Who Is Dominik Mysterio’s Biological Father?

Dominik Mysterio’s biological father is Oscar Gutierrez Rubio, popularly known as Rey Mysterio, the iconic American professional wrestler. Dominik is the first child produced from Rey’s marriage to Angie Gutierrez in 1996. The couple had him in 1997 before welcoming their daughter Aalyah four years later in 2001.

Rumors about Dominik Mysterio’s biological father sprang up during a match with four-time WWE Tag Team Champion Eddie Guerrero, who claimed the then 8-year-old Dominik was his son. Rey Mysterio entered the ring and fought Eddie Guerrero in a classic “custody of Dominik” storyline for the WWE. While Rey won the match that day, fans still buzzed with the narrative, believing that Guerrero could actually be Dominik’s father.

Is Dominik Mysterio Adopted?

Dominik Mysterio was not adopted. He is Rey Mysterio’s biological son. Guerrero started the talk about Dominik’s parentage during the 2005 SummerSlam. He claimed to be Dominik’s dad to secure a fight with Rey. Guerrero had told fans present on that day that Dominik was born out of wedlock and that he didn’t want him, so he had to give him up for adoption. Rey and Angie would later adopt him and take him as their child.

These claims, as false as they were, had gotten to Rey Mysterio, leading the two heavyweight champions to fight it out. Their match was a ladder match, and Rey won it to reclaim the right to his son. However, before the fight started, Dominik, who was eight years old then, was in the ring with the two wrestlers, and he had his eyes locked with Guerrero, who hunkered down to him and said, “I’m your papi.”

Who is Dominik Mysterio’s Real Dad?

Dominik Mysterio’s real dad is Rey Mysterio, the one man who revolutionized high-flying, acrobatic moves in the wrestling world for the pleasure of cheering fans. He had taken up the Rey Mysterio mantle from his uncle, Rey Mysterio Snr., and has even surpassed his uncle’s reputation. Rey is seen as a true luchador, winning himself shiny titles and belts to suit his type of person and skills.

Being born into a family like that, it was no surprise that Rey followed suit, and his son Dominik didn’t want to be left out, too. He followed his father’s path and, in 2018, went into the ring with him to fight Seth Rollins in a father-son duo tag team match, which they won. He donned the name ‘Mysterio,’ taking part in the family’s tradition.

However, with recent developments, Dominik doesn’t want to be associated with his father’s greatness. He later took up the name “Dirty Dominik” as his new ring name, and later “Prison Dom,” a name he added after he was arrested and thrown in prison by the police.

With determination and grit, Dirty Dom has proven to be like his father, a true luchador in blood and bone, and is on his way to even more greatness – greater than his father.

Is Dominik Mysterio Eddie Guerrero’s Son?

Dominik Mysterio is not Eddie Guerrero’s biological son. They were very close before he died in 2005, but Dominik never said Guerrero was his father. During the match at SummerSlam, he even called him “Uncle Eddie” and adored him as his wrestling idol while growing up.

The talk about Guerrero’s position in Dominik’s life came with the storyline of who his father was. He had done this with Rey Mysterio, getting into a brawl with him and losing. But that was it – a WWE storyline – which was successful enough to keep fans still talking to this day. And with Dominik’s seemingly aberrant behavior toward his father, one would think Dominik truly hates him.

When Eddie Guerrero died, he left behind three children – all girls – with his wife, Vickie Guerrero. And due to his closeness with the Mysterio family, Rey paid tribute to him at WrestleMania 39 by entering the ring at Guerrero’s lowrider signature entrance. Dominik also did something for his Uncle, wishing that Guerrero was his father, but this came during a feud Dominik had started.

Does Dominik Mysterio Hate His Dad?

No, Dominik Mysterio does not hate his dad. He had wanted to fight his father, but it wasn’t because he hated him. With the hubris that was spawned from Dominik’s acts toward his father, the taunts and the insults, it was believed he hated his father. 

Their feud started in 2022 during the years of the Clash at the Castle match, where Edge had assisted the Mysterios to win against his former stablemates, The Judgment Day. But that wasn’t the end. Edge joined their tag team and began fighting alongside them, which Dom probably didn’t like. And when Edge accidentally speared him in the ring during a fight, Dominik took it personally, but his father stood in his way.

Dominik didn’t like this, and during another fight the next night, he thought it was time he set out on his own. He struck Edge with a terrible kick below his waist, resisting his father’s help to separate them. He then clotheslined his father, shocking the crowd that saw them that day in Cardiff, Wales. This marked his final separation from his father’s tag team, going off to join the Judgment Day stablemates – Ripley, Balor, and Priest.

Dominik has since continued to taunt his father, throwing insults at him and trying to get on his nerves. This was the same thing Guerrero did to Rey that led to their fight, and it was exactly what Dom did to reel his father. But Rey Mysterio still loves his son and has stated that he would be a terrible father if he fought him.

Why Did Dominik Mysterio Betray His Father?

Dominik Mysterio betrayed his biological father because Edge, a former leader of The Judgment Day, entered their team and became a new partner in his father’s tag team. Dominik saw this as a betrayal on his father’s part but didn’t say a word. Then, one night came, and the story took a fiery turn, with Dominik exiting his father’s tag team and joining The Judgment Day as their new member, forever dunking the Mysterio name.

It was later gathered that that was a part of the whole story and that Dominik had left his father for other reasons. He stated he did so because he wanted to learn from other wrestlers and their wealth of knowledge about the business and get an all-rounder on what he needed to know. He felt his new crew would do that for him, and so far, they have been the family he never had.

Speaking on how he felt about his son leaving him, Rey said he always knew Dominik would want to be on his own one day but hadn’t expected it to be this way, wanting to pick a fight with him. But it was all a part of the new image Dirty Dominik was painting for himself.


Is Dominik Mysterio Actually Rey’s Son?

Dominik Mysterio is truly the son of Rey Mysterio and Angie Gutierrez. His paternity case was a storyline in the WWE initiated by the late Eddie Guerrero.

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