How Tall is Asta in Black Clover?

Asta’s height is pegged at 155 cm or 5′ 1″. Some fervent fans of Black Clover are not happy with this height because it seems unrealistic. When Asta began his adventures as a fifteen-year-old, this height was acceptable, but as the series progressed and Asta became older, his height seems to remain the same.

Asta’s ‘stunted growth’ has been a hot topic among the anime community. Why is he not growing any taller, especially with his now buffed-up physique? There could be several reasons for this, ranging from; the creative choice of the artist, Asta’s mutated gene because of his origins, or simply because his height doesn’t really matter. As we all know, most characters in manga and anime series tend to remain the same throughout the series. This also applies to Asta.

When Does Asta’s Height Change?

One of the reasons fans are consciously aware of Asta’s short stature is because it is painfully obvious when he is pictured beside other characters. Compared to Yuno, who is 172 cm (5′ 8″) tall, Asta falls short by a whopping 17 cm (7″). However, Asta isn’t the shortest of the bunch.  Secre stands at 152 cm / 4′ 12″, while Dorothy is 145 cm / 4′ 8″. Also, Gifso is 150 cm / 4’11”).

A curious thing about Asta’s height is how it tends to change sometimes. Depending on the artist drawing him and depending on the angle he is drawn from, he might seem taller than his 5 feet 1 inches. However, his most obvious height change occurs when he is transformed by some of his anti-magic powers.

For example, in his Black Asta form, when he could reach the devil berserker form, he becomes taller. And when he assimilates with Liebe, he also grows taller as well as grows horns. But these transformations do not last as he always returns to his normal height.

Why Did Asta Not Get Taller?

So why is Asta not getting any taller as the series progresses? There are suggestions that this may be due to his origins. Asta’s mom Licita has the ability to drain magic and the life force of people around. So this might have affected him. According to the Witch Queen, Asta embodied a form of mutation that allowed him to survive in his mom’s womb and also left him without mana. Perhaps this form of mutation also affected his height.

But this is just one of the fan’s theories. According to the series creator Yūki Tabata (who is a short guy himself), even if Asta were to grow any taller, it would be a mere 1 cm. It seems that Asta was created to be naturally shorter than most of the other characters in Black Clover. Perhaps this was a deliberate effort to emphasize that body stature is not an impediment. Despite his height, Asta has an undying zeal to continually work on himself.

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Asta’s Height May Be Beneficial After All

Interestingly, Asta’s height offers certain advantages to him as a fighter, especially when facing bigger opponents. With his short stature, Asta can execute full-power strikes that carry more force. He also has a speed advantage, better balance, and stability, and can easily dodge strikes from opponents. His height and being born without mana have made a lot of his opponents underestimate him until it is too late.

Asta is not different from other protagonists in other anime. They are generally not the strongest looking; Luffy from One Piece, Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, etc. For these characters, their strength lies in their never-give-up spirit, ability to strive against impossible circumstances, and a deep sense of loyalty and justice. Asta’s height makes him stand out in the series. Amongst his taller peers and foes, he is a ball of energy; loud, passionate, determined, and deadly.


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