Was Dove Cameron on Shameless and In What Episode?

Dove Cameron appeared in Shameless in season 2, episode 4, titled “A Beautiful Mess,” and episode 5, titled “Father’s Day,” where she played the character of Holly Herkimer alongside TV stars like Jeremy Allen ( Philip “Lip” Gallagher) and Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher). 

Aside from her role on Shameless, the 28-year-old American actress also starred in the Disney original series Liv and Maddie. Although she got her big break from playing the two lead characters in the Disney movie, Cameron had been on several other films and TV shows before then, one of which was Shameless. Read on for more information on Cameron Dove’s appearance on Shameless.

Was Dove Cameron on Shameless?

Yes, Dove Cameron was on Shameless. She appeared in the second season of the Showtime original comedy-drama series. She acted alongside other stars like Jeremy Allen, who portrayed Lip Gallagher; Emmy Rossum, who played Fiona Galagher; and Emma Kenney, who played the character of Debbie Galagher.

The TV series, which was originally released on January 9, 2011, and ran through April 11, 2021, was written and produced by John Wells and a host of other producers, some of whom are Mark Mylod, Davey Holmes, Nancy M. Pimental, etc.

Although Cameron did not get her big break from Shameless, it greatly impacted the young actress’s career as it marked the beginning of greater things for her. This is a result of how successful the production was and the approval it got from fans and film critics alike.

In Which Season did Dove Cameron Appear in Shameless?

Dove Cameron appeared in two episodes of Shameless Season 2. She was first shown in the fourth episode, entitled A Beautiful Mess, and later in episode five, called Father’s Day. In all, the television series has a total of 11 seasons and about 134 episodes in all.

How Old was Dove Cameron on Shameless?

Dove Cameron was 16 years old when she was cast in Shameless but is now 28 years old. Though still a teenager, Cameron executed her role in the series with extreme creativity, and this attracted bigger prospects that boosted her career.

Was Dove Cameron on Shameless and In What Episode?
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More than a decade down the line, Cameron has grown into a beautiful young woman and an intelligent actress. She is still developing her acting career and has appeared in some notable movies and television shows. Some of them include Dumplin’ (2018) where she played Bekah, Descendants 3, where she portrayed the character Mal, Schmigadoon!, where she has been playing the role of Betsy McDonough / Jenny Banks from 2021 to present, Good Mourning (2022) and many others.

Besides acting, she is also recognized as a musician and is making headway in both endeavors. Some of her singles include “Bloodshot,” “Out of Touch” (2019), “LazyBaby” (2021), “Boyfriend” (2022), “Use Me (Brutal Hearts),” “Lethal Woman” (2023) etc.

Who did Dove Cameron Play on Shameless?

Dove Cameron was on Shameless as a guest cast for the character Holly Herkimer. Holly Herkimer was Debbie Galagher’s friend, who also had a crush on Debbie’s friend, Lip Galagher. In the second season of the series, Holly attended a birthday party for one of the Galagher kids, hoping she would get some alone time with Lip. 

She tried to seduce Lip into sleeping with her, but the latter was not interested in her and smartly turned down her advances. Hurt by the refusal, Holly became angry and decided to run away from home.

Holly reappeared in the fourth and fifth seasons of the show. She helped Debbie transition into adulthood and even taught her how to flirt with the boys. However, contrary to users’ expectations, Holly Herkimer in seasons 4 and 5 was played by famous American actress Danika Yarosh. There have been several speculations about why Dove was taken out of the show; however, the real reason for the switch remains undisclosed.


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