Where is Micah Materre and Did the WGN Anchor Have Back Surgery?

Micah Materre is still at WGN-TV Chicago. She reportedly had back surgery, which has made her to be off-air for some months now. Materre has not been quite forthcoming about details of her recuperation with members of the public and has not regularly updated her social media pages in recent times. This has led to a lot of speculation, but she remains a WGN-TV anchor.

Is Micah Materre Ill?

Micah Materre is not ill to the best of public knowledge. However, there have been some speculations about her health, and this is due to the fact that she has been absent from her regular anchoring work at WGN-TV. To provide some context, Micah Materre has been with WGN since 1998 and has worked every shift possible (in her own words). She has anchored their various news segments.

She has also been a reporter and covered entertainment and special assignment stories. She is an icon on the channel, and her sporadic appearances from late 2022 till date have caused a lot of concern, but there is nothing to show that Micah Materre is ill at the moment. She is just taking some time off work.

Did Micah Materre Have Back Surgery?

Many sources have it that Micah Materre had back surgery sometime in late 2022. It must, however, be pointed out that it is hard to come by a clip of Materre speaking on the back surgery or any health challenges. There is also no official announcement by her employees to that effect.

However, a look at her social media pages, as well as some online TV and radio forums, has it that Micah suffered from some back issues sometime in 2022 and had to take some time off to have back surgery. She has yet to make it back to full-time work for WGN, and many of her fans have lamented that they miss her. However, they wish her well and express their hope that she will soon return to their screens.

Is Micah Materre Still With WGN?

Micah Materre is still with WGN-TV; however, it is obvious that she is on some form of leave of absence, likely to take care of her health. But make no mistake, she remains an employee of WGN-TV and is not leaving any time soon. She was there in February 2023 as the news channel celebrated its 75th anniversary. She was interviewed on the morning show and asked about her favorite work experience.

She mentioned covering Obama’s historic inauguration as America’s first black president as well as covering a game of bridge between her mom and her friends. It was a wonderful chat; if nothing else, it reassured viewers in Chicago that their favorite anchor is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Where is Micah Materre Now?

Micah Materre is presently in Chicago, where she lives with her family and works, specifically as an anchor at WGN-TV. Micah Materre is a proud Chicago native, and even though she had to leave the city in the early days of her career to places such as Ohio and Detroit, she later fulfilled her dream of returning to a place she loved so much and making her life there.

Micah Materre’s love for Chicago has motivated her to produce and report on a program titled Chicago’s Very Own. It simply highlights the trailblazing individuals from the city who are making a name for themselves.

Of course, Micah is one of such individuals. She is an accomplished broadcast journalist and has received numerous awards for her work, including a Midwest/Chicago Emmy. She has also been spotlighted in many publications such as Glamour, Ebony, and New York Times.
Indeed, it is not out of place to describe Materre as an icon who is inspiring the next generation of journalists and black women in Chicago and beyond.


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