What Is Matt Walsh’s Religion, Is He A Christian?

Matt Walsh is a staunch Christian and a practicing catholic who once declared that Christians shouldn’t take part in yoga as it is a pagan ritual.

Walsh’s Christian religious beliefs have influenced his political ideologies and world views on pertinent issues. He is pro-life and subscribes to traditional family standards. He is also anti-LGTBTQ. All this has made him a controversial figure, but he doesn’t seem to mind and continues to build a lucrative career as a conservative political speaker, author, pundit, etc.

Is Matt Walsh A Catholic?

Matt Walsh is a devout catholic. He was born into what he describes as a conservative catholic family of seven and has a sister that is a nun. Walsh grew up in liberal places such as New Jersey and attended liberal schools. He, however, did not flinch in his beliefs, and this was because of the training that he received at home.

His parents taught him not only to defend his faith but also to be willing and even take joy in engaging in arguments related to faith. As such, Matt Walsh has tenaciously held on to his catholic faith till day. He often discusses his religious beliefs and is not afraid to point out what he feels is wrong with religion in modern times.

Matt Walsh’s Christian Beliefs Shape His Political Ideology

Matt Walsh’s Christian faith is one of the dominant forces that has shaped his political ideologies. He is pro-life, for instance. He does not support abortion and sees it as murder in contrast to popular belief.

Walsh also believes in traditional biblical standards for men and women. He believes that young people should marry and start a family. He also believes that the father is the head of the family.

Matt Walsh is also anti-LGBTQ rights. He is a vocal speaker on the issue of gender identity and believes that gender-affirming care amounts to the mutilation of children. Walsh has been criticized by some Christians who believe that he is peddling hate rather than a religious belief.

Back in November 2021, Matt Walsh was supposed to speak at an event St Louis University, Missouri students organised. The school refused to provide a venue for the event, and students secured a second venue at St. Francis Xavier College Church, a church closely affiliated with the school. The parish priest also refused Matt utilizing the venue, pointing out that his public comments on immigration, communities of color, Muslims, and other important topics go against the beliefs of the parish and the catholic church as large.

He Has Criticized Modern Day American Christians As Cowards

Matt Walsh has also been highly critical of Christianity in modern-day America, describing it as lukewarm and complacent. To buttress his point, he wrote the 2020 book Church Of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call To Complacent Christians. Walsh’s view basically is that Christians in America are slacking off.

He criticizes the liberal Christians who accept homosexuality and other immoral activities based on their belief that God is a god of love who is not out to punish anybody. He also criticizes the Christians with worship houses that are more about entertainment and look like malls.

Matt Walsh is dismissive of aesthetic Christianity, which wants no part of the suffering associated with the Christian faith, and points out that many people who assert that they are Christians are not different from their atheist neighbours. He calls on American Christians to once more immerse themselves so deep in the faith that they can even lay down their lives for it if need be.

Matt Walsh’s Views on Salvation and the AfterLife

Matt Walsh has conducted several public discussions, breaking down specific aspects of his Christian faith. On the issue of salvation, he believes that faith in Jesus Christ is indispensable but must be combined with good works.

On the issue of heaven and hell, Walsh believes that if an individual has shown genuine love while on earth, God will take that into account while weighing their sojourn on earth.


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