Is Deku a Villain in My Hero Academia?

Deku is not a villain in My Hero Academia, and although there may have been a point in his early history where he could have taken a villainous path, he has consistently shown his dedication to heroic ideals and is unlikely to become a villain.

Deku, also known as Izuku Midoriya, is the beloved protagonist of the popular anime and manga series My Hero Academia. Set in a world where superpowers are commonplace, Deku starts off as an underdog with no superpower or quirk of his own. However, he possesses an unwavering determination to become a hero. Inspired by his idol, All Might, Deku showcases resilience, compassion, and an unyielding spirit.

Through a fateful encounter, Deku inherits the powerful quirk known as One for All from All Might, propelling him into the world of heroism. With his endearing green-haired appearance, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to saving others, he embodies the true essence of a hero.

Does Deku Become a Villain?

As previously mentioned, Deku never becomes a villain. Although there was a period when the One for All user separated from U.A. High School, he, however, remained aligned with the heroes and left the school’s protection solely to ensure the safety of his friends.

Deku is not a villain in the canon, despite several manga covers emphasizing his mischievous attitude. There is no connection between “Villain Deku” which is a fan invention from an alternate reality, and the canon.

When Does Deku Become a Villain?

In the My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie, Deku is portrayed as a villain within the film’s narrative. He and Rody Soul are forced to go into hiding to defend themselves after the Otheon police chief falsely accuses them of mass murder. However, by the end of the movie, they successfully clear their names and prove that they are not villains, dispelling the negative perception surrounding them.

The concerns surrounding Deku grew when he acquired his new quirk, Black Whip, originally belonging to Daigoro Banjo, a previous user of One for All. As Deku struggled to control its powers, his altered appearance, coupled with the quirk’s dark and intimidating nature, raised some doubts.

Despite his changed look, Deku remains unwavering in his dedication to helping people and ensuring the safety of his loved ones. While some individuals may misunderstand his intentions and perceive him as a villain, those whom he aids recognize that he is still a hero fighting for justice.

Is Deku a Villain in My Hero Academia?
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Why Does Deku Become a Villain?

Izuku Midoriya was born without a quirk, yet he dreams of becoming a superhero. His childhood classmate and rival, Katsuki Bakugo, nicknames him “Deku,” which means “useless.” But when Deku enters U.A. High School, another classmate named Ochako Uraraka encourages him to embrace the nickname and use it as his hero’s name.

In the anime’s first episode, Deku faces bullying from Katsuki because he lacks superpowers or “quirks” that most people have.

During a confrontation with a villain at school, Deku is saved by All Might, the number one hero whom he idolizes. Deku asks All Might if someone without a quirk can become a hero, but All Might dismisses the idea. Meanwhile, the same villain captures Katsuki.

In fan-made “Villain Deku” stories, the plot splits into two versions from the point of Katsuki’s capture. In the first version, Deku witnesses Katsuki’s capture but doesn’t intervene. All Might still come to Katsuki’s rescue. Later on, Deku encounters Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains, who influences him toward the path of villains. In the second version, Deku contemplates suicide but is saved by the League of Villains. Whether he acquires a quirk or remains quirkless depends on the story, and if he does gain a quirk, it is usually bestowed by the villainous All For One.

However, it’s important to note that “Villain Deku” is not part of the official story and is not a canon character. Although fans create content and may influence the narrative, “Villain Deku” exists only in fan-made works such as fanfiction and roleplaying boards. Thus, despite Deku’s past, where he was bullied, he never becomes a villain.

What Season Does Deku Become a Villain?

Although episode 12 of MHA season 6 saw an unstable Deku with an extension of his quirk, he didn’t become a villain. Thus, there is no season where he becomes a villain. There are moments in My Hero Academia when Deku’s appearance may have given the impression that he is turning into a villain, but the underlying conditions and his persistent dedication to being a hero must be considered. Rather than succumbing to darkness, Deku remains dedicated to the values of justice and unity that defines him as a protagonist and the hero he strives to be.

Does Deku Become a Villain in the Manga?

No, Deku doesn’t become a villain in the Manga. Although Deku’s appearance takes on a “villainous” look in Chapter 317, it’s crucial to note that he does not become a villain in the story. The change in his appearance primarily stems from physical exhaustion and the strain caused by his prolonged use of Black Whip.

Deku’s relentless activities without rest cause his costume to tear and his mask to take on a more frightening appearance towards the end of Chapter 317. Furthermore, his continuous reliance on Black Whip, combined with his depleted state, contributes to his transformation into a figure that bears a resemblance to a villain.

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