How Old Was Emma Watson in the First Harry Potter?

Emma Watson was 11 years old in the first Harry Potter film which was released in 2001. She portrayed the intelligent, bossy, but vulnerable Hermione Grainger and did quite a good job at it, scooping numerous awards and establishing herself as a star in the process.

She went on to play the role in seven other Harry Potter films, all of which were box-office blockbusters. By the time the final Harry Potter film was released in 2011, Watson was 21 years old.

How Old is Emma Watson?

British Hollywood star actress Emma Watson is 34 years old. Watson was born on the 15th of April 1990 in Paris, France, to parents who are lawyers. She spent the first five years of her life in Paris before moving back to London, where she spent the remainder of her formative years.

Watson caught the acting bug quite young, at the age of six, and underwent educational training tailored to that area. She didn’t wait too long for her breakthrough, as it came with her very first professional acting role in Harry Potter in 2001.

Emma Watson’s Age in Harry Potter 1

The first Harry Potter film is Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. It was released in 2001 and marked Emma Watson’s debut movie appearance. Prior to that time, she was in acting school and also partook in some theatrical productions where her amazing talent immediately shone through. When auditions were called for the Harry Potter roles, her teacher signed her up for it. She did quite a convincing job, and before long, she landed the role of Hermione Granger.

Emma Watson was 11 years old in Harry Potter 1, while her character was billed as a young girl of nearly 12 years old. There wasn’t much of a difference between their ages, so Watson could brilliantly portray Hermione on the screen.

Hermione is a wizard born of human dentists and is a bit of a know-it-all. She is also bossy but ironically vulnerable. It was a complex mixture of traits, but Watson did well bringing the character to life.

How Old Was Emma Watson in Goblet of Fire 2?

Emma Watson was 15 years old in Goblet of Fire, which was released in 2005. Goblet of Fire is the fourth film in the Harry Potter film series. It features the titular character taking part in the Triwizard tournament while also fending off attacks from the evil Lord Voldemort.

Of course, Hermione is on hand to help Harry with her quick intellect and magical powers. Goblet of Fire marks Hermione’s fourth year in school, which means that she is now about 15 years old, the same exact age that Watson is in real life.

How Old Was Emma Watson in Harry Potter 3?

Emma Watson was 14 years old when she appeared in Harry Potter 3. Harry Potter 3 is actually titled Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was released in 2004 and sees Watson’s character, Hermione, in her third year of school at Hogwarts. Just like the previous years when she and Potter had to confront one evil or the other, this school year is no different.

Watson’s character in Harry Potter 3 was about 14 years old, the same as she was in real life, and once more, she portrayed the character of the genius but socially inept wizard brilliantly. Watson helped to solidify Hermione as one of the favorite female fictional characters of all time.

How Old Was Emma Watson in Prisoner of Azkaban?

Emma Watson was 14 years old in Prisoner of Azkaban, the third Harry Potter film, which was a blockbuster and grossed $797.7 million on a budget of $130 million and was the second-highest-grossing film of the year. Of course, Watson’s work was a big part of the reason behind the film’s success, and people began inevitably to tie her to the character that she portrayed on the screen.

In order to distance herself from that a bit, Watson initially asserted that she wasn’t like Hermione. However, as the years passed by, she recanted. She described her character as the greatest role model a girl could ever have. She praised Hermione for not caring about her looks and not being scared to be clever.

How Old Was Emma Watson in Order of the Phoenix?

Emma Watson was 17 years old in the Order of Phoenix, while her character was a year younger at about 16 years old. She was now in her late teens with the accompanying emotional maturity and development, and this was reflected in the work that she did on screens, with many critics applauding her as well as her co-stars.

The Order of Phoenix is the fifth Harry Potter film and marks Hermione’s fifth year in school. The stakes are becoming increasingly higher as Lord Voldemort makes his comeback. While the Ministry of Magic is still doubting the fact that he is back, Harry, Hermione, and their fellow students ready themselves for a rebellion.

How Old Was Emma Watson in the Last Harry Potter?

Emma Watson was 21 years old in the last Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which was released in 2011. It meant that she had grown 10 years older since she first took on the role of Hermione Grainger, and her character similarly aged, although slightly lesser than her.

The Deathly Hallows marked Hermione’s 7th year in school, and given that she was nearly 12 when she started school, it meant that she was about 19 years old or 20 at the most.
It must be noted that Emma Watson nearly didn’t appear in the last Harry Potter film. After the filming of the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, she and her co-stars were hesitant about renewing their contracts.

It was quite lucrative and worth millions of pounds, but they knew that signing on would tie them down to do about three or four more films, and they were not keen on anything that would coral their freedom.

They later signed on, and Emma Watson conceded that she couldn’t let the role go. Thanks to this change of heart, fans were able to see their beloved Hermione, as played by Watson in the next three Harry Potter films that came after.


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