Where To Watch White Chicks and a List of Other Movies Like It

You can watch White Chicks on platforms like Amazon Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Vudu, Cinemax Amazon Channel, DIRECTV, Max Hooplah, and Max Amazon Channel. Other movies like White Chicks include The Hot Chick (2002), Big Momma’s House (2000), and Scary Movie (2000).

White Chicks is an American crime comedy about two FBI agents assigned to protect two hotel heiresses from any possible threat to their lives. Since its production 19 years ago, the movie has drawn the attention of many movie lovers, most of whom are at a loss as to where they can stream it. Below is a detailed list of the platforms where comedy lovers can stream White Chicks and a list of other movies like it.

Where is White Chicks Streaming?

Written by Marlon Wayans, the movie has drawn the interest of movie lovers, with a considerably fair rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Little wonder why there’s a myriad of platforms where you can watch it. Below is a list of platforms where White Chicks is available for streaming.

  • Max Amazon Channel
  • Max Hooplah
  • Cinemax Amazon Channel
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Video
  • Google Play Movies
  • Vudu
  • Apple TV

Produced on June 24, 2004, White Chicks is an American comic crime movie that centers on two undercover FBI agents tasked with the responsibility of protecting two hotel heiresses, from a possible attack on their lives. To do this, the black FBI agents have to impersonate the White Chicks and unassumingly dig around for who the suspect might be.

Is White Chicks on Netflix?

Yes, White Chicks is available on Netflix. While the all-time American favorite film is not available on all streaming platforms, Netflix fans are in luck as they can stream White Chicks on the app whenever they want. The movie is currently in more than 30 Netflix libraries, and this makes it possible for users to see it with a VPN from whatever part of the world they might be in.

Is White Chicks on Hulu? 

No, White Chicks is not on Hulu. While Netflix fans enjoy the privilege of seeing the movie, Hulu fans, on the other hand, are a bit out of luck as the hilarious comedy movie is currently not available on Hulu.

Where Was White Chicks Filmed At?

Although the setting of the movie was portrayed to have been in New York City, the entirety of White Chick was shot in several locations all over Canada.

For instance, the interior and exterior shots of the hotel in the movie were shots of the Fairmont Empress Hotel, situated at 720 Government St, Victoria, BC, Canada. While the beach scenes were, in reality, captured at Jericho Beach, located in Vancouver, Canada.

While several landmarks from the movie location have now been altered, after nearly 2 decades since the movie was shot, a few others remain and can be easily identified by fans.

Where To Watch White Chicks and a List of Other Movies Like It
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List of Other Movies Like White Chicks

Below is a well-curated list of other comedy movies that might catch the fancy of White Chicks lovers.

The Hot Chick (2002)

The Hot Chick is an American fantasy comic movie about a popular, hot, mean teenage girl, Jessica, who mysteriously finds herself in the body of a sleazy, older, unattractive man. Thereafter, the rest of the movie is a journey of discovery as Jessica sets out to get back to her original body before prom while learning how best to deal with the body she is stuck with. The movie was written by Tom Brady and Rob Schneider and has a 21% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Big Momma’s House (2000)

Written by Darryl Quarles, Big Momma’s House is an American comedy movie about a tough FBI agent who takes on the challenging role of transforming himself into an old grandma, Big Momma, to track down an escaped bank robber. Since its release in 2000, the movie has had two sequels and scored a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Scary Movie (2000)

This is a movie about a group of naive teenagers who mistakenly kill a man and dispose of his body. A year later, this group of friends is stalked by a serial killer who chanced upon their past “crime”. The movie is a clever parody of many genres and has been well-received by movie lovers, with a 51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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