Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland and What Is He Doing Now?

Graham Wardle decided to leave Heartland after the completion of its 13th season. His departure from the series was a calculated decision rooted in his desire to move away from acting and explore different facets of his life.

Having portrayed Ty Borden since 2007 and contributed significantly to over 14 seasons of Heartland, Wardle felt it was the right moment to dedicate more time to personal projects. As a result of this, his character met a tragic end in a poignant plot twist, succumbing to complications from gunshot wound-induced deep vein thrombosis in the first episode of the 14th season, titled “Keep Me in Your Heart.” This development was a gut-wrenching plot twist that shook the fandom.

Graham Wardle Left Heartland Voluntarily

It was actor Graham Wardle who voluntarily left Heartland after more than a decade of portraying Ty Borden. Prior to his decision to bid farewell to the series, he had discussed his departure plans with series creator Murray Shostak two years before the episode’s airing in 2021.

In an email statement to The Canadian Press, Wardle shared his heartfelt sentiments, saying “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction… I now host the ‘Time Has Come’ podcast, and there will be a future episode coming out where I plan to share much more about my decision and my appreciation for the 14 years I’ve spent on Heartland.”

Despite the emotional challenges of leaving a character he had embodied for over a decade, Wardle approached his departure with careful consideration. He reached out to the fans, acknowledging the difficulty of honoring both himself and Ty’s character, and expressing gratitude for the lessons he learned through this role.

Graham Wardle’s departure, although planned for several years, brought a wave of emotion to the Heartland family, especially co-star Amber Marshall, who acknowledged the deep impact of Wardle’s absence. Marshall also emphasized the importance of supporting each other’s decisions, highlighting the Heartland cast and crew’s close-knit bond.

What is Graham Wardle Doing Now?

After leaving Heartland, Graham Wardle embarked on a diverse creative path. He ventured into podcasting and book writing. He is currently engrossed in crafting his second volume of poetry. His podcast, which debuted in May 2020, is a platform for creative storytelling. Through this platform, he delves into the transformative journeys of his guests, exploring their shifts from the familiar to the unknown. He has hosted esteemed Heartland cast members, including luminaries such as Amber Marshall, Jessica Amlee, and Cindy Busby on this platform.

This engaging podcast is accessible on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and his website, challenging listeners to ponder life outside their comfort zones. Wardle encourages the development of strength, courage, and faith through his thought-provoking discussions.

In addition to his podcast, Wardle authored a digital book titled “Find Your Truth,” a collection of his writings and poetry. Despite initial hesitations, Wardle’s work found a receptive audience, with over 2000 readers expressing their appreciation for his literary creations. Reflecting on his literary journey, Wardle expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response from readers who have embraced his work.

Since departing the set of the TV series “Heartland” in 2021 to pursue a different career path, Wardle has been absent from television screens. Despite this, he has emphatically stated that he has not abandoned his on-screen career. Given his active engagement with fans, there is anticipation that he will soon unveil his plans for his acting endeavors.

Where is Graham Wardle now?

Graham Wardle currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, specifically on Powell Street, Suite V, where he hosts his podcast and engages in his writing pursuits. Originally hailing from Mission, British Columbia, Canada, Wardle relocated to Vancouver to pursue studies in filmmaking at Capilano University’s Motion Picture and Production Program.

Wardle’s talents extend well beyond acting; he has delved into filmmaking and photography, showcasing his diverse creative abilities. His proficiency in multiple artistic mediums allows him to express his vision in unique ways, enriching his journey in the entertainment industry. Wardle’s versatility, coupled with his unwavering dedication, has earned him a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

List of Graham Wardle Movies and TV Shows

Since his television debut in 1998, Graham Wardle has appeared in a total of 18 shows, which include;

  1. The Sentinel – 1998
  2. The New Addams Family – 1999
  3. Ratz – 2000
  4. The Outer Limits – 2001
  5. Life as We Know It – 2004
  6. Killer Bash – 2005
  7. Supernatural – 2005/2013
  8. Fallen – 2006
  9. Like Mike 2: Streetball – 2006
  10. Heartland – 2007-2021
  11. Anna’s Storm – 2007
  12. In the Land of Women – 2007
  13. That One Night – 2008
  14. Yesterday – 2009
  15. A Heartland Christmas – 2010
  16. Mon Ami – 2012
  17. Cold lights – 2013
  18. Grave Halloween – 2013

How Old was Graham Wardle when Heartland Started?

Born on September 6, 1986, Graham Wardle was chosen to portray Ty Borden in the CBC series Heartland at the age of 21,  in 2007. That same year, he made his appearance in the film In the Land of Women alongside Meg Ryan and Adam Brody.

Wardle continued his role in Heartland for 14 years, featuring in 13 seasons before his character met his fate in the premiere of the 14th season in 2021. His portrayal of Ty garnered recognition, leading to LEO Award nominations in 2009 and 2010 for his performances in Heartland episodes Summer’s End and The Starting Gate.

Is Graham Wardle Returning to Heartland?

Sadly, Graham Wardle, the actor behind Ty Borden in Heartland, will not be returning to the series. Ty’s character met a tragic end in the season 14 premiere, leaving his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Lyndy, heartbroken. Wardle made the decision to depart after 13 seasons, as he felt it was time to move on. Before his departure, he expressed gratitude for his time on the show and hopes Ty’s legacy will endure through other characters.

Heartland, a beloved family drama series on Netflix, has been renewed for its 17th season, set to air on CBC in Fall 2023. Fans still reminisce about the chemistry between Ty and his wife, Amy Fleming, portrayed by Amber Marshall, making them eager to see Graham Wardle back on screen.

Speculations have arisen among Heartland enthusiasts, fueled by a recent Instagram post by cast member Kerry James featuring himself, Graham Wardle, and Amber Marshall. The post, capturing a moment from the show’s past, stirred excitement and nostalgia, highlighting the special bond shared by the Heartland family. Despite fans’ anticipation, Wardle’s return to the screen in season 17 remains unconfirmed.

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