Will There Be a Zombies 4 and When is the Release Date?

There won’t be a Zombies 4, so there is no release date. However, Disney is not yet done with the franchise as it made an announcement that an animated series- ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series, following the Disney Zombies franchise, will be coming out in 2023. 

Alongside the animated series, what many fans would have loved to see is the release of the fourth part of the show. Unless something changes, the show is done with, according to Disney, but there are still some interesting things to be aware of.

Is There Going To Be a Zombies 4 and When Is It Coming Out?

Zombies 4 will not be coming out. In 2021, when Disney was announcing the release date for Zombies 3, it made it clear that the release was going to be the third and final part of the production.

The Disney Channel original dance movie franchise began with the first release in February 2018. It captures the beginning of the love story between a zombie and his high school human sweetheart, Allison. It was followed by another release in 2021 when Zombie 2 was dropped. The third and final installment was released in July 2022.

Although the previous releases have recorded more than decent success among followers of the franchise, the producers feel that the franchise has come to its natural end with the 3rd part.

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Are They Making a Zombies 4?

As indicated, there is not going to be Zombies 4, and so there is no work that is being done on the franchise. That said, the star of the production, Milo Manheim, once revealed that although the show has ended, there may still be a window for the release of the 4th part if fans really want to have it back. He, however, accepted that the third film had done a great job of wrapping the story up.

There has been no official statement from the producers of the series on the idea of another Zombies film. The belief at the moment is that Princessa Productions, LTD has moved on to other productions.

While the 4th part is not being worked upon, ‘ZOMBIES: The Re-Animated Series’ is being worked upon to take its place. The series is expected to drop in the second half of 2023. It continues with stars such as Meg Donnelly (Addison), Milo Manheim (Zed), Kylee Russell (Trevor), and Tordjman Trevor (Bucky).

Zombies 4 Disney Trailer

A trailer has not been released for Zombies 4 and may never be released since it has been established that if things remain the way they are, the fourth film will not be a reality. The trailer may serve as a teaser to get people expectant of what is going to be released, but since nothing is coming, Princessa Productions, LTD will have no material from which to make a trailer, just as it will have no reason to make one.

When Did Zombies 3 Come Out?

As a sequel to Zombies 2, Zombies 3 was first announced in May 2021, and it was revealed that the movie was being shot in Toronto, Canada. However, it did not come out until July 2022, when it was first released on Disney Plus. Less than a month later, it was aired on Disney Channel.

Coming as the final part of the threequel, it takes care of the love story between a Zombie, Zed, and Allion, bringing it to a great end.

Written by David Light and Joseph Raso and directed by Paul Hoen, the third part continued with the story of Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim and also the coming together of Cheerleaders, Zombies, and werewolves to wade off the threats of great proportions that could change the lives of all the people involved.

Where Can I Watch Zombies 3 and Other Releases?

A Disney Channel production, there are not too many places where you can watch the Zombies movies: Zombies 1, Zombies 2, and Zombies 3. In fact, the most known platforms where you can watch it are Disney Channels and streaming platforms.

Disney Now is one of the places where you can access the previous installments and also on Disney Plus. However, because they can be region-based, there are people who may not be able to access them even on these platforms as a result of their geographical location.

The supernatural romance film is also not available on other streaming platforms, including Netflix and Hulu, at the moment.


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