Who Was Jemell M. Nelson from the Queer Eye Season 7 Tribute?

Jemell Nelson was a production assistant on Season 7 of Queer Eye. He unfortunately died before the show premiered in May 2023 and was honored with a tribute at the end of the season finale, i.e., Season 7 Episode 7. The tribute said “in memory of Jemell M. Nelson” during the ending credits of the episode. This, of course, captured the attention of viewers who wanted to know more about the individual involved.

Who Was Jemell M. Nelson from Queer Eye?

Jemell M. Nelson was a production assistant on Season 7 of Queer Eye. He joined the production crew of the hit reality TV show, where a team of five gay professionals (known as the Fab 5) gave lifestyle and fashion makeovers to guests in July 2022 and spent roughly one month working with them. That Season 7 would eventually air in 2023.

The background information about Jemell M. Nelson shows that he was born on the 11th of October 1991. He identified as a member of the LGBTQ community and described his ethnicity as black, African American, and Caribbean. The late Nelson obviously harbored aspirations of going into filmmaking at an early stage, and to get started, he worked as a production assistant.

He is credited as a production assistant on Season 3 of Love and Marriage Huntsville, which ran from March 2022 to April 2022. His tasks included – talent management, production tasks, set organization, and direct producer assistance. Jemell M. Nelson also served as a COVID-19 Compliance Assistant on Season 3 of Love and Marriage Huntsville. His tasks included COVID testing, supply inventory, and testing coordination on set.

One of Jemell’s last works was on the set of Queer Eye, where he was the production assistant from July 2022 to August 2022. He was based in New Orleans and lived life to the fullest.

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Why Was Queer Eye Season 7 Dedicated to Jemell M. Nelson?

Episode 7 Season 7 of Queer Eye was dedicated to Jemell M. Nelson because he passed away. An obituary information released by his family shows that he died on Monday, the 14th of November 2022, at the age of 31. Jemell M. Nelson was survived by his parents, Constance Porche and Michael Nelson. Others include a brother named Shelton Magee II and two sisters named Zhane and Zaria Nelson.

Jemell was also survived by his great-grandparent, Una Barnes, which once more proves that he was a young lad who died in his prime. Jemell Nelson was a valuable member of the production team of Queer Eye season 7, and this was why a tribute was paid to him after his demise, not minding that he had already left the show for several months before his demise.

How Did Jemell M. Nelson Die?

Jemell N. Nelson died due to gunshot wounds that he sustained in the early hours of 14 November 2022, a Monday. News reports say the shooting occurred at City Park, North Carrollton Avenue, near Dumaine Street. Residents heard multiple gunshot wounds around 2:30 a.m. and promptly called the authorities.

When the cops arrived, they found Jemell with multiple gunshot wounds. He was declared dead on the scene. The news report stated that there was no clue about the shooter or the possible motive behind the attack. There has been little update since then showing that whoever killed Nelson may have never been caught.

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Jemell M. Nelson’s Tribute on Queer Eye Season 7

Jemell M. Nelson’s tribute on Queer Eye Season 7 aired in episode 7 on 12th May 2023. In the ending credits, there was a simple message on a white background that stated, “In memory of Jemell M. Nelson”. The message got many fans of the show curious about the young lad as they did not know him, given that he was not on the screens but was rather a member of the production crew.

Meanwhile, some people praised the producers of Queer Eye for remembering a “lowly staff”. For them, it meant that the show appreciates people of all statuses and believes that people matter despite whatever level they find themselves in life.


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