Where To Watch Zatima: When Does Tyler Perry’s TV Show Come On?

You can watch Zatima on BET+, where it is being aired, and on Bet+ Amazon Channel, where you can stream it. The Tyler Perry’s TV series is shown on Thursdays, and it airs at different times: 5:30 PM PT, 8:30 PM ET, 1:30 AM BST, and 2:30 AM CEST. That said, the first two seasons are done with, and fans are currently anticipating the third season, which does not have a release date yet. 

Apart from the channel where the show airs, it is also available for streaming on different platforms, including Fubo and DIRECTV. With that said, it is not available on Netflix. The comedy-drama series, which came as a spinoff of Sistas, premiered in September 2022 on BET+. The Tyler Perry-created show had its first season from September to October 2022, while the first part of the second season ran from March to April, and the second part premiered in August 2023.

When Does Zatima Come On?

The second season of Zatima, which has been completed, aired on Thursdays on BET+ Amazon Channel. The times for airing the well-watched series were 5:30 PM PT, 8:30 PM ET, 1:30 AM BST, and 2:30 AM CEST.

Since there has not been any announcement regarding the 3rd season of Zatima, it is unclear when it will come on. However, it may maintain the same airing time as the second season. Nonetheless, this can always change as a result of viewership behavior.

Where Can I Watch Zatima

Zatima is a BET+ original production. With that, you can easily watch the show on BET+ when it is airing or stream it on the platform.

Another place that can stream the series, which was written and directed by Tyler Perry, is on Amazon, but you must also have BET+. The platform has the first season of the show.

Selected episodes can also be found on FuboTV, Spectrum On Demand, and DIRECTV platforms. Whatever platform you are using, it is essential to note that because of geo-blocking, the show can still limited to you based on your region.

There is a high possibility that the series will return for a third season as a result of the success recorded with the first and second seasons of Zatima, the above-mentioned channels are most likely where the new season will be made available.

Is Zatima on Netflix?

No, Zatima is not available on Netflix. For users of the streaming platform hoping to access the series on there, this is not possible, nor is it on other standalone streaming platforms.

The reason it is not available on Netflix is because it is a Tyler Perry production created in conjunction with BET + as an original series, as indicated. Because of this, the best place to watch Zatimah is BET’s subscription-based streaming platform, BET+.

What Channel Does Zatima Come On

When the show is airing, the channel where it comes on is Bet +. However, since both the first and second seasons have aired from September 22, 2022, October 20, 2022, and March 16, 2023, to September 21, 2023, respectively, it does not come on any channel since it is not being aired at the moment.

The only way to watch past seasons of the show before the next is renewed and released is through BET+ streaming services and a handful of others, including Amazon Prime Video and other platforms, as mentioned earlier.

What Days Does Zatima Come On

For the previous two seasons of Zatima, it aired every Thursday on BET+. It is on those days that fans get to catch up with fresh episodes of the BET comedy-drama series. The show is only made available on streaming platforms after it is aired.

When Zatima 3 returns, there is every indication that it will also maintain the same schedule as the second season.


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