Who Is Clyde Jay Jennings, Martha Mitchell’s Son?

Clyde Jay Jennings is the only son of Martha Mitchell and an American former GAO investigator born in 1947. Clyde Jay Jennings’s mother, Martha, was the partner of John N. Mitchell, a U.S. Attorney General who worked for President Richard Nixon. On the other hand, Jay has lived most of his life outside the media focus.

Notwithstanding, it is believed that Clyde is enjoying retirement now, and despite coming from an influential family, he has managed to live out of the media spotlight. However, recently, the ‘Gaslit’ show has sparked the question of if Jay Jennings is based on a real person, and relatively, people are becoming more curious about  knowing who Martha Mitchell’s son, Clyde Jay Jennings, is.

Who Is Martha Mitchell’s Son, Clyde Jay Jennings?

Clyde Jay Jennings was born in 1947 in the U.S. He is the only son of Clyde Jennings, Jr. and the late Martha Mitchell. However, details about his ethnicity and background are unknown. Likewise, there isn’t much information about his early life.

Clyde was born through his mother’s first marriage to Clyde Jennings, Jr. His father was a U.S. Army officer from Lynchburg, Virginia. He also worked as a traveling handbag salesman after he retired from the military. In all, Jay is believed to have had a decent upbringing.

Furthermore, Jay Jennings has a half-sister named Marty, from his mother’s second marriage to John N. Mitchell. She is Jay’s only sibling, although his mother divorced John after being married for several years.

Although there isn’t information about Clyde’s educational background and the schools he attended, it is believed that he’s well educated. After all, he studied law at the prestigious University of Mississippi.

Clyde Jay Jennings Was A GOA Investigator

Clyde Jay Jennings worked as a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigator in Washington in the 1980s. Additionally, he worked as a researcher for the Senate Subcommittee on internal security. Jay’s public appearance was decades ago and since then, he has maintained a low profile; presently on retirement and living a private life.

Is Gaslit’s Jay Jennings Based on Clyde Jay Jennings?

Though the American thriller political T.V. series Gaslit was adapted to the theme of the 1972-74 Watergate scandal (during the tenure of U.S. president Richard Nixon), the show was not entirely on the infamous break-in and the constitutional crisis that resulted afterwards between the legislative and judiciary arms of the American government.

Jay Jennings, who hails from Lynchburg, Virginia, actually existed in real life. As mentioned, he is the only son of U.S. Army officer Clyde Jennings Jr. and his then-partner Martha Mitchell. The Watergate scandal was included in Gaslit to suit the narrative of the show as a political thriller T.V. series. In Gaslit, Jay’s parents were Julia Roberts, who brought to life the character of Martha Mitchell, while Sean Penn acted as General John N. Mitchell, Jay’s stepfather.

Jay Jennings’ biological father, Clyde Jennings, Jr., was not featured much in the series, as they divorced after about a decade of getting married. Nonetheless, Martha moved on quickly and married John N. Mitchell in the same year, and the couple moved together with Jay to Rye, New York. They lived there even up to the point Martha and John got divorced.

Clyde Jay Jennings’ Mother, Martha, Died of Myeloma

Jay would later lose his mother, Martha, to complications of multiple myeloma. However, Jay took care of his mother up until her demise. He also served as her spokesperson until her death in New York City on May 31, 1976.

Her funeral was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, her hometown. Jay was present along with John and his half-sister Marty during the funeral service. Several news outlets observed that Jay was holding back the tears and swallowing hard during the burial ceremony. At the time, Jay was already working as a researcher for the Senate Subcommittee on internal security.

A few months after her death, it was reported that a storage company had auctioned off properties belonging to Martha Mitchell in Manhattan. The said company reportedly revealed that they reached out to John, but the latter responded that he didn’t want to do anything with Martha’s belongings.

In view of this, an “upset” Jay told Newsmen that most of the properties that Martha acquired during her marriage to John Mitchell were sold immediately after she died. So, Jay didn’t inherit the majority of her wealth.

Furthermore, on May 17, 2006, Jay lost his father, Jennings, Jr. At that time, Jay was reportedly living with his family in Woodbridge, Virginia, at the time. He was, nonetheless, present at his father’s burial ceremony.

Who is Clyde Jay Jennings’ Wife?

Clyde Jay is married to Janis Crawford. He met his wife while in college and studying law at the University of Mississippi. The couple reportedly dropped out of college at some point and decided to get married. They exchanged wedding vows at the First Baptist Church in Crawford’s hometown in September 1974.

Jay’s mom, Martha, was present at the ceremony, although she arrived quite late due to a flat tire. By then, Martha and John were no longer together. Their wedding also had in attendance a few friends and close associates. However, Jay’s wife, Janis Crawford, has remained out of the media spotlight. As a result, there is no information about her personal life and background. Also, it is not known if they had children together.

Where Is Clyde Jay Jennings Now?

Since his retirement, Clyde Jay Jennings has remained out of public attention. After making his public appearance decades ago, the American has kept a quiet profile since. During his active days, he worked as the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigator in Washington and was once upon a time a researcher for the Senate Subcommittee on internal security.

Clyde is still married to his long-time love, Janis Crawford, and is believed to be together, even though it is unknown if they had kids. He has so far managed to keep his family away from public attention.


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