How Many Seasons and Episodes of Demon Slayer are There?

There are 3 seasons and 55 episodes of Demon Slayer that have been released. First released in 2019, the debut season has 26 episodes, and the second season which began in 2021, came with a lesser number of episodes, 11. The Ufotable studio produced a third season in 2023, and it also boasts 11 episodes. 

The anime series is drawn from the manga series of the same title, which was originally written and illustrated by Japanese manga artist Koyoharu Gotouge. With 23 volumes and 205 chapters in the manga series, fans are sure to see more seasons and episodes of the anime series, as the current season only stops at chapter 127.

How Many Seasons Are In Demon Slayer?

There are 3 Seasons of Demon Slayer. The first season came out in April 2019, followed by the English version in October of the same year. It kickstarted with the Cruelty episode and was concluded after 26 episodes with New Mission in September 2019, while the English version of the first season rounded up the next year in May.

The second season began in October 2021 with the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku episode and continued till the 18th episode when the curtains fell on the season in February 2022. The third season came out in April 2023 with Someone’s Dream and ran to June 2023, when the season ended with A Connected Bond: Daybreak and First Light.

How Many Episodes are in Demon Slayer Season 1?

The first season of the Japanese anime television series, also known as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, has 26 episodes. The first episode was aired in Japan on April 6, 2019, and it continued until September 18, 2019.

The English version of the manga series premiered on October 13, 2019, and it ran until May 3, 2020. It aired on Adult Swim’s Toonami block.

How Many Episodes Are In Demon Slayer Season 2?

The second episode of the anime series has a total of eighteen episodes. The first seven episodes fall under the Mugen Train Arc volume, while the Entertainment District Arc makes up the remaining 11 episodes. The forest episode of the series began in January 2022 and continued until July of the same year.

The English version of the series did not begin until September 27, 2022, and continued until December 19, 2022.

How Many Episodes Are In Demon Slayer Season 3?

The third and final season of Demon Slayer, at least for now, has the least number of episodes so far; 11. The Japanese version started running on April 9, 2023, and continued until June 18, 2023. The English version, on the other hand, started in June 2023 and is expected to run until November 2023.

When is The New Season of Demon Slayer Coming Out

The next season of Demon Slayer is the fourth installment in the series. Although there is no statement from Ufotable animation studio, we are certain that the series is going to return for the 4th season but what has remained a subject of uncertainty is when it may likely drop.

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If you are following the manga series, you will also be rest assured that it is coming back because the previous seasons only dwelled on chapters 98 to 127, while the manga continues to chapter 205. This means that followers still have a long way to go, even though the series has already gone more than halfway through the manga series.

It is clear that the series is not coming out in 2023, so the most likely time for the return of the well-loved anime is 2024. The first and third seasons of Demon Slayer premiered in April, while the second season premiered in October. With that in mind, it is very likely that when it returns, it will likely stick to the calendar by either coming in April or October, which is most likely.

Where To Watch Demon Slayer

Depending on where you are in the world, there are different platforms where you can access and watch Demon Slayer. This includes those who may want to just stream online or those who may want to buy or rent it.

Some of the platforms where you can stream the anime series include Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. The mentioned streaming services make it possible for you to stream the entire seasons currently available. Platforms like Hulu, on the other hand, only make it possible for you to stream the first season of the series at the moment.

If what you are interested in is buying rather than streaming, there are several platforms on the internet where that is possible. One such is Google Play. Others include Amazon Prime, Microsoft TV, Apple, and Vudu.

It is worth noting that although some platforms would allow you to either stream or buy all the seasons that have been released thus far, most only have a season or two. More so, access to the series on various platforms may be limited for some geographical locations.


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