Where are John Wayne Gacy’s Kids and How Many Children Did He Have?

John Wayne Gacy’s kids are Michael and Christine, whom he had with his wife, Marlynn Myers. John Wayne Gacy’s children were in his life until he was arrested for the molestation of two young boys back in the late 1960s. Marlynn subsequently filed for a divorce and left, and the whereabouts of her and the children are not known to this day. It is believed she is hiding her children from the public, disassociating herself and them from the evil past of their father and her ex-husband.

How Many Kids Does John Wayne Have?

John Wayne had two children: Michael, born in 1966, and his sister Christine, who followed a year after him in 1967.

The now-late serial killer had met the mother of his kids at the Dunn-Bus Shoe Company store in Springfield, Illinois, and she didn’t suspect much from the man engaging her. In fact, she had found him charming, respectful, and totally harmless. They started dating a short while later, which led to their marriage months later. Marlynn had agreed to marry him as she saw no ill in him and also because everyone liked him.

She would later give him two children, both of whom he was very fond of. Sadly, their relationship didn’t last, and the marriage was dissolved in 1968 after Gacy was sentenced to jail. And even when he got out 18 months later and remarried to a woman named Carole Hoff, John Wayne didn’t have any other children till his death in 1994.

John Wayne Gacy’s Kids
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Who is John Wayne Gacy’s Son?

Michael Wayne is the name of John Wayne Gacy’s son. He was born in 1966 in Waterloo, Iowa, and is 58 years old in 2024. Michael was only two years old when his father was first arrested and sentenced to prison for the murder of two boys. That was the last time he would ever see his father again.

His mother, Marlynn, left with him and his sister when his father’s crimes started coming to light, and to protect them, she disappeared with them, and nothing has been heard of them ever since. There is no word about where Michael is, and what he’s currently doing isn’t known for now.

Many sources speculate that he might be going by another identity now, having possibly changed his name. All of this was done and was probably motivated by his mother, but besides that, he’s probably still alive and strong.

Who is John Wayne Gacy’s Daughter?

Christine Wayne, who was born in 1967, a year after her older brother was born, is the daughter of the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The now 57-year-old was born in the same town as her brother, but her life got turned on its head very quickly. 

Christine was only a year old when her mother took her away from her father, never to be seen again, an action most people would deem traumatic.

But was the action of the mother valid? Yes, it was, and any mother who loves her children would do the same. Christine Wayne was shielded very early from her father’s atrocities, and due to the silence about her and her mother and brother, it is certain she will never hear of them.

Christine, who will be 57 years old now, has not made any public appearances in the past years. Her father got convicted a year after she was born for a crime he committed and had to serve ten years in prison. 

Though he only stayed 18 months, that was enough time for Christine’s mom to flee, completely erasing any trace she had of the serial killer in her life. Now, no one knows what Christine or her mother and brother are doing or if they are still alive. But since nothing has been said or shared yet, it’s assumed she is fine as well.

Where are John Wayne Gacy’s Kids?

No one knows where John Wayne Gacy’s are, and from what has been gathered, it is safe to say it will remain that way for a while. It is known that attempts have been made to reach them, but all of them failed due to their mother’s strict refusal to disclose anything to the public.

In previous times, children of notorious criminals have been stigmatized and shamed for acts their parents committed, driven into a corner of isolation among their peers. This must be what Marlynn was trying to avoid with her own children, and she did so with a little cherry on top.

In an interview on Oprah, Karen, John Wayne’s sister, stated her disdain for her brother and how he had torn apart their family. She also spoke about how her efforts to reach Marlynn and her children were thwarted by Marlynn herself. She said, “I tried sending gifts to the children. Everything was returned.” She also admitted that if their mother wanted privacy for her family, she deserved it.

John Wayne Gacy was a Serial Killer

John Wayne Gacy was an American serial killer and sex offender initially known to just be a community businessman and party clown. He kept up with this facade of being a family man while perpetrating some of the most heinous crimes ever imagined in the late 60s and 70s.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1942, Gacy often committed his act by raping and then killing off his victims, most of whom were young men and underage boys. He would later bury his victims in shallow graves under his house, leaving them there to rot.

Most of the people who knew him described him as a hardworking man and a friendly person to all. But no one knew there was a darker persona to the man who made people laugh in his clown costume. He even had a wife, whom he met six months before they tied the knot, and they had two children.

Marlynn, however, soon called off the marriage after John Wayne was arrested and indicted for sodomy against two young boys in 1968 in Cook County, Illinois. While he served jail time, Marlynn filed for divorce and was given full custody of their children. It was later reported that she fled and probably changed her name after that so his kids would never see him again.

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