Bleach Filler List Guide – Episodes and Arcs to Skip

The Bleach filler episodes and arcs to skip in the anime series are the Bount arc (episodes 64-109), New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (episodes 168-189), and Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc (episodes 230-265).

As a fan of the widely-known anime series “Bleach,” you may have encountered episodes that don’t contribute much to the main storyline. These episodes are known as “fillers,” and they are created to give the manga time to progress so that the anime doesn’t catch up. While some of these fillers can be entertaining, others may feel like a detour from the main plot and may not be worth watching.

To help you filter these fillers out, we have written this comprehensive guide, where we explore the percentage of fillers in Bleach, the total number of episodes, seasons, chapters, and volumes, and provide a detailed list of filler episodes organized by arcs. So keep reading to know how to watch Bleach without fillers.

How Many Bleach Fillers Are There?

“Bleach” is an anime adaptation of the manga written by Tite Kubo. Throughout its run, the series includes over 163 filler episodes. These fillers are episodes that do not directly adapt the original manga’s storyline and are considered non-canon.

What Episodes of Bleach are Filler?

The fillers in “Bleach” are scattered throughout the series, usually in between major arcs. They often involve side stories or original plots that don’t have a significant impact on the main narrative. To help you avoid fillers and stick to the main story, we have compiled a list of all filler episodes categorized by arcs.

What is Bleach Filler Percentage?

At the time of this writing, “Bleach” contains a filler percentage of approximately 45%. This means that nearly half of the anime is comprised of filler content rather than directly adapting the manga’s main storyline. For those who wish to experience the essential plot without distractions, skipping fillers can save a significant amount of time.

List of All Bleach Filler Episodes to Skip

Here is a detailed list of filler episodes in “Bleach” grouped by their respective arcs. Skipping these episodes will definitely help stay focused on the core narrative if you detest fillers while watching your favorite anime series “Bleach”.

1. Bount Arc (Episodes 64-109)

  • Episode 64: New School Term, Renji has come to the Material World?!
  • Episode 65: Creeping Terror, the Second Victim
  • Episode 66: Breakthrough! The Trap Hidden in the Labyrinth
  • Episode 67: Death Game! The Missing Classmate
  • Episode 68: True Identity of the Devil, the Secret which is Revealed
  • … (and so on until Episode 109)

2. New Captain Shūsuke Amagai Arc (Episodes 168-189)

  • Episode 168: The New Captain Appears! His Name is Shūsuke Amagai
  • Episode 169: New Development, the Dangerous Transfer Student Appears!
  • Episode 170: Desperate Struggle Under the Moonlit Night, the Mysterious Assassin and Zanpakutō
  • Episode 171: Kenryū, the Profusion of Blooming Crimson Flowers
  • … (and so on until Episode 189)

3. Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc (Episodes 230-265)

  • Episode 230: The Materialization of Zanpakutō
  • Episode 231: Byakuya’s Troubled Memories
  • Episode 232: Zangetsu Becomes an Enemy
  • Episode 233: Renji Surprised?! The Two Zabimaru
  • … (and so on until Episode 265)

Occasionally, filler arcs involve crossovers with other anime series, leading to exciting collaborations and unexpected encounters. Keep an eye out for these special episodes that bridge the gaps between different anime universes

Also, based on viewer opinions and critical reception, some filler arcs may stand out as more enjoyable or well-crafted. For instance, the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc is often praised for its creative storytelling and character exploration.

Is There Bleach Filler Worth Watching?

Although fillers are generally not essential to the main plot, some viewers may still find them enjoyable due to their comedic or character-focused nature.

If you enjoy exploring side stories and want to delve deeper into the Bleach universe, you might consider watching the Bount Arc (Episodes 64-109) and the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc (Episodes 230-265). These arcs offer some entertaining moments and character development, making them relatively more worthwhile than other fillers.

How to Watch Bleach Without Filler?

To watch “Bleach” without filler episodes, you can use filler guides like this one to skip the episodes mentioned in the list above. Alternatively, you can use online platforms that allow you to filter out fillers, ensuring a more streamlined viewing experience.

How Many Episodes are in Bleach in Total?

The “Bleach” anime series has a total of 366 episodes, including both canon and filler episodes.

How Many Seasons of Bleach Are There?

“Bleach” consists of a total of 16 seasons, encompassing the main story and filler arcs.

How Many Volumes of Bleach Are There?

The “Bleach” manga has a total of 74 volumes.

How Many Chapters of Bleach Are There?

The “Bleach” manga consists of 686 chapters.

When Did Bleach Come Out?

The “Bleach” manga was first serialized in August 2001 in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The anime adaptation began airing in October 2004.

When Does Bleach Get Good?

“Bleach” is known for its captivating story and well-developed characters, but the series truly starts to shine during the Soul Society Arc (also known as the Substitute Shinigami Arc) which begins around Episode 21. From this point onward, the plot becomes increasingly engrossing and sets the stage for the rest of the series.

When is the New Season of Bleach Coming Out?

Bleach season 8 concluded on December 26, 2022, featuring a two-part finale. Following the conclusion, a trailer for season 9 was released, indicating its scheduled release in July 2023. The confirmed release date for season 9 was July 8, 2023, with weekly episodes thereafter.

As with the first part, the new episodes of Part 2 will initially premiere on Hulu in the US and on Disney Plus in other regions. The series will also be available with subtitles in six languages, making simulcasting accessible to a wider audience than before.

How Many Episodes of Bleach are on Netflix?

While Bleach is now available on Netflix its availability on Netflix may vary depending on your region, and the number of episodes available can change over time. Some regions were only able to access 3 seasons of Bleach on Netflix while some had less or more. At one point, Netflix had several seasons of the “Bleach” manga but it’s recommended to check the current content library to see what is available for streaming.

“Bleach” offers a captivating and action-packed storyline that follows the journey of Ichigo Kurosaki, a Substitute Shinigami. As Bleach fillers can be entertaining, they are not integral to the main plot. By using this filler list guide, you can skip the non-canon episodes and experience the core narrative without distractions. Whether you choose to watch some of the fillers or stick solely to the canon episodes, “Bleach” is sure to deliver an exciting and memorable anime experience.


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