Who Is Lydia in Tell Me Lies Played By Natalee Linez?

Lydia in Tell Me Lies is Stephen’s Fiancee. The character is portrayed by Natalee Linez. Lydia’s appearance in the show is as Lucy’s best friend right from home, although they have their own issues as she later becomes Stephen’s fiancee.

Natalee’s portrayal of Lydia may only be a recurring character thus far, but it is still important as she is expected to transition into a main character. The series captures the complicated love story between Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) and how things went south for them, affecting them and the people around them.

Who Played Lydia on Tell Me Lies?

The actress who played Lydia on Tell Me Lies is Natalee Linez. The actress had been acting for a few years before she landed the role, which is one of her most-known works.

In the production, Lydia Montgomery is the best friend of Lucy Albright, but she ends up dating Stephen, who used to be Lucy’s lover. This relationship will not only bring Lydia to the fore of the series as it continues into a second season, but it will also provide the chance to understand who she really is.

It is expected that as it progresses, the series will delve more into each character, and this will afford the chance to understand who Lydia really is.

Who is Stephen’s Fiancee in Tell Me Lies?

Stephen’s fiancee in Tell Me Lies is Lydia. In the season one finale of Tell Me Lies, one of the big revelations is that Stephen, who has endured a tumultuous relationship with Lucy, would go ahead to get engaged to Lydia, who was Lucy’s old high school best friend.

This came as a revelation of the post-college side of the series, which is yet to be tackled fully. Details about the relationship and the subsequent drama to follow will form the central part of the next season of the Hulu series.

An adaptation of Carola Lovering’s novel of the same name, the series follows a slightly different path when compared to the book. Because of this, until subsequent seasons are released, there is a lot that cannot be said.

How Did Stephen End Up With Lydia?

Before Lydia came into the picture, Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco were already a couple, although their relationship was a tumultuous one, and almost everyone close to them had felt the effects.

However, the way that Lydia got to end up with Stephen is one thing that has not yet been discussed in the first season of the series.

What Is Natalee Linez’s Age?

Natalee Linez is currently 23 years old as she was born on  25 October 2000. She was raised in a Christian home in Orange County, in Mission Viejo and Dana Point. By her parents, Charly Baboff Linnes and Steve Linez.

While her dad is a surfer, the career path of her mom is not known. Natalee was raised alongside two sisters, Ashlee Renee Linnes and Nikki Linnes. She got her education at San Juan Hills High School, and from there, she moved to Saddleback College.

She started out as an actress and was later registered with the O Models agency before she got the chance to branch into acting. 

Natalee Linez’s Ethnicity

Natalee Linze is of white ethnic extraction. It is no secret that she was born in the United States, which is also where she continues to live. That said, she has never revealed the ethnic mix of her parents and their roots individually, although they are both white.

On social media, she indicated that she is from Mission Viejo, California, and she spent a better part of her childhood by the beach because of the nature of her father’s job. She now lives in West Hollywood, California, where she continues to pursue her career as an actress and model.

List of Natalee Linez’s Movies and TV Shows

Apart from Tell Me Lies, Natalee Linez also made appearances in several other movies and TV shows since she had one of her first appearances in 2019, when she appeared in an episode of Hawaii Five-0  as Linsey. Before then, the talented actress appeared in several commercials for companies such as Farmer’s Insurance and Microsoft Groove.

Here are all the productions Natalee Linez has appeared in since then:

  • CSI Vegas (Autumn Skye) – 2023
  • 9-1-1 (Felisa Valdez) – 2022
  • Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Jessica Figueroa) – 2021 to 2022
  • The Good Doctor (Alma Garcia) – 2021 to 2022
  • The Match (Ari) – 2021
  • Natural Disaster (Casey) – 2020
  • The Ladies Room (Ms. 18) – 2019
  • Siren (Nicole Martinez) – 2019


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