Truth About Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes and Double Eye Lashes

Elizabeth Taylor did not have violet eyes but deep blue eyes that were enhanced by lightning and makeup to look violet. Additionally, the movie icon also had a double row of eyelashes, and all this combined to make her eyes some of the most famous in the history of Hollywood.

Of course, Taylor would utilize her gorgeous looks and unique eyes, but most importantly, her talent to work her way to becoming one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. She was also a philanthropist, and by the time she died in 2011, she had written her name in gold and laid a legacy that would stand the test of time.

The Truth about Elizabeth Taylor’s Violet Eyes

The truth is that Elizabeth Taylor did not actually have violet eyes. Her eyes were deep blue in color but with the right kind of lightning or makeup, it would appear to be violet in color. The actress realized this at an early stage and often used the appropriate eye shadow to make her eyes look violet.

The result was a pair of eyes that were simply stunning, as such an eye color is rare, and so it became her trademark look. Many drooled over it, and the film studios took advantage of it. For instance, it is believed that the 1958 movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was shot in color so that it would show off Taylor’s violet eyes and the startling blue eyes of her co-star Paul Newman.

With the passage of time, many people in Hollywood, as well as movie lovers all over the world, came to believe that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes. Australian film critic David Stratton also talked about being transfixed by Taylor’s famous violet eyes when he met her in the 70s. He remarked that he had never seen eyes of that color before or after and that cinemagoers wouldn’t be able to appreciate how remarkable the actress’ eyes were.

Thanks to statements like this, one of the myths that has survived for a long time in Hollywood is that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes. Even when she launched a new perfume in 2010, she conducted an online poll on what to name the fragrance, and fans massively voted for purple eyes, which she later used. However, it is believed that Elizabeth Taylor did not actually have purple eyes. Although it is now common to see her pictures online with expressly violet eyes, most of these pictures are photoshopped.

What was Special about Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyelashes?

Elizabeth Taylor’s eyelashes were special because she had double eyelashes or, better put, a double row of eyelashes. Human beings normally have one row of eyelashes per eyelid, but Taylor had a twin set of eyelashes, and this made for lush and full eyelashes that most ladies envy and try to achieve with makeup.

Taylor’s parents were informed after her birth that their daughter had a genetic mutation of the FOXC2 gene, which would give her a double set of lashes. Seeing as the effects weren’t so tragic at that point in time, her mother reportedly remarked, “Well, now that doesn’t sound so terrible at all.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Purple Eyes?

Elizabeth Taylor did not have purple eyes. She had deep blue eyes that could appear violet with the right kind of lightning or makeup. The iconic actress utilized both elements well, and many people came to believe that she had violet eyes. However, this is not true. Violet eyes are quite uncommon, and only 1% of the human population worldwide have violet eyes. What’s more, violet eyes are mostly naturally occurring in people with albinism.

The genetic condition causes a reduced amount of melanin in a person’s body, including in the eyes. Thanks to these low melanin levels in the eye, the iris might appear blue, red, or even violet in color. It is also possible for one to procure contact lenses that can make their eye color violet. However, violet eye color remains a rare eye color, and Elizabeth Taylor did not have violet eyes.

What was Elizabeth Taylor’s Eye Color?

Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color is deep blue. They were a very unique shade of deep blue that could look violet under the right circumstances. Due to this, many people believed that the iconic actress had violet-colored eyes.

To date, Elizabeth Taylor is regarded as the only Hollywood actress to have had that unique shade of eye color. However, it is now believed that her eyes were a deep shade of blue and not violet, as violet is a very rare type of eye color.

Elizabeth Taylor
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Were Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes Natural?

Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were natural. There is nothing to show that she underwent any cosmetic enhancements with regard to her eyes. Her eye color was a unique shade of deep blue, which often looked violet, a rare eye color type.

Additionally, the Cleopatra star also had a double set of eyelashes thanks to a genetic condition known as distichiasis. All these meant that she had a set of eyes that were gorgeous, alluring, and simply a beauty to behold. Such often made people wonder whether they were natural, but the answer to that puzzle is in the affirmative.

Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Double Eyelashes?

Elizabeth Taylor had double eyelashes, and this was not a result of any plastic surgery. Rather, they were naturally occurring. The actress had a genetic mutation of the FOXC2 gene, which caused her to develop Distichiasis. Distichiasis is a rare condition in which one has two rows of eyelashes. Oftentimes, the second row might be as full as the first row. They also might be thinner or shorter than the first row of eyelashes.

While double eyelashes can be aesthetically pleasing, the truth remains that distichiasis can come with serious symptoms such as eye pain, scarring of the cornea, vision loss, light sensitivity, and irritation.

FOXC2 mutations can also lead to Lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome, a rare genetic multisystem disorder characterized by swelling of the legs because of fluid accumulation.
A small percentage of people who have Lymphedema-distichiasis syndrome also suffer from congenital heart disease. There is no evidence that Elizabeth Taylor suffered any negative health effects from her double lashes syndrome, but she did die of heart-related diseases, so one cannot be so sure.


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