Euphoria Alexa Demie’s Ethnicity, Nationality and Parents Explored

Alexa Demie’s ethnicity is mixed Caucasian, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Hispanic. The actress’s parents are Scott Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez, and she is an American national from Atwater Village in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. 

Alexa Demie is an American actress who gained fame for starring in the HBO teen drama television series Euphoria as Madeleine “Maddy” Perez. After the actress attained fame, the public developed a keen interest in knowing all about her background, including her ethnicity, nationality, and the identity of her parents. Are you one of the curious cats? Then, We have got you covered.

Alexa Demie’s Ethnicity

Alexa Demie has mixed Caucasian, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Hispanic ethnicity. The actress got her Hispanic roots from her mother, who is from Mexico. Her mother, Rose Mendez, migrated with her family at an early stage to the United States, where she still lives to date.

Demie owes her Caucasian, Ashkenazi Jewish roots to her father, Scott Wilson Vanerstrom. Since the actress spent most of her years growing up with her maternal family, she was raised in a strong Hispanic culture. This is evidenced by her fluency in Spanish and determination to disprove the stereotype about Mexicans in the American movie industry.

Where is Alexa Demie From?

Alexa Demie is from Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She was born on December 11, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Based on her place of birth, she is an American national entitled to all the rights of an American citizen. The actress grew up under the care of her mother, aunt, and grandmother in Atwater Village in Los Angeles.

She had a hard time growing up as her neighborhood had a meth lab. Alexa’s father was not present all through her formative years, making her a target for bullies. Aside from this, her mother’s family was a challenge to her as they constantly fought and yelled at each other. This made Alexa Demie run away from home as a teenager to avoid her family’s toxic way of life.

This notwithstanding, she still loves and cherishes her family and describes them as supportive. The actress attended John Marshall High School, where she tried her best to avoid further bullies. She became highly involved in the arts and began designing sunglasses that were patronized by some female celebrities.

Alexa Demie debuted onscreen as a video vixen in the 2013 song ATM Jam by Azealia Banks. Her first film appearance was in the short film The Godmother. She also appeared professionally in the short film Miles. Subsequently, she began appearing in other television shows and films.

Some of the films that Alexa Demie has appeared in include Mainstream, Nineteen on Fire, and others. She has appeared in television shows like Euphoria, Ray Donovan, and others. Alexa has been nominated for some awards and won some, including Best Fight in the 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards for the movie, Euphoria.

What is Alexa Demie’s Nationality?

Alexa Demie’s nationality is American. Based on the fact that she was born in the United States, she is entitled to all the rights of an American citizen. This was made possible after her mother migrated to the United States as a baby with her family and grew up in the United States. Alexa’s mother got pregnant early in her marriage and had Alexa Demie in America, making her an American citizen.

Who Are Alexa Demie’s Parents?

Alexa Demie’s parents are Scott Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez. The actress’s parents reportedly married but separated when Alexa was eight. Meanwhile, further details about when and how they met were not revealed. How long they dated before getting married is also not public knowledge.

It is known that Scott Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez lived together for some time and welcomed Alexa and her sister, Falize, before their split. Further information about the reason for their divorce was also not revealed. However, it was revealed that the actress’s father was a drug addict who later underwent rehabilitation.

Rose Mendoza seemed to have moved on as she welcomed other children after Falize Demie. However, it is not known if she remarried or not. Scott Wilson Vanerstrom keeps a very low profile, and as such, he lived away from the public’s knowledge after his divorce. This further made his personal life a mystery.

Meet Alexa Demie’s Father

Alexa Demie’s father is Scott Wilson Vanerstrom. His birth details were never revealed, but he was reportedly born in California, in the United States. He is the stepson of Dennis Wilson, a co-founder of the Beach Boys, songwriter, and musician. Scott Wilson Vanerstrom was born to Carole Freedman, but the name of his biological father was not revealed.

Alexa Demie’s father has further maintained a low profile despite being related to famous celebrities. He is a businessman, but he has not further disclosed the type of business he is involved in.

Though he was unavailable while Alexa Demie was growing up, he maintained a strong bond with her. It was revealed that, as of then, the actress always made it to the rehab center where he was at that time to see him.

Alexa Demie’s Mother is a Celebrity Make-Up Artist

Alexa Demie’s mother is Rose Mendoza. She was born on October 25, 1979, in Michoacan, Mexico. The actress’s mother was born to Martha, whose occupation is unknown. Further details about her father’s name and what he does for a living were unknown.

Rose Mendoza grew up alongside her brother Hugo and a sister whose name is unknown. She was raised in a Christian home, which she has upheld.

Further details about her educational background were not disclosed. The names and locations of the schools she attended for her elementary, middle, and high education were not revealed. Other details, such as whether or not she earned a degree, are unknown.

Rose Mendoza’s Twitter handle shows that she is a celebrity makeup artist, producer, writer, and fashion and beauty expert. Rose Mendoza is also the president of Wide Awake and Dreaming Creativity, a platform where she brings her works together. Though her work in the media industry is unknown, she is believed to be doing well in the sector.

Asides from her work in the fashion industry, she is also a makeup artist. The makeup artist started her job in the sector in Mexico. She often uses her daughters as her muse and uploads their pictures on her Instagram. With her daughter’s fame, she has gained a lot of recognition for her work.

Alexa Demie Has Two Younger Sisters

Alexa Demie is not a lone child; she has two younger siblings that were welcomed by her parents. This includes one direct sibling and one half-sibling. Here is all to know about Alexa’s siblings.

Falize Rome is the Second Child of Scott Wilson Vanerstrom and Rose Mendez

Falize Rome is the second child welcomed by Alexa Demie’s parents. Though she is in the limelight, she has remained mute about revealing details about her date, month, and year of birth. Just like her mother, she is a fashion designer and Instagram influencer who runs a fashion line known as RomebyFalize.

The Actress’s Youngest Sibling Was Born by her Mother

The last child welcomed by Rose Mendoza was born years after she split from her ex-husband. She is still quite young and is not active on social media. As a result, details about her, including her name and year of birth, are hard to come by. One thing that is certain is that her famous big sister, as well as her mom cherishes her a lot.


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