The Truth About Ryan Seacrest’s Illness: Is He Sick?

Ryan Seacrest is not sick even though he has faced a lot of health challenges over the years, from COVID-19 to his stroke-like spasm on live television. He has ensured that his health comes first, resulting in him making adjustments to his work lifestyle. The popular co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” is doing much better now and is currently not facing any other illnesses. He’s also ensuring he takes care of himself while still giving fans what they want.

Is Ryan Seacrest Sick?

Ryan Seacrest is not sick. However, he is currently under a strict regimen, which includes a brief hiatus from work, exercises, and a straight healthy eating habit to return to his former state. His regimen also includes lots of rest and revitalization, as some of the illnesses he has had were due to inadequate rest and exhaustion.

The genesis of Seacrest’s health derailment started in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many television shows going virtual due to the imposed lockdown across the world. American Idol was one such show, and Ryan Seacrest had to step up as the host. 

As the show went on in May 2020, Ryan was soon seen having a facial attack, which everyone saw as a stroke; his lips were dipping, and he was slurring his words. He was also finding it difficult to keep his face up while still on camera.

This, and the fact that he tested positive for COVID-19 the following year, caused panic. Fans who watched the show became scared as they started talking about it, raising concerns about the talk show personality. 

Fortunately, in response to the grim virtual incident, Ryan’s team cleared the air about the celebrity’s health scare, speaking to People magazine that he only needed “rest” as he has been trying to keep up with all his shows virtually.

Another sign came up again when Ryan couldn’t be found during the shooting of Live with Kelly and Ryan, a show he co-hosted with Kelly Ripa. The show’s producers were in disarray as they couldn’t start the show without him, forcing them to seek a replacement for the 30 minutes he was absent.

This is an interesting thing to note, as Ryan hasn’t been one to miss or be late to any of his shows, raising more dusty carpets about the host’s health. It was inconceivable that Ryan could ever be late to one of his shows, as he was seen as the “Superman” of live television.

Sadly, though multi-talented, Ryan reached his limit and was forced to rest as advised by his doctor and close friends. He is a host of various shows like American Idol, Love with Kelly and Ryan, and Disney Family Singalong special, and a producer for multiple shows across America. 

He also owns his own television firm, Ryan Seacrest Productions, adding to his belt of committed shows, which he has to show up for, leaving him ever busy and on the go.

Ryan Seacrest’s Health Problems

Ryan Seacrest’s May 2020 facial spasm while he was hosting American Idol virtually, which his audience saw as a possible case of stroke, was the first among many that sparked health alarms for Ryan.

During the show, his eyes appeared uneven, and the side of his lips drooped downwards as his speech started to fail him. What happened after that wasn’t known, but fans’ speculations of stroke and fatal illness were debunked during an interview with one of Ryan’s staff, who said that he was well and that he only needed some rest and time away from work. 

Ryan later came out himself and told everyone that the cause of his spasm was as a result of exhaustion and that he was getting the rest his body needed.

Then came the COVID-19 test results, which showed Ryan Seacrest tested positive. There isn’t any report if the virus was tied to his health scare on live television, as even Ryan didn’t release a statement affirming it. However, he seems to have recovered from it quite well as he got back to his shows in 2021. This was after he tested negative for the virus. “I’m just coming out of COVID-brain,” he said.

However, his time on Live with Kelly and Ryan ended abruptly when he declared he would be stepping down as Kelly Ripa’s co-host. He made this known via a tweet on his Instagram page, thanking Kelly for her wonderful support and friendship over the six years they’ve run the show together. He also congratulated Mark Consuelos, Kelly’s husband, as he wished him the best going forward..

In September 2022, the media host admitted having a “bad left knee” while attempting to break a world record. He confessed in an interview, “I just want to tell you right now. Disclaimer: I have a bad left knee. And I am down on my knees for this, and it’s about knee speed, too. It’s a meniscus tear.”

He was later seen being helped upstage in a hunched position by Kelly Ripa, where she tells their fans the state of Ryan’s health, “his back hurts,” she had said, before continuing with the show. Ryan has been managing the situation ever since, not giving it room to affect his work.

In addition to his health problems, some speculations have it that he might have suffered from Bell’s palsy or a mini-stroke, as observed by a doctor who hasn’t treated Ryan before. A condition called myalgic encephalomyelitis was also rumored to be a cause of his derailing health, and getting adequate rest was all that was advised.

Ryan’s girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, has said he would stay with her at their home in Los Angeles, where he will recuperate and get back his physical and mental health. According to a paper, Shayna is begging Ryan to stay with her on the West Coast, as she’s terrified that he’s working himself to death, and hopes he does so before it’s too late.

Latest On Ryan Seacrest’s Health Condition

Nothing has surfaced about Ryan Seacrest’s health lately, but it seems like he’s back at it again, giving everyone what they love – himself. It was announced in early 2023 that he would become the new host of the televised game show Wheel of Fortune, replacing Pat Sajak, who had held the show for a long time.

During an interview with Fortune CEO Alan Murray at the Impact Initiative conference in September 2023, he talked about his daily routine of staying in shape and maintaining focus. He spoke about how he stays on top of his schedule and keeps to his commitments throughout the day.

“I segment my days to be very heavy and efficient, in terms of production,” he said. “I am very focused on what meetings are most important to have. For me, when I’m in a meeting, it’s very efficient.” He also added, “When there are phone calls or conference calls that we need to have, I strategically take those when I’m in transit to another job.”

Ryan further shared a technique many productivity experts recommend – time-blocking. This means switching between intervals of focus and rest. After he hurdles through meetings and calls, Ryan makes sure he has “free space to exercise, to take a walk, to play with my dog, to eat dinner.”

On the issue of nutrition and sleep, he says he doesn’t know how long he sleeps but that he sleeps well and eats well, too. He also alludes to eating plant-based diets and fish, but when he’s traveling, he likes to have meat on the way. This is to give him the necessary vitamins and fiber he needs to maintain a healthy body.


Is Ryan Seacrest Sick?

Ryan Seacrest is not sick. While the television presenter has faced a few health challenges in the past, he is now very much OK.

What was Ryan Seacrest’s Illness?

Ryan Seacrest suffered facial spams that many people thought was a stroke in May 2020. He also tested positive for COVID during the pandemic. He has, however, since recovered.

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