What Happened To Alex from Ice Road Truckers and Did He Die?

Alex from Ice Road Truckers is not dead but is alive and thriving. Even though the reality TV show that propelled him to fame came to an end in 2017, he is still making waves in the spotlight.

Alex Debogorski remains a highly sought-after public personality appearing at various events. He also has a show on the TNC radio. Alex Debogorski also continues his tough but interesting career as an ice road trucker.

Who is Alex Debogorski?

Alex Debogorski is a Canadian ice road trucker, former reality TV star, public speaker, and author. Alex was born on the 4th of August 1953 and is currently 70 years old. He lives in Yellowknife, North West Canada, and has built a lifelong career as an ice road trucker.

Alex Debogorski and his fellow ice road truckers drive heavy-duty trucks over frozen waters to remote terrorists in Canada and Alaska, bringing supplies to people and transporting machinery for companies. As you can imagine, it is a daunting task driving over a road that can crack, but the likes of Alex have built a thriving career off it for nearly fifty years now.

Alex Debogorski is also a reality TV star and the author of several books. One of his best-known books is King of the Road: True Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker, which was published in 2011. The book chronicles his interesting life story and career, including several colorful aspects such as encounters with bears, holding his own in a bar filled with drunken miners, etc. The book has a 4.6 rating on Amazon.

How Did Alex Debogorski Achieve Fame?

Alex Debogorski is famous for his appearance on the history channel reality TV show Ice Road Truckers, which debuted on the History Channel in 2007. The show covers the daunting journeys and activities of several ice road truckers in Canada and Alaska, and Debogorski was one of the main stars of the show.

Other cast members of Ice Road Truckers include the likes of Hugh Rowland, Rick Yemm, Drew Sherwood, Jay Westgard, Eric Dufresne, Bear Swensen, T. J. Tilcox, Jack Jessee, Lisa Kelly, George Spears, Tim Freeman Jr., Carey Hall, Ray Veilleux, Dave Redmon, Tony Molesky, Gred Boadwine, Maya Sieber, Reno Ward, Steph Custance, Mike Simmons, Joey Barnes, Todd Dewey, Ark Burke, Austin Wheeler, Ronald Mangum, and Darrell Ward.

Alex joined Ice Road Truckers when it debuted in 2007 and continued appearing on it till 2017. He helped make the show a fan favorite, and it garnered millions of views. They also received good reviews from the critics as well. The show was never officially canceled but has been on a sort of hiatus since airing its 11th episode in 2017.

What Happened to Alex From Ice Road Truckers?

Following the cancellation of Ice Road Truckers, Alex Debogorski has continued to forge on with his career as an ice road trucker. He still drives when he gets the chance, although ice road trucking is seasonal and lasts for a few months each year.

Alex Debogorski has also taken advantage of the fame that he got on Ice Road Truckers to become a prominent public personality. He is available for bookings to speak at public events. He also regularly attends public events and helps add more panache to them.

Alex from Ice Road Truckers is also a radio personality presently. In 2022, he joined the lineup of presenters for TNCRadio.LIVE, an internet streaming radio that is focused on truckers. The official announcement by the radio shows that Alex Debogorski presents a program known as Tale Lights. It basically features Alex telling different stories about his time on the road.

Did Alex from Road Truckers Die?

Alex from Ice Road Truckers is not dead. He is very much alive, and a trip to his social media pages will confirm this. He often posts tributes on days such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. He has also celebrated events such as St Patrick’s Day, Canada’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

Ice Road Trucker’s Alex Debogorski is quite alive and well, but he has endured some serious health issues in the past and once had to slow down due to the risk of a heart attack. He didn’t die, though but had to make a major change to his lifestyle. He now utilizes natural supplements and also eats healthy diets, all of which have improved his quality of life.

The health scare has also given Alex a new perspective on things, and he has joined hands with companies that manufacture healthy foods to promote their products.

Alex is very much alive and well, but his son named, Andrew, died in January 2019. Andrew was married to Myriam Paquin, and they had two kids, namely Nyah and Miroslav. In 2017, he was diagnosed with ALS, a neurological disease that progressed rapidly and left him unable to walk, talk or care for himself. He forged on with his wife and kids with the help of his family members and the Yellowknife community.

Andrew Debogorski, unfortunately, died in January 2019 following a fire accident at his home. His wife and kids survived. His death led to an outpouring of tributes and donations from the community. Alex later revealed that his deceased son was more concerned with saving his family rather than himself and stated that they were all sad over the passing.

Andrew Debogorski was buried on the 11th of January 2019. His family described him as a devoted husband, father, and family man.

A Look at Alex Debogorski’s Family

Alex Debogorski is married to a lady named Louise Debogorski. They have been together since 1972 and celebrated 50 years together in 2022.

Alex Debogorski is the father of eleven children. One of them, named Andrew Debogorski, is now late, but the surviving ones are Shielo, Ezekiel, Amelia, Nelson, Dominic, Curtis, Gianna, Benjamin, Juliane, and Alexander. The trucker and reality TV star has a total of 14 grandchildren and loves them very much.

Alex’s lifestyle has rubbed off on some of his kids. For instance, the late Andrew was a certified heavy-duty mechanic during his lifetime. One of his sons named Curtis also acts as his manager and helps negotiate his deals be it for a reality TV show, documentary films as well as his books.


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