Who Is The Corn Kid and Did He Die?

The Corn Kid is an Internet Personality who became famous on social media and YouTube due to his strong love for Corn. Born on 23 May 2015, the 9 year-old was reported dead in August 2022, but this was later found to be false. There is no truth to this claim as the Corn Kid is alive and well.

Unlike others who gain fame for doing something special, the Corn Kid’s fame came after he granted an interview on a web series known as Recess Therapy, where he spoke about his love for corn. This soon turned into a song that gained over 50 million views across multiple YouTube channels.

How Old Is The Corn Kid?

The Corn Kid is currently 9 years old as he was born Tariq on May 23, 2015. His birthplace is New York, and he was brought up in a stable environment together with three older sisters. There is no information about who his parents are and what they do for a living.

The kid gained fame when he was only 7. Now 9 years old, he is still in the limelight. At the time he first met fame, he was still in elementary school.

What is the Corn Kid’s Name?

The real name of the Corn Kid is Tariq, but his last name has never been revealed. The reason why his family ensured that his last name was kept hidden was to safeguard the privacy of the kid.

The only other member of his family whose name is known is his mother, Jessica. His dad, sisters, and grandmother have all been mentioned in his interviews, but their names have also not been revealed for the same reason why the Corn Kid’s surname is kept hidden.

Is The Corn Kid Dead or Alive?

Yes, the Corn Kid is alive, contrary to the hoax that claimed he had died. The sick hoax began in August 2022, when reports started making the rounds on social media and various other online platforms that the Corn Kid was dead.

The rumor started on Facebook but soon made its way to other platforms. The seriousness of the claims forced Tariq to come out and clear the air that he was not only alive, but he was also doing very fine.

Did The Corn Kid Get Shot?

The aforementioned hoax that claimed Tariq lost his life, went further to claim that his death occurred after he was fatally shot due to crime-related violence. But then, just as there is no truth to the claims that he had died, so also there is no truth to the story of him being shot.

It remains uncertain the exact point at which the hoax began on Facebook but every part of it, including the shooting is false.

What Happened to The Corn Kid?

The 9 years old American kid became a victim of an online hoax that claimed he was dead. While many other celebrities in the past have been victims of such hoaxes, it is sadder because Tariq was only 7 years old at the time of the hoax.

Fortunately, he is alive and well. He also has various social media accounts including on TikTok where he is most active.

Where is The Corn Kid From?

Tariq is originally from New York. It was there that he was born and is being raised by his parents. Of American nationality and African-American descent, he is currently being educated in the same state. However, because of how viral he has gone, the kid got recognized by the Governor of South Dakota as the Corn-bassador of the state.

The reason why he was made Corn-bassador of South Dakota is not because he is from the state but rather because corn is important to the economy of the state. South Dakota is one of the states with the highest corn production in the United States and it contributes one in every three dollars generated by agriculture to the state.

The state has declared September 3 as the official day of Tariq being its Corn-bassador.

The Corn Kid’s Net Worth

The exact net worth of the Corn Kid is not revealed but by estimation, he should have more than $1 million dollars to his name. The kid, who was made famous by chance, makes his fortune from his various social media activities, royalty from his viral song, and endorsement deals among other things.

One of the first ways he started making money was from the Corn Song, Its Corn, which was made by Mr. Gregory from the Gregory Brothers. The song was made from the interview the kid had with Recess Therapy. According to the agreement the three had, revenue from the song would be shared evenly.

The song enjoyed more than 26 million streams on Spotify, over 50 million views on YouTube, 76 million views on TikTok, and millions of plays across other platforms. All these have made the youngster hundreds of thousands of dollars.

More so, he has also had endorsement deals with brands such as Chipotle and MrBeast Burger, also adding to his fortune. The youngster has a good following on TikTok where he has close to a million followers and Instagram where he has close to thirty thousand followers. All these have added to his numbers.


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