Does Kakashi Have a Wife, Girlfriend or Son?

Kakashi does not have a wife, as he never got married all throughout his appearances in Naruto Part I, Part II, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Kakashi did not also have any girlfriend despite inspiring the affection of some ladies such as Rin and Hanare.

He basically avoided any romantic entanglements and as a result of this, he did not have any children. Despite the fact that Kakashi did not have any son or daughter, he was quite skilled in imparting knowledge to young ninjas, and he fulfilled this role for the likes of Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

Kakashi Never Had Any Wife or Girlfriend

Kakashi Hatake is one of the greatest ninjas out of Konoha. He is a major character in Part I of Naruto as well as Part II of the anime series known as Naruto Shippuden. He also survives and makes it into Part III known as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In Part I of Naruto, Kakashi is aged 26 to 27 while in Part II, he is aged 29 to 31 years. By the time Boruto: Naruto Next Generation rolls around, Kakashi Hatake is now 48 years old.

Kakashi Hatake is thus a mature and adult character all throughout his run in Naruto but he never got married. He also never had a girlfriend. He rather focused on a lifetime of service to his village. That lifetime of service saw him fight bravely to defend his village during the third shinobi war. He also worked as a member of the elite black ops organization known as ANBU. Beyond this, Kakashi was also a ninja teacher and was placed in the care of the team that has Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.

He would later go on to become the sixth Hokage or ruler of Konoha. Despite all these great achievements, Kakashi Hatake was never married. Kakashi Hatake also never had a girlfriend. This status may have something to do with his background. Kakashi’s mother died when he was still an infant and his father later died when he was a child. His father died in battle and this made him have a great sense of responsibility.

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He was Romantically Linked to a Female Ninja Named Hanare

Kakashi Hatake never had a girlfriend or wife but he still inspired romantic feelings in a couple of ladies. One of them was Hanare, a ninja and trained spy from Jōmae village. She makes just one appearance and that is in episode 191 of Naruto Shippudden. Hanare’s backstory shows that she lost her parents at an early age. During her childhood, she encountered Kakashi near her village. She was crying as she was lost and Kakashi consoled her.

He told her that she could look up to the clouds above and find her way home. He also helped her find the way back to her village. The two subsequently parted ways permanently but Hanare treasured the memory of her encounter with Kakashi and carried it all through her formative years. She later grew up to become a spy and was captured during one of her missions. Her captors sought to read her memories. They found nothing about her past but only that treasured memory involving Kakashi. They thus recruited Kakashi to help in gaining information from her.

Kakashi and Hanare spent one day together and this made Kakashi’s students, namely Naruto, Sasuke, and Sarada, believe that the two were in a romantic relationship. They stalked them during their walk, utilizing trees to move. They however fell out of the tree and crashed into them. This caused Kakashi and Hanare to kiss each other. Kakashi kissed Hanare because he fell into her. It was not deliberate. He never meant to kiss her as he did not love her.

In fact, the entire episode featuring Hanare has been described as fan service. Fan service is the act of adding something with no direct relevance to the story or character development into an anime (or manga) for the purpose of pleasing fans. The most common form of fan service is the addition of scenes of scantily clothed, seductively posed, well-endowed women, or something similar. Therefore, Hanare was never Kakashi’s girlfriend. She is a filer character and her kissing episode was inserted to satisfy fans.

His Teammate, Rin, Also Loved Him But He Did Not Return her Affection

Another female character that harbored romantic feelings for Kakashi is Rin. Rin was a great female ninja from Konoha. She possessed several great abilities including medical ninjutsu. Rin is the same age as Kakashi and they joined the ninja academy at the same time. They eventually passed their exams together and are placed under one team alongside Obito Uchiha.

Kakashi never loved Rin but she had a crush on him. She often blushed when he did something impressive. She also cheered him on during tasks and concocted celebrations when he emerged victorious.

Rin eventually confessed her feelings for Kakashi after Obito’s supposed death in a cave-in. Kakashi did not return those feelings but gently turned her down. They remained great friends and teammates though. They went on several more missions together until Rin took her own life to prevent devastating consequences for the people of Konoha. The last word that Rin uttered was Kakashi’s name and he mourned her death greatly. In the afterlife, Rin reunited with Obito who loved her and they lived happily forever.

Kakashi and Rin
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Did Kakashi Have a Son?

Kakashi never had a son or any other child for that matter as he avoided any romantic relationships. He was, however, great with children. He was the leader of team 7 comprising Naruto, Sasuke, and Sarada and he did a wonderful job of guiding his students on the right path.

Kakashi also intervened in the lives of his students when they needed his help. For instance, Sasuke had a hard time bonding with his daughter as he was always traveling. Kakashi went to great lengths to help him solve this particular problem. Even when the solutions he brought forward failed, he did not quit. He rather asked Sakura for help as she was better acquainted with the issue of families.


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