Bella Ramsey’s Ethnicity and Parents

Bella Ramsey is an English actress born to Caucasian parents, Alex Ramsey and his wife, Mrs. Ramsey, in Nottingham, England, on September 25, 2003.

The 20 years old English actress made her way into the spotlight after she was featured in several hit movies and TV series, some of which include The Last of Us, Game of Thrones, Catherine Called Birdy, and The Worst Witch. Although she has always made her background public, there have been some contradictions on Bella’s ethnicity amongst her fans. Read on for a detailed exploration of Bella Ramsey’s ethnicity.

Bella Ramsey’s Ethnicity Explored

Isabella May Ramsey, more popularly known as Bella Ramsey, is a British actress who became famous after they appeared on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Although there has been some confusion about their ethnicity, Bella is of British descent and is believed to have come from a line of British ancestors. They were born to a Caucasian father, Alex Ramsey, and a Caucasian mother whose name is unknown.

As much as they are a celebrity, Bella is very reserved about their personal life, and there is very little information on the identities of their family members.

Bella Ramsey’s Nationality

Bella Ramsey was born in England on September 25, 2003, and has an English nationality. They were born in Nottingham, England, and spent the bulk of their childhood there with their parents and siblings. However, Bella’s family moved to Papplewick after some time, and they currently live in Leicestershire.

Is Bella Ramsey Asian?

No, Bella Ramsey is not Asian. However, there have been rumors that the Game of Thrones star has some traces of Asian ancestry in them, but these rumors were solely based on Bella’s looks and are untrue.

Furthermore, Bella Ramsey has received a lot of ill-treatment because of their looks. At the beginning of their career, the 20-year-old television star revealed that they were denied major roles because some producers didn’t think that they looked like a Hollywood star.

Recently, Bella also received a series of backlash from movie lovers after it was revealed that they would portray the character Ellie in The Last of Us. These unforgiving opinions were from fans who believed that the British actress was too ugly or not pretty enough for the role and also that they looked nothing like Ellie from the Last of Us video game.

Irrespective of the hateful comments, Bella played their role in the movie creatively and is likely to appear in the sequel season.

Who Is Bella Ramsey’s Dad?

Bella Ramsey’s father is a man named Alex Ramsey. Just like the rest of their family, there is very little information on Bella’s father. However, we were able to gather that Alex Ramsey is a businessman who plays trumpet.

Meet Bella Ramsey’s Mom

The true identity of Bella Ramsey’s mother has remained under the carpet. Although they are popular, Bella remains decisive in keeping their family’s identity away from the public, and this counts, especially for their mother.

Although they always speak adoringly about their mother, the Last of Us Star has kept information on their mother carefully hidden from the public, and there is no trace of her on the child star’s Instagram.

Is Bella Ramsey Related to Gordon Ramsay?

No, Bella Ramsey is not related to Gordon Ramsay in any way whatsoever. Although the rumors of a possible relationship between them have been flying around for some time now, there is absolutely no truth to it.

In truth, Bella’s rumored relationship with the celebrity chef started because of the similarity between the two stars’ last names. However, one only has to take a closer look to tell that the two names are spelled differently.

And although both celebrities are British, they are each from different countries. Gordon Ramsay is from Scotland, while Bella Ramsey is from England.


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