How Old is Power, Denji and Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Denji is 16 years old in Chainsaw Man, while his devil hunter colleagues, Power and Aki, are believed to be 16 years old and 19 years old respectively.

Although Chainsaw Man manga does not expressly reveal the age of most of its characters save for the likes of Denji and Kobeni, fans can make some intelligent guesses from their appearances as well as their current status in life. These intelligent guesses reveal that most of the major characters in Chainsaw Man are in their teens to early adult years.

How Old Is Denji Chainsaw Man?

Denji is 16 years old at the beginning of the Chainsaw Man manga. However, from chapter 80 onwards, which features his crucial battle with the control devil, aka Makima, he turns 17 years old. The Chainsaw Man manga is still running, and there is every possibility that Denji would get a few years older as the story progresses.

Denji is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Manga. He fuses himself with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, to become a devil hunter. One remarkable thing about Denji is that he doesn’t want to save the world. He wants to make money to take care of himself as well as get down with the ladies.

How Old is Aki Chainsaw Man?

Aki is around 19 years old in Chainsaw Man. His age is not expressly revealed, but he is believed to be three years older than his very good pal and devil-hunter colleague, Denji, who is 16 years old. Aki Hayakawa doesn’t get the opportunity to grow older as he was killed in the Gun Devil Arc.

The Gun Devil is one of the great devils that the devil hunter organization has to hunt and during the ultimate battle, Aki goes to great lengths to protect his colleagues. He also has extra motivation, as the gun devil killed his family, and he wants revenge. He is, however, killed, and the Gun Devil possesses him. Now a gun fiend, Aki will cause destruction to his pals, and Denji is forced to kill him off.

How Old is Power Chainsaw Man?

Power is also a devil hunter but unlike Aki and Denji, she is a blood fiend and later becomes a blood devil. Her nature means that she is possibly old or even ageless. However, if one is to go by her physical appearance, which is often described as that of a young girl with long hair, it means that Power Chainsaw Man is likely to be in the same age range as Denji, who is 16.

What is Himeno Chainsaw Man’s Age?

Himeno is believed to be about 19 to 20 years old in Chainsaw Man. She is a devil hunter and is partnered with the likes of Aki. She is a voluptuous young lady with short dark hair. She has a contract with the Ghost Devil, and this gives her the ability to trap objects with invisible arms in addition to other amazing abilities that she has. Himeno does her best as a devil hunter. She also has a huge crush on Aki and eventually gives her life to the Ghost Devil to save him. In turn, Aki kills the Ghost Devil.

How Old is Makima Chainsaw Man?

Makima Chainsaw Man is estimated to be between 25 to 30 years old, which makes her one of the older characters in the beloved manga. Makima is a beautiful lady who leads Division 4 of the Public Safety Division, a team of governmental Devil Hunters. She supervises the likes of Denji, who is quite attracted to her.

She utilizes this knowledge to get him to do whatever she wants to. However, at the end of it all, it turns out that Makima is the control devil and sets her sights on killing Denji and other devil hunters. She kills Power, but Denji, with the help of Power’s blood, eventually succeeds in killing Makima, bringing that story arc to an end.

What is Yoshida Chainsaw Man’s Age?

Yoshida is between 15 to 17 years old in Chainsaw Man. He is a private devil hunter that is contracted to protect Denji during an era when international assassins are after him. To do his job, Yoshida goes undercover and joins Denji at his high school as one of his schoolmates.

Yoshida Chainsaw Man
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In school, Yoshida is very crucial to protecting Denji. He also keeps a firm hold on Denji and hinders his quest to reveal his identity as Chainsaw Man to Asa recklessly. Yoshida is also well aware of Denji’s horny status and tries to act as his wingman and assist his love life.

What Is Asa from Chainsaw Man’s Age?

Given the fact that she is a high schooler, Asa from Chainsaw Man is between 15 to 18 years old. Asa is the major protagonist of part two of Chainsaw Man manga, known as The School Arc. She is a quiet, introverted girl who has killed some people mistakenly. She is killed by the Justice Devil, but Yoru the War Devil reaches a contract with her. She, therefore, comes back as a human-fiend hybrid.

Yoru’s objective is to use Asa to kill Chainsaw Man, aka Denji, but it does not succeed in this mission. Asa can overcome its influence, and even when Yoru orders her to finish off Denji after he is injured, she does not do so. She rather helps Denji, and they end up escaping together.

How Old is Kobeni Chainsaw Man?

Kobeni Chainsaw Man is 20 years old. Her full name is Kobeni Higashiyama and she is one of the interesting characters in the manga. Kobeni comes from an impoverished family and has nine siblings. Her parents pressure her to take on any work to send some money back home. She decides to join the Public Safety Division even though she is a bit of a coward.

Kobeni is partnered with the likes of Hirokazu Arai and Himeno and does her best to fight for her colleagues. Her colleagues also do their best for her, and Hirokazu Arai even gives his life up for her. Later, Kobeni admits that the devil hunter’s work is not for her. She quits and finds another employment as a waitress in a fast food joint.

What Is Reze Chainsaw Man’s Age?

Chainsaw Man’s Reze is believed to be in her late teens and not more than 20 years old. She is one of the young ladies that Denji encounters, and she seems to have feelings for him. It, however, turns out that she is contracted to the Bomb Devil and has also been sent by the Soviets to kill Denji.

Her heart softens towards him, though, and she doesn’t end up killing him even when Makima takes control of her for that purpose. Following Makima’s defeat, Reze disappeared without much of a trace, but it is believed that she may return as a feared antagonist to the fellow she once liked.


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