Does Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters Have A Disability?  

Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters doesn’t have any known disability. Her medical history and/or medical records are private, and despite speculations about her well-being and health status, the TV star is not confirmed to be living with any health condition. She is also not shown to be living with any disability on the Maine Cabin Masters show since it began airing in 2017.

Born on 27 January 1976, Ashley Morrill Eldridge gained fame as a cast member on Magnolia Network’s Maine Cabin Masters Reality TV Show, where she was featured alongside her brother, Chase Morrill. She completed her education at the University of Maine-Orono.

In 2014, Ashley Morrill’s father, Eric, passed away. Although he was not directly involved with Maine Cabin Masters, he had trained Ashley and her brother, Chase, who went on to create the popular show. In 2016, Ashley tied the knot with Ryan Eldridge, but details about their wedding remain undisclosed. Ryan generally avoids the public eye and only makes occasional appearances on Maine Cabin Masters.

Recently, Ashley has decided to embark on a new adventure by launching her own business, Rustic County, in the home decor industry. However, she has no intention of leaving Maine Cabin Masters anytime soon.

Does Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters Have MS?

No, Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters doesn’t have MS. The television personality who stars on the DIY Network show Maine Cabin Masters underwent a notable transformation when she gained weight, prompting surprise and speculation from fans about the reasons behind her physical changes. While some fans speculated that Ashley and her husband were expecting a baby, she is not pregnant.

Thus, in spite of her weight gain, the DIY star’s neurological system is fine, and she doesn’t have Multiple Sclerosis. Her medical records and history remain private.

What Disease Does Ashley From Maine Cabin Masters Have?

Ashley from Maine Cabin Masters doesn’t have a disease or a disability. Speculations that the DIY star has disabilities and filed for disability benefits in 2008 stemmed from a court hearing case titled Morrill V. Astrue.

According to legal documents from the United States District Court Western District of Washington at Seattle, Ashley Morrill filed a disability claim on April 18, 2008, due to hearing impairment and a diagnosis of Asperger’s disorder with associated conditions such as attention deficit, sensory integration, hearing weakness, difficulties with tactile integration, challenges related to mental balance or mental health disorders and autism. Medical tests confirmed her condition and recommended that she work in a peaceful environment for eight hours a day, five days a week, or an equivalent work schedule within customary tolerances.

Ashley Morrill’s claims for SSI payments due to her medical conditions, including autism, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration, Asperger’s, and auditory processing disorder, were however denied on March 25, 2010, and she was considered an enabled person. The term “enabled person” typically refers to an individual who is capable of working and not eligible for SSI payments.

Does Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters Have A Disability?  
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Following our fact checks, Byliner’s extensive research shows that Ashley Morrill in the Morrill V. Astrue court hearing was documented in legal documents to be a barista and an office cleaner who was 20 years old at the time of the court ruling and not Ashley Morrill Eldridge on Maine Cabin Masters.

Does Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters Have a Limp?

No, Ashley on Maine Cabin Masters doesn’t have a limp. Her legs are in good condition, and she is able to walk without any signs of limping or discomfort. However, Ashley Marble, a native of Maine, a beauty queen, and a former basketball player at the University of Southern Maine, suffered a dislocation on her ankle that stalled her career. Ashley Marble is not to be confused with Ashley Morrill on Maine Cabin Masters.

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