Who Was James Heltibridle From The Walking Dead and How Did He Die?

James Heltibridle was a member of the production crew of The Walking Dead in Season 6, and he tragically died in a car accident whilst returning home from set on the 10th of November 2016.

Heltibridle’s death led to an outpouring of tributes from his friends and former schoolmates. Fans of The Walking Dead also joined in after Season 7 Episode 9 was dedicated to his memory. Heltibridle may not have been one of the stars of the series, but he contributed to making it a fan favorite and raving success.

Who Was James Heltibridle?

James Heltibridle was an American production designer, filmmaker, and artist. He was born on the 29th of November 1988, and his name at birth was James Benjamin Heltibridle. His mother’s name is Sue Heltibridle, while his father’s name is reportedly Bob Heltibridle. He was also said to have a brother named Bobby.

Heltibridle grew up in Gambrills, Maryland, and completed his high school diploma in regular time. By 2009, he enrolled at the University of North Carolina State University to study film production with a specialization in art direction and production design. He spent about five years in school, during which his passion for filmmaking shone through.

Heltibridle was not only interested in the theory of what he was studying, but also practiced it with every opportunity he got. He served as a production designer on the set of the 2012 short film Memoirs and then as an art director for the 2012 film Run and Gun. He then worked as an art director on another short film, Venison Eaters, in 2013. That same 2013, James Heltibridle also served as a production designer on the short film Death And The Robot, produced by the University of North Carolina School of the Arts – School of Filmmaking.

The film tells the story of two lonely and bored souls who venture out of their safe havens into new worlds and have an encounter that nurtures a lasting friendship. It was quite a success, winning about six awards, including best animated short at the 2014 Beaufort International Film Festival.

To give you a sense of what Heltibridle actually did on the set of these films, a production designer is a person who heads the art department and is in charge of making sure each shooting location is perfect, prepared, and on point with the vision of the film. The production designer’s job starts during pre-production alongside the director and producer of the project. They have the task of synthesizing the writer’s work, the director’s vision, and the producer’s plan into a compelling visual story.

James Heltibridle graduated from college in 2013 and set about building his career. He worked as a production assistant for Stalwart Films LLC from June 2015 to November 2015. He was then employed by Netflix in February 2016 in a similar role. His stint with the streaming giants lasted a month.

The next big gig that James Heltibridle landed was on The Walking Dead. He joined the production crew of the hit AMC series in early 2016 and was a props master. He was responsible for acquiring appropriate props for the series as well as organizing them and overseeing their usage. He did his work on about eight episodes.

Who Did James Heltibridle Play in The Walking Dead?

James Heltibridle did not play any character in The Walking Dead. He was a member of the production crew tasked with acquiring, organizing, and overseeing the usage of props. He was, therefore, instrumental to the success of the show.

He might not have been one of the big stars on the screen, but he sure contributed his quota to the gripping tale that played out for millions of viewers all over the world: a bunch of human survivors trying to live a normal life amidst the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

How Did James Heltibridle Die?

James Heltibridle died in an automobile accident while returning home from the set of The Walking Dead on the 10th of November 2016. The news of his demise was posted on several Facebook forums. One was the alumni association of the University of North Carolina State University, to which he belonged. Another was a community of devoted Walking Dead fans.

The alumni Facebook group stated that Heltibridle was been killed in a car wreck, while The Walking Dead community stated that he had died in an auto accident. The news of Heltibridle’s death led to an outpouring of tributes from those who knew him personally. Fans of The Walking Dead also chimed in with their condolences and expressed their sadness at the loss. James Heltibridle was later buried in Gambrills, Annapolis, Maryland, after a funeral service.

FAQs about James Heltibridle

What Was James Heltibridle’s The Walking Dead Character?

James Heltibridle was a prop master on The Walking Dead. He did not play any character, whether major or supporting, in the series. He was a member of the production crew of Season 6 of the series.

Did James Heltibridle Have a Car Accident?

James Heltibridle was involved in a car accident while going home from the set of The Walking Dead on the 10th of November 2016. The exact details of the car wreck and how it unfolded probably exist in the police records, but they are not public. What is obvious is that the accident was a tragic and fatal one which cut short a rising star.

When Did James Heltibridle Die?

James Heltibridle died on the 10th of November 2016, which is the same day that the automobile accident occurred. Given that it was that same day, it means that Heltibridle likely died on the scene or gave up the ghost not long after arriving in the hospital.

What Was James Heltibridle’s Age at Death?

James Heltibridle was 27 years and 11 months old at the time he died. He was born on the 29th of November 1988. He was, therefore, just 19 days shy of his 28th birthday. It was quite a painful experience for his family, but they have tried their best to move on. They have also tried to keep his memory alive. A look at UNSCA records shows there is a James B. Heltibridle Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Film

James Heltibridle’s Cause of Death

James Heltibridle died of the injuries that he sustained in the car accident. There would be a more specific cause of death, but that has never been made public. The cast and crew of The Walking Dead paid tribute to his memory with Season 7 Episode 9, which originally aired on 12 February 2017. At the end of the episode, there was the inscription “In Loving Memory of James Heltibridle”. This gesture made many fans of the show who did not know Heltibridle before to seek out information about him and pay their last respects.


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