Who Is Noah Schnapp’s Girlfriend or Is He Gay in Real Life?

Noah Schnapp does not have a girlfriend as he is gay in real life. However, he also does not have a boyfriend; at least he is not dating anyone known publicly.

Noah Schnapp is a fast-rising American actor who got his breakthrough playing the role of Will Byers on the hit TV show, Stranger Things. He was initially a recurring character but was promoted to a major one in the second season in 2017. Schnapp’s character on the series is gay and in January 2023, he confirmed that he was equally gay in real life.

What Is Noah Schnapp’s Sexuality?

Noah Schnapp’s sexuality is gay as he has confirmed himself. Ironically, the film role that also made him famous has gay sexuality. As earlier pointed out, Schnapp is famous for the Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things which premiered in the year 2016.

Stranger Things chronicles the inhabitants of a small town who have to cope with hostile supernatural beings and phenomena from an alternate universe that comes through a portal opened up by a clandestine scientific experiment. One of the characters that are heavily impacted by this is Will Byers, the one that Noah Schnapp portrays.

Will is kidnapped by creatures from the alternate world in season one and his family joins hands with local law enforcement to rescue him. They succeed but he often has visions of his time there. Noah Schnapp’s Stranger Things character is portrayed as a shy and kind boy who loves playing games such as dungeons and dragons with his friends.

His sexuality remains vague as he and his friends get older but by season four of the show, Will becomes obviously frustrated that his friends are getting into romantic relationships and the likes. He eventually comes out as gay by confessing that he has feelings for a good friend of his named Mike.

Noah Schnapp has revealed that he liked the way his Stranger Things’ character slowly progressed to the point of being revealed as gay rather than the revelation being all of a sudden. He believes that it was done beautifully.


I guess I’m more similar to will than I thought

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Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Noah Schnapp is gay. The American actor came out as gay in a Tik Tok post that he shared via his account with his millions of followers on the 5th day of January 2023. The 18-year-old Schnapp utilized his gay Stranger Things character in coming out as gay. He captioned his video I guess I am more similar to Will than I thought.

In the video itself, Noah stated that he had finally told his friends and family that he was gay after 18 years and their response was that they knew. He went on to allude to the fact that coming out was never that serious and will not be a serious issue.

Schnapp’s revelation generated majorly positive responses. His video was liked nearly 14 million times and fans also took to the comment section to commend him. They, among other things, praised him for his bravery as well as for being a positive example to other young people. The story was also covered by many media outlets.

Who Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

Noah Schnapp is not dating anyone at the moment, at least not publicly. He has also not dated anyone publicly in the past. His scant dating history doesn’t come as a surprise. Despite his superstar status, he is a young man that is still figuring out his path in life. He may be more concerned with building his acting career rather than dating anyone.

Then again, there is the possibility that Noah Schnapp has dated some people in the past, perhaps a classmate or someone that lives in the same neighborhood as him. One can never rule that out. Meanwhile, despite the mysterious nature of his love life, there have been the inevitable rumors.

In March 2023, a good number of people assumed that Noah Schnapp was dating Tyler Levin. The popular actor had taken to his Instagram account to share a picture of him and Levin hanging out in a boat on the sea. In the picture, both young men were wearing swimming trunks and bare-chested with a hand on each other’s shoulder.

Noah Schnapp tagged their location as Catalina Island Dominican Republic and referred to Levin as mi amigo. He also tagged the young man in the post. The post received more than three million likes and the comment section was on fire. Many people jumped to the conclusion that Schnapp and Levin must be dating while some pointed out that the fact that someone is gay does not mean he can’t be friends with fellow guys.

Only time will reveal the true state of the relationship between Levin and Schnapp. Meanwhile, there is not much information on Tyler Levin’s identity. His Instagram account is set to private but it shows that he is a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Interestingly, Noah Schnapp is also a student at the same institution. He started at the institution in August 2022 and is scheduled to graduate in 2026. He attends business school and is majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Are Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Dating?

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are not dating. The two are only co-stars in Stranger Things. While Schnapp portrays Will Byers, Millie Bobby Brown portrays Eleven, a girl that has some supernatural abilities. She is later adopted by the town’s chief of police and becomes very good friends with Will.

Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown are not only good friends on the screen but also in real life. They both joined Stranger Things right from the first season when they were still quite young. They, therefore, basically grew up alongside each other on set and this has led to a deep friendship between them.

There are candid pictures of them online, including one where they are both snoozing side by side on a long flight. They also regularly grace the red carpet together.

As a sign of the deep friendship between the two Hollywood stars, they often celebrate each other on important days such as birthdays. For instance, during Millie Bobby Brown’s birthday in February 2023, Schnapp described her as my partner in crime for life and declared that he loved her so much.

Meanwhile, the fact that Noah Schnapp is gay rules out a romantic relationship between him and Millie Bobby Brown. Brown herself is in a confirmed relationship with Jake Bongiovi, the son of the rock star, Jon Bon Jovi. The two started dating in 2021 and remain rock solid to date.


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