Where Is Helen Hunt Now Since Her Accident?

Following her accident, Helen Hunt is still in the United States, although she is not as active as she used to be in Hollywood. Helen Hunt had an accident on October 16, 2019, which took her off the screen briefly, but she has since returned to work on several projects.

Born on June 15, 1963, and now 61 years old, the actress said she suffered from personal injury and wage loss, among other things, due to the accident, hence suing the SUV company she was operating at the time of the crash. Following the short pause it caused to her career, here is how she has fared thus far.

What Happened To Helen Hunt?

In 2019, Helen Hunt was involved in a car crash that made her spend little time in the hospital. The car crash occurred in Los Angeles on October 16, 2019, when the car she was in, an SUV, tried driving through an intersection. Another car drove into the crossing and rammed into her vehicle.

Helen Hunt
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The car tipped over and rolled to the side, leaving Hunt, who was in the back seat, and two others stuck. They were helped out by several people who forced the door open. According to one of the men who helped the actress out of the car, the incident was quite scary.

The Twister actress was hospitalized for a short while and then allowed to return home that same day. She released a statement indicating that she was now at home managing herself from the minor injuries she sustained.

Where Is Helen Hunt Today?

The actress is now in Los Angeles, where she continues to pursue her acting career. It gets interesting to point out that she was back on set after only a week of the crash for the limited series reboot of Mad About You. 

The then-56-year-old actress shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “back to work,” and the emoji of praying hands.

At the time, the Los Angeles Police Department looked through the crash, which occurred in the Los Angeles Mid-City area, and concluded that it was not pursuing any case as no crime was involved in the accident.

Did Helen Hunt Have A Plastic Surgery Because of The Crash?

No, the crash did not force the actress into having plastic surgery as it left her with no severe injuries. The only surgery she was believed to have had was before the crash when she allegedly had a facelift.

Even though she did not suffer any severe damage from the accident, the As Good as It Gets actress dragged BLS Limousine Company, the owners of the SUV in which she had the crash, to court.

The actress filed the suit against the company in 2021, two years after the tragic incident, asking to be compensated for the damages she suffered from the accident. According to her, she suffered damages, including personal injury, wage loss, and hospital/medical expenses.

In her filing, she also noted that the crash caused her general damage and loss of earning capacity as well as emotional distress, economic and non-economic stress, pain, and suffering. Hence she wanted the company to make compensation. No further updates have been provided on the case.

What is Helen Hunt Doing Now?

At 61 years old, Helen Hunt is not retired but she is now working on different projects in Hollywood, including the 2024 film Twisters. The film is coming as the fresh chapter of 1996’s Twister in which she took the role of Dr. Jo Harding. It was the same role that she played in the original film.

Some of the most recent works of the Academy Winning actress include Eureka Day, which was made in 2022, and then the series Blindspotting, in which her last role thus far came in 2023. Needless to say, while she is still active, the 2020s have not been her best years so far.


Does Helen Hunt Have Parkinson’s?

No, Helen Hunt does not have Parkinson’s. It was her father, Gordon Hunt, who suffered from the condition before passing in 2016 at the age of 87.

Is Helen Hunt Deaf?

No, the actress is not deaf. Instead, it is another woman named Helen Hunt who went deaf in 2010 and was mistaken for the actress.


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