Will There Be a Season 7 of Peaky Blinders or Is It Over?

There will be no Peaky Blinders Season 7. The sixth and final season of the acclaimed TV series premiered on Netflix in April 2022, marking the end of an era for the Shelby family and their enthralling saga in Birmingham. However, for fans of the show, the story is far from over. Instead of a seventh season, the creators have announced that the next chapter in the Peaky Blinders tale will unfold on the big screen. 

A feature film is in the works and is set to be released in spring 2024, promising to continue the gripping narrative and bring back beloved characters such as Tommy and Arthur Shelby, portrayed by Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson, respectively.

Is Peaky Blinders Over?

Not necessarily. The last released season six may be the series finale, but all indications point to the fact that the tale of the Peaky Blinders is far from over. Peaky Blinders appears to have come to an end, with its sixth season being the series finale. However, creator Steven Knight has planned a movie for a better conclusion, aiming for a more contained plot and a bigger budget. 

The movie will provide the writers with the freedom to conclude the story in any way they see fit and delve into Tommy’s self-destructive death wish. Moreover, potential spin-offs about other aspects of the Shelby family and the Shelby Company Limited are also in the pipeline. 

Season 6 has set the stage for the movie by leaving several plot threads unresolved, such as Oswald Mosley’s unawareness of an assassination attempt and Jack Nelson’s story not being properly concluded. This final season has wrapped up the story of the Shelby crime family of Small Heath, Birmingham, but the movie and potential spin-offs offer avenues for further exploration and expansion of the Peaky Blinders universe.

Will there be a Season 7 of Peaky Blinders?

The popular TV series, Peaky Blinders will not have a seventh season. However, fans can look forward to the feature film that will serve as the conclusion to the franchise. The script for the film is already finished, and production is expected to start at the end of the year, with a planned release in spring 2024. 

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Set during World War II, the movie will see the return of main characters, including Tommy Shelby, and may introduce new faces as well as potentially feature the late Helen McCrory’s character, Polly. 

Creator Steven Knight hinted at a larger budget for the film, allowing for more cinematic elements and the potential for surprising the audience with new talent. The movie is set and shot in Birmingham and is likely to be released in 2024. 

The decision of a feature film allows the creators to explore a different format and provide a fitting end to the beloved franchise. With the script finished and production set to begin, fans can anticipate the arrival of the film, which promises to deliver a captivating and conclusive experience for Peaky Blinders enthusiasts.

Why There Won’t Be Peaky Blinders Season 7

The decision not to have season 7 of Peaky Blinders was primarily influenced by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unfortunate passing of the talented actress Helen McCrory, who played the iconic role of Polly Gray in the series. 

These events led to the show’s creator, Steven Knight, and the production team reevaluating the future of the series. However, fans need not despair as plans for a feature film adaptation of Peaky Blinders are underway, with production set to commence soon. 

The film is expected to continue the story of the Shelby family and their criminal exploits, with the potential for a spin-off series to expand the Peaky Blinders universe further. The film is set to delve into a storyline set during the Second World War, offering a new and intriguing perspective on the beloved characters. 

Additionally, there are hints of the involvement of key characters, including the potential return of actor Stephen Graham, adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming adaptation. The film will mark the end of the Peaky Blinders franchise as it is currently known, bringing a fitting conclusion to the acclaimed series. 

Despite the absence of a seventh season, the transition to a feature film ensures that the legacy of Peaky Blinders will live on, captivating audiences in a new cinematic format.

Peaky Blinders Ending Explained

The final episode of Peaky Blinders season 6 took viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, ending with a twist that defied expectations and left fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the Shelby story. The episode revealed a shocking turn of events concerning Tommy Shelby’s fate, shattering the anticipated conclusion of his death due to a fatal diagnosis. 

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It was unveiled that Tommy’s doctor was a follower of Oswald Mosley, who had been paid to deceive Tommy into believing he was terminally ill, ultimately pushing him to take his own life. This revelation not only thwarted the anticipated demise of the iconic character but also shed light on the presence of supernatural elements in the show, providing a concrete explanation for the visions and predictions experienced by the characters.

The twist reshaped the narrative and confirmed the existence of ghosts and supernatural events in the Peaky Blinders universe. This revelation opened up new possibilities for the storyline, offering a fresh perspective on the intricacies of the Shelby family’s experiences and the challenges they face.

Moreover, the finale set the stage for the next phase in the Shelby saga, hinting at a spin-off movie and the continuation of their criminal empire. This tantalizing glimpse into the future left fans eager for more as they pondered the potential directions in which the narrative could unfold. 

The prospect of a spin-off movie promises to delve deeper into the world of the Peaky Blinders, offering fans an opportunity to explore new dimensions of the characters and their enthralling universe.

Peaky Blinders Season Finale Featured The Death of Michael

The finale also featured the dramatic demise of Michael, adding a poignant layer of tragedy to the episode. As one of the surviving Shelbys, Michael met his end in a tension-filled 81-minute episode, marking a significant and heartbreaking moment in the show’s culmination. His fate added a somber tone to the conclusion, further intensifying the emotional impact of the finale.

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The episode’s visual storytelling also played a pivotal role in shaping the impact of the conclusion. The imagery of Tommy mounting a white horse and galloping off, seemingly grinning as he rides away, creates a powerful visual metaphor for the character’s resilience and determination. 

This striking visual conveyed a sense of defiance and strength, encapsulating Tommy’s unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. The final shot, seen from inside the burning wagon as Tommy and his horse ride off, provides a poignant and evocative conclusion to the season. This visually arresting moment encapsulated the intensity and drama of the episode, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and serving as a powerful symbol of the Shelby family’s enduring legacy.

The Ending of Peaky Blinders Set The Stage For The Next Phase In The Shelby Story

Besides defying expectations, the ending of Peaky Blinders season 6 also set the stage for the next phase in the Shelby story. The revelation of supernatural elements, the potential for a spin-off movie, and the dramatic demise of Michael all contributed to a captivating and emotionally charged conclusion. 

With its blend of gripping storytelling, powerful imagery, and tantalizing hints at what lies ahead, the finale left an indelible mark on fans and ensured that the legacy of the Peaky Blinders would continue to resonate long after the season’s conclusion.

Where To Watch Peaky Blinders

You can watch Peaky Blinders on various platforms. The series was originally a BBC production, but due to its immense popularity, it was reworked as a Netflix Original Series. As of now, the show has six seasons, and all six are available on Netflix. 

Each season consists of six hour-long episodes, making it easily binge-watchable for fans. The series is known for its dynamic characters, brilliant settings, and intense storyline, but it includes mature content such as violence, nudity, and profanity, earning it a TV-MA rating. 

Additionally, the show is acclaimed for its historical drama based on a real gang from Birmingham after WWI, revolving around the Shelby family, a group of gangsters expanding their kingdom and dealing with the law and other gangs. Therefore, if you’re interested in immersing yourself in the world of the Peaky Blinders, Netflix is the go-to platform to catch the action, drama, and intrigue of this compelling series.


Will There Be Another Season Of Peaky Blinders?

No, there won’t be another season of Peaky Blinders. The series concluded with its sixth season in April 2022, and the story will continue with a movie instead.

When Does Peaky Blinders Come Out?

Peaky Blinders, a movie continuing the just concluded TV series of the same name, is in production and is potentially set for release in late 2024.

Is Season 6 The Last Season Of Peaky Blinders?

Yes, Season 6 is the final season of Peaky Blinders. However, the story will continue in the form of a movie, with some casting changes and the absence of a beloved character.


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