose Bundy often visited her dad for the first few years of her life. She, however, stopped seeing him from age five upwards following the split between her mom and dad. Throughout the time of Ted Bundy’s arrest, trial, conviction, and incarceration, Carol strongly believed that he was innocent of the crimes leveled against him.

Even when he was convicted, she still believed in him as he kept on denying them. She was, therefore, quite disappointed when Ted struck deals with the state to give up the bodies of victims in exchange for the elongation of his execution time. This meant an admission of guilt, and Carol was devastated by this.

She stopped visiting Ted in 1986. She also filed for divorce that same year and took Rose and her elder son from an earlier marriage named Jamey away from Florida. She never returned to visit Ted, and he was executed in January 1989. By that time, Rose was eight years old, and she did not get to see her dad.

Rose Bundy
Another picture of Rose Bundy visiting her dad in jail Image Source

Is Rose Bundy Still Alive?

In the aftermath of her parent’s divorce, Rose Bundy, her mother, and her half-brother named Jamey relocated to Washington State, where they made a new life for themselves. They knew that their ties to Ted Bundy would make life difficult for them, so they decided to live under the radar.

Rose Bundy has never come out to grant interviews in connection to her father or even participated in the numerous docu-series about him. That lifestyle makes it difficult to gain an insight into her present life, but it is believed that Rose Bundy is still alive. Her mother, Carol Boone, however, passed away in 2018 at the age of 70. At the time of her death, she was living in a retirement home and was said to be in good spirits.

Where Is Rose Bundy Today?

Some reports have it that Rose Bundy currently lives in Oklahoma and now goes by the name Abigail Griffin. There is, however, no confirmation of this, and other reports have claimed that it was her late mom that changed her name to Abigail Griffin, which makes the whole thing questionable.

Whichever it is, Rose Bundy has lived her life under the radar, and one cannot blame her as her status as Ted Bundy’s daughter can make life difficult. Some psychopaths may choose to venerate her, while some, angered by her father’s crimes, may stalk her, harass her, or even threaten her.

What is Rose Bundy’s Age Now?

Rose Bundy is currently 42 years old. Given her age, one would expect her to be reasonably educated and make a living through honest means. She could also be married, but as stated earlier, none of it is confirmed.

A mutual colleague of her parents named Ann Rule stated back in 2008 that Rose had grown into an intelligent and kind young woman. Ann also made it known that she deliberately does not want to keep track of Rose and her mother so as not to unwittingly disclose their location to the public.


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