Where Is Matthew Mcgreevy Now Since The Phillip Schofield Drama?

There’s been no news about Matthew McGreevy’s whereabouts since the rumors of his alleged affair with TV personality Phillip Schofield. He’s likely keeping to himself and maintaining distance from the public and media so as not to fuel the rumors and notions everyone now has about him and his affair with Phillip.

Where is Matthew McGreevy Now?

There’s no news or information about where Matthew McGreevy could possibly be. He could be anywhere in the UK, where he was born and raised, or in any other country where he could still pursue his career in films and production. Matthew is said to love traveling and could have traveled to escape the heat that rose with Phillip’s revelation and statements.

Before Matthew McGreevy reached this point, he was a co-star on ITV’s This Morning talk show. He also pursued other acting gigs, appearing in movies and shows like The Sparticle Mystery (2011), The Mill (2014), Murder in Provence (2022), and Next Level Chef UK (2023). His appearance in Next Level Chef UK is an undeniable testament to his talent and endurance, so much so that even in the wake of a career-shaking scandal, he is still firm enough to plow through the hubris.

On the other hand, Phillip Schofield wasn’t so lucky, as the news about his relationship with the actor and the consequences that emerged from it presented a crushing blow to his personal and professional life, a loss he’s still trying to manage.

Matthew McGreevy
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Dissecting Phillip Schofield’s Relationship with Matthew McGreevy

The genesis of Phillip Schofield’s relationship with Matthew McGreevy could be traced to when Matthew was given a job as a production assistant for the popular British daytime show This Morning, a job given to him by Phillip Schofield. Although not verified, it is believed that the two knew each other long before then but had kept their affair a secret from the general public. Schofield was also married to his wife of more than two decades but didn’t reveal to her that he was gay, lying and cheating on her with another person.

Matthew McGreevy was 18 years old when he was given his job as Phillip’s assistant, but little did anyone know that they were more than they seemed to be. Their affair only came to light when it became apparent that the two were becoming inextricably close; this raised suspicion among their co-workers at the studio.

When interrogated about their relationship, Matthew and Phillip denied every claim that they were together, saying they were strictly “work buddies” and were pleased with each other’s presence. Matthew would post pictures of them online, follow Phillip on trips around the country and outside, and was always around him to the point that the romance between them was unmistakable.

People started talking and pointing out the two a couple, and even when Schofield worked to quell the noise, it still didn’t help. As a result, he had to come out and offer a public apology and a confession that shocked the British media. News at the time was that Phillip Schofield had groomed and abused Matthew into having a romantic relationship with him, which had pierced right through Schofield’s reputation, forcing him to come out in public.

In his statement on the This Morning Show in 2020, he admitted to having an affair with a younger male colleague at work and that it was a one-off thing. Phillip stated he hadn’t done anything serious with this male colleague until he was 20 – denying the allegation that he had groomed Matthew right from his teenage years.

He had claimed it was a consensual relationship and that they had met not more than ten times before ending the whole thing in a couple of months. When asked why he didn’t name this “young male colleague,” he said he was protecting his identity and that everyone should respect the young man’s privacy.

Matthew and Schofield’s relationship had grown beyond normal work relationships, which Schofield had said wasn’t illegal but was inappropriate. Phillip was a much older partner to Matthew, a 34-year gap, which made everyone believe Schofield was the one to carry the blame. 

This killed his career, with his management team of 35 years, YMU, dropping him for his breach of integrity and honesty — values they uphold at their company. He also resigned as a co-host of This Morning due to a brewing conflict with his co-presenter, Holly Willoughby. His action had made her so mad the show’s audience quickly picked it up.

In addition, Schofield lost his job as a host of the British Soap Awards and his ambassadorship at the Prince’s Trust, a charity organization he was a part of. His wife of 27 years, Stephanie Lowe, also left him for having lied to her all these years about him being gay and having a relationship outside their marriage. Schofield had stated that his pillars right now are his two daughters, who have taken to be by his side regardless of whatever narrative leveled against their father.

To curtail his deteriorating career, Phillip Schofield hired a crisis management and social media monitoring team to limit the extent of the damage his exposed secrets and lies had on his career. In all of this, Matthew has spoken much about the whole scandal, even going on to have a fruitful career as an actor, a sacrifice on Schofield’s part to secure the young man’s life, detaching him from whatever damages this might present.

Matthew McGreevy Gagging Order

It is not known if Matthew McGreevy was given a gagging order by the court to stay silent on his relationship with Schofield. There hasn’t been much word from him, though he had come out once to shed light on the matter during an interview with his representative at Politicalite.

Conveying Matthew’s thoughts on the matter, the representative said, “He has never wanted his relationship with Mr. Schofield to be made public. He has long idolized and cared for him.” He added that contrary to rumors, he never threatened to ‘sell his story’ to the media or anyone else. He also said he kept the relationship private and did not want any harm to come to Mr. Schofield.

What is Matthew McGreevy’s Age?

Matthew McGreevy is 28 years old as of 2024. His date of birth is the 21st of March, 1996, though some sources claim he is older. However, it is widely believed that he’s 28 years old and was born in Manchester, England. His family isn’t known to the public, as they are private about their affairs. However, Matthew has a twin sister called Lizzie.

He had started out early as a child actor, showing up in various movies and shows across the country, and that has helped him, even till now, sediment his talent as an actor. He had his formal education at Loreto Sixth Form College, where he studied for a Theatre Studies certificate, before meeting up with Phillip Schofield, who has undeniably helped him in his journey as an actor.


Who is Matthew McGreevy?

Matthew McGreevy is a 28 year-old English actor and television personality who has starred in several shows and movies worldwide. He was also a major accomplice in Phillip Schofield’s gay allegation, which later proved to be true.

Is Matthew McGreevy Missing?

Matthew McGreevy is not missing. He is very active in the acting business, making appearances in shows like The Irregulars.

Was Matthew McGreevy Silenced?

It is not exactly clear if Matthew McGreevy has been silenced. However, many believe this to be the case and not that he has chosen to remain silent.

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