How Did Luffy Get His Scar on His Chest and Face?

Luffy, the protagonist of the One Piece manga/anime series, has two scars – one near his left eye and another on his broad chest. Luffy got his chest scar from the villainous Akainu, while his facial scar was self-inflicted. Both scars do not confer any special powers on him but make him look more fearsome.

When Does Luffy Get His Scar and In What Episode?

Luffy got his chest scar in episode 478 of One Piece anime titled “Akainu’s Tenacity! The Fist of the Magma Attacks Luffy.” This episode corresponds with Chapter 578 of Volume 9 of the manga publication. There are, however, those that argue that Luffy got his chest scar in episode 223.

The reason for this discrepancy is the argument over who actually inflicted that particular scar on him, something that is further explored below. For the facial scar beneath his left eye, Luffy got it in Chapter 1 of the manga. This does not correspond to any episode but was captured in a TV special titled Episode of Luffy.

How Did Luffy Get His Scar On His Chest?

It is widely believed that Luffy got the scar on his chest during his fight with Akainu, one of the major villains in One Piece. Luffy clashes with Akainu on several occasions, and one of their battles happens to be particularly fierce.

During that battle, Luffy and one of his Straw Hat Pirates team members named Jimbe are left bloodied, and Akainu uses his magma-augmented punch to hit Jimbe. Jimbe, a whale shark half fish half man, isn’t particularly affected, but the effect of the punch hits a barely conscious Luffy in the chest, and the next time fans see him on screen, there is a massive cross-shaped scar on his chest.

Who Gave Luffy His Scar on His Chest?

Akainu caused the scar on Luffy’s chest. He is one of the major antagonists in One Piece. Akainu is the admiral and controller of the fleet of marines. He has a strong sense of justice but doesn’t temper it with mercy. He can be quite ruthless, which sets him on a collision course with Luffy several times.

Some people have, however, argued that it was not Akainu who gave Luffy the scar on his chest but rather his very good friend Zoro. He is one of Straw Hat Pirates’ swordsmen and one of their major fighters. Zoro fights Luffy after being possessed by a creature that previously stole the memories of the group.

While possessed, he charges at Luffy and cuts him in the chest with his special weapon, hence the scar. Some people have however disputed this account and argued that in the episodes following Luffy’s fight with Zoro, there is no visible scar on the former’s chest.

How Did Luffy Get His Scar On His Face?

Luffy’s facial scar is self-inflicted. As earlier pointed out, Luffy has two scars, a large scar on his chest and a small one on his face. His facial scar is right beneath his left eye, and he was the person that gave himself the scar. As the story goes, Luffy had always harbored dreams of becoming a pirate, and when he met Red Haired Shanks, the leader of a feared pirate group, he was over the moon.

He asked to join his group, but they laughed off his request because he was a child. Not to be deterred, Luffy stabbed himself in the eye with a dagger to show he had what was required. This certainly earned him the respect of Red-Haired Shanks.

When Did Luffy Get His Eye Scar?

Luffy got his eye scar in chapter one of the One Piece manga series. He stabbed himself to show that he was worthy of being a pirate. This particular event has been presented in a flashback episode of One Piece anime. It has also been showcased in a TV special titled Episode of Luffy.


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