Truth About Lexi Weinbaum Case

Lexi Weinbaum is a 25-year-old American lady who alleged that her friends tried to kill her back in 2015. Lexi made the revelations in a viral Tik Tok post in March 2023.

She stated that the attack caused her a lot of trauma, and she developed an eating disorder as well as OCD. She also contemplated taking her life. The college student later got help and has been forging ahead with her life. Lexi has taken to Tik Tok to tell her story. She is also a mental health advocate and plans to write a book to detail her experiences.

Who is Lexi Weinbaum and Where is She From?

Lexi Weinbaum was born in 1999, which makes her presently 25 years old. Her nationality is American, while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Her full name at birth is Alexa R. Weinbaum. Lexi hails from a family of six. Her father is a businessman named Thomas Weinbaum, while her mother is a drama enthusiast named Michele Weinbaum nee Artymowski. She has three siblings, and this includes two sisters, Marisa and Amanda, as well as a brother named Mitchell.

She Studies at Sacred Heart University and is a Track Star

Lexi Weinbaum was homeschooled for her high school education. She later enrolled at Sacred Heart University, a private university in Connecticut, for her college studies around 2020. Her exact major is not known, but she is an astounding athlete. She runs medium and long-distance races such as 400m, 500m, 600m, 800m, 3k, and 5k.

Lexi Weinbaum has taken part in several individual and relay races at several competitions and has achieved decent results. For instance, she placed 8th at the Angry Birds Challenge 400 m race in 2023. She placed 8th at the 600 m and 4 x 400 m relay races at the DeSchriver Invitational in February 2023.

Lexi Weinbaum came 12th in the 400 m female race at the Rider 5-Way Competition in March 2023. She also achieved a similar position in the 400 m race at the Merrimack Alumni Classic in April 2023.

Lexi Weinbaum Alleges That Her Friends Tried to Kill Her in 2015

Lexi Weinbaum owes her fame to a viral Tik Tok post in March 2023 in which she alleged that her best friends tried to kill her. Her posts were also headed in the same manner, and such a shocking headline meant that the videos immediately went viral.

A look at Lexi’s page shows that she has been on Tik Tok since around 2020. However, it was only in early 2023 that she detailed the attack, which happened in December 2015. According to Lexi Weinbaum, when she was still in high school, she and a group of girls who she considered best friends attended a get-together.

In the course of the party, they handed her a drink which, unknown to her, was laced with harmful substances. After about 2 to 3 minutes of taking the drink, Lexi started suffering seizures. She also found it difficult to walk or breathe. She was in a distressed state and called on her friends to help her, but they ignored her.

At some point, one of Lexi Weinbaum’s pals tried to choke her. The individual told her that everybody hated her and that if she died, nobody would miss her. Lexi later managed to escape the chokehold and tried to leave the premises. One of her so-called friends pushed her down the staircase and told her to get back into the house as they were just having fun.

Lexi, however, refused. She ran to the streets and started begging people to call 911. One of her friends came after her and told people to ignore her, claiming that Lexi was schizophrenic. Lexi, however, kept begging for assistance, and a kind man now called emergency services. She was taken to the hospital, where she was treated, and her family members were contacted.


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The Attack Caused Her To Develop OCD and An Eating Disorder

Lexi’s post, of course, went viral, and she subsequently dropped many short videos in which she detailed what had happened to her. She stated that the attack caused her a lot of trauma, and in March 2016, she was diagnosed with PTSD. Lexi Weinbaum struggled with psychosis and other mental health issues in the aftermath of the attack by her friends and found it hard to do normal stuff like looking in the mirror. She had panic attacks and flashbacks and had to be hospitalized.

According to Lexi, after some time, things got better, and she began living a normal life. She thought that she had fully recovered, but it was not true. At some point, the trauma came back, and Lexi became afraid of food because she would wonder if someone had laced it with something. This led her to develop an eating disorder. She also had OCD as well.

This narration of events tallies with the content on Lexi’s Tik Tok account. A look at some of the earliest posts that Lexi made on Tik Tok when she joined around 2020 shows that she was talking mainly about her OCD and eating disorder.

In a video posted on 10th September 2020, Lexi revealed that she had been suffering from OCD and an eating disorder in the past year. According to her, the eating disorder made her develop a phobia for eating almost every kind of food. She also developed so many compulsions that she found it difficult to leave the house.

Some of Lexi’s videos detailed her eating what she considered safe foods and trying to eat foods that she feared. Some of her videos also focused on her OCD.


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Lexi Weinbaum is also a Victim of Sextortion

Lexi Weinbaum also revealed that even before the attack by her friends, she had been the victim of an online crime. Sometime in 2015, a mysterious individual contacted her online and forwarded her some of her nude pictures. The person threatened and even went ahead to send the pictures to some of Lexi’s acquaintances.

The whole thing caused the young lady anguish, and she contemplated suicide. She informed her mom, and they reported it to the police. The police carried out an investigation and stated that there wasn’t much that they could do. They claimed that the individual likely got the pictures by hacking Lexi’s iCloud account. They also stated that they couldn’t trace the IP address since Lexi had blocked the person.

The abuse tainted what Lexi loved doing, such as running. Her abuser loved the fact that she was so fit and that she didn’t look like a child. Recalling all this stained running for her.


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She Plans to Write a Book About Her Experience

Lexi Weinbaum’s Tik Tok revelations have led to mostly positive feedback. People have praised her for her courage, and she now has about 30,000 followers. There are also online trolls, but she doesn’t give a hoot about them. She is focused on her recovery.

She is back to running for her school. She plans to write a book detailing her experience. She is also a public speaker and proudly describes herself as a mental health advocate and abuse survivor.

Lexi’s Attackers Were Never Tried Nor Punished

It must be stressed that no one was ever charged or convicted in relation to the attack that Lexi suffered. Of course, the police conducted an investigation after she left the hospital.

There was a toxicology report which showed that her drink must have been laced with spice (a synthetic cannabis product) mixed with other substances, but her attackers were never charged. She has cut off ties with them, of course, and is moving ahead with her life. It can also be said that her Tik Tok revelations are a form of therapy for her.


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