What Is Kimmi Grant Scott’s Illness, Does She Have Cancer?

Kimmi Grant Scott has been diagnosed with stage two triple-negative breast cancer. Kimmi Grant Scott’s illness was made public on 12 November 2022 in an episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, when she spoke about it alongside her husband, Maurice Scott.

But despite suffering from the dreaded disease, Kimmi is still positive with life as she is currently receiving treatment to reduce the spread of the disease. And perhaps, she might hopefully get cured entirely. Get to find out all there is about Kimmi Grant Scott’s illness here as she is winning the fight against cancer.

Does Kimmi Grant Scott Have Cancer?

Kimmi Grant Scott has confirmed that she has had cancer since the year 2022. She first got to know about this sometime in June 2022 when she was diagnosed to be with triple-negative breast cancer. Since this revelation, she has been undergoing treatment through chemotherapy and radiation and making a gradual recovery.

Her triple-negative breast cancer (also stylized as TNBC), which is in its second stage of development, according to medical experts, is such that the cancerous cells are void of estrogen or progesterone receptors (which can also be referred to as ER and PR respectively). And in addition to this, they don’t produce much or any HER2 protein.

Kimmi Grant Scott’s type of cancer – TNBC – accounts for about 10-15% of all breast cancer cases reported. And though it is treatable, medical experts are yet to scientifically ascertain what actually causes it. Be that as it may, TNBC has so far been linked to mutations or changes in the BRCA genes. With this, there is a likelihood that Kimmi’s triple-negative breast cancer is hereditary.

She Disclosed the Cause of Her Illness as Breast Cancer in 2022

Kimmi Scott, who is also a health practitioner herself; a nurse, on episode 24 of Season 6 of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, which aired on 12th November 2022, disclosed on TV that she was undergoing medical diagnosis to determine what the cause of the lump in her breast was.

Kimmi revealed that from the onset, she was hesitant to go for a mammogram being that she has a background in nursing and purposefully didn’t want to assume it was cancer. But over time, from feeling the presence of one lump, she also started feeling that of a second lump whenever she examined her breast. At this point, she knew she needed the mammogram to ascertain what was truly the problem.

Kimmi Detected Her Cancer Early Enough to Survive It

While narrating her experience, Kimmi Grant Scott, who was all teary, admitted that the thought of her having cancer became real and at the same time quite frightening to her. But as she was coming to terms with reality, Maurice assured her that he would be through it all with her.

On June 16, 2022, she went for her mammogram, and about six days later, the result was out and turned out to be what she feared most; she was on stage 2 of triple-negative breast cancer. However, her chances of survival were pretty high as she was able to detect the presence of the cancer in her body early enough. Depending on the type of cancer and what organ in the body it is affecting; stage 4 cancer is the most life-threatening.

Kimmi Grant Scott’s Cancer Treatment Lasted 20 Daunting Weeks

Shortly after her diagnosis, Kimmi started a 20-week aggressive chemotherapy treatment which lasted till the 5th of December 2022 when she had her last infusion. A scan revealed that all of her cancerous breast cells were gone and further to this, she had a breast-conserving surgery prior to submitting herself from 36 rounds of radiation treatment that lasted till April 23, 2023.

Throughout this period, she received several medications which drained her mentally, psychologically, and physically and often left her exhausted almost to tears. She further revealed that even now, her body has not made a full recovery as she gets drained easily and hardly gets up early enough to attend to her husband and kids. Maurice has three children (Tatyana, D’Shalya, and Maurice Jr.) from his previous relationship while Kimmi also has a son named Jaylin from her previous relationship. The couple doesn’t have any biological children yet.

Having survived cancer, Kimmi Grant Scott is raising awareness for cancer in general by encouraging people to go for scans as according to her, 90% of cancers are curable if detected at stage 1.


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