Who Is B-Mickie from BMF in Real Life and What Happened To Him?

The BMF character, B-Mickie, is based on a real-life individual named Derick Meeks (aka D. Meeks). D. Meeks grew up with brothers Big Meech (Demetrius Edward Flenory) and Southwest Tee (Terry Lee Flenory) in Detroit, and when they went into the drug business, he joined them. He was one of the original members of their drug empire, but when they left the Detroit area, he stayed back and became his own boss.

B-Mickie got out of the drug business around 1995, and as such, when the authorities came closing in on the Flenory brothers and their associates in 2005, they couldn’t pin anything on him. He, therefore, escaped any significant jail term. D. Meeks remains alive to this day and has been giving his thoughts on BMF, the Starz drama series that tells the story of the Flenory brothers.

What is B-Mickie from BMF’s Real Name?

The name of the BMF character, B-Mickie, in real life is D. Meeks. D. Meeks is a native of Detroit, like the Flenory brothers, and was also born around the same time as them. He was childhood friends with them and started hanging out with them when he was just about three years old.

D. Meeks and the Flenory brothers embarked on all manner of adventures together as teens. When the brothers started selling cocaine on the streets for $50 apiece in 1985, D. Meeks joined them. After some time, they became known as the 50 Boys and gradually expanded their operation.

In the early days of their operation, the boys spent 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the streets selling drugs. However, once it was 9 p.m., they retreated back home to join their families.

What Happened to B-Mickie From BMF in Real Life?

The real-life B-Mickie (i.e. D. Meeks) was a pivotal part of the drug-dealing empire of the Flenory brothers. However, in the late 80s, the two brothers, Big Meech and Southwest Tee decided to head out to Atlanta and set up a base there. D Meeks did not fancy the idea of moving out there, and so he informed his two friends that he would be staying back in Detroit.

He thus set up his own drug empire and spent the next eight years running it. By his own accounts, D Meeks made as much as $1.2 million. He did not squander everything he made. He was smart enough to save money, and so when he was arrested by the cops, he had money to hire good lawyers. These lawyers were able to get him off on four occasions when he was charged in court.

However, in the early 90s, D. Meeks was charged with shooting a gun at a place. He was given 4-to-20 years in jail, but he appealed and was successful. He, therefore, only spent two years and nine months in jail.

D. Meeks got out of the drug business in 1995 and decided to focus on a legit hustle. Therefore, he had cut all ties with the drug business by the time Big Meech and his brother were arrested and charged in 2005. The two brothers got hefty jail terms, 30 years each, but D. Meeks avoided such and was able to live a normal life.

Is B-Mickie BMF Dead or Still Alive in Real Life?

The real-life B-Mickie, i.e., D. Meeks, is still very much alive and is living a normal life. He is married and has kids of his own. He still lives in Detroit, as well. In January 2023, D. Meeks granted a wide-ranging interview to DJ Vlad in which he talked about his involvement with the Black Mafia Family, how he set up his own operations, how he avoided jail, how he got out of the drug business, etc.

He also indicated that he still speaks to the Flenory brothers once in a while and looks forward to taking a picture with the two of them when Big Meech comes out of jail.

The major reason that D Meeks was able to have a normal life was because he got out of the drug trade at the time that he did. Most people involved in the trade often seek to land that one amazing deal before finally getting out, and it is often that “last” deal that ends up landing them in jail.

Who Played B-Mickie in BMF?

Myles Truitt played the role of B-Mickie in BMF. Myles Truitt is a 22-year-old American actor from Atlanta, Georgia. He has featured in several TV series and short films, but his most popular role to date is as B-Mickie in BMF.

B-Mickie is the left-hand and right-hand man of the Flenory brothers. He also carries on a romantic relationship with a 50 Boys member, a lady named Kato. He protects her but later kills her when it emerges that she is not entirely truthful about her links with Lamar, their major rival in the drug game.

Truitt realistically portrayed every intricate aspect of the character B-Mickie. B-Mickie is not just a ruthless enforcer with a killer instinct in him but also a lover boy. He also knows when to stand up to the Flenory brothers and speak his mind.

Truitt did such a good job in bringing B-Mickie to life that the character became one of the most popular on the show. When you look at most online forums, one of the recurring questions is, “What did B-Mickie do this week?”.

D. Meeks Has Described The BMF TV Series as 55% Accurate

In his wide-ranging interview with DJ Vlad, D Meeks gave his two cents on BMF, the Starz drama that brings the story of the Flenory brothers to life. He has described the show’s portrayal of Lamar (Layton Simon), their major rival in the drug trade, as 95% accurate. He has, however, described the whole show as 55% accurate and 45% fake.

D. Meeks has revealed that the real-life Kato was a lady named Sabrina and that he never killed her, neither did he have an affair with her. He has also revealed that the activities of the boys weren’t all “bam bam bam” as portrayed on the show.

D. Meeks has also expressed his annoyance at the fact that he wasn’t given any financial compensation for his depiction on BMF, pointing out that the show had made good money, which was enough to go around.

Did B-Mickie Snitch on Meech?

B-Mickie did not snitch on Meech either on the TV series or in real life. In season two of BMF, one of the BMF Boys, named Sterling, sees B-Mickie talking to Detective Veronica Jin and assumes that he is snitching. He informs Big Meech, who cuts all ties with B-Mickie. However, what actually happened was that B-Mickie refused to confess anything to Jin.

When it comes to real life, D Meeks did not snitch on Big Meech. Recall that Meeks had been out of the drug trade for about a decade before the brothers were caught. Therefore, the cops did not look in his direction for any information. It is believed that those who snitched on Meech are William Doc Marshall, Arnold AR Boyd, and Omari McCree. Also, the DEA wiretapped Terry’s phones for about five months and also gathered much evidence through that means.


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