Is My Hero Academia Over?

My Hero Academia is not yet over, and this should rest the burning question on the minds of teeming fans of the popular manga. There are, however, speculations that the My Hero Academia manga series, which is slowly approaching the end of its final arc, might be ending soon. Despite these strong suggestions, there is no confirmed information on the cancellation or conclusion of the series yet.

Is My Hero Academia Manga Over?

My Hero Academia manga series was first published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on 7 July 2014. The series chapters have since run into hundreds and have been collected into thirty-nine volumes. When the series began, no one knew it was going to last this long. With its long run, it is natural to expect the manga series to be in its final days.

So Is My Hero Academia Manga Over? For now, the manga is not over. However, we can safely say that the manga is in its ‘beginning of the end’ phase – as suggested by the title of chapter 306, “Opening Of Final Chapter.” This chapter was published as far back as March 2021.

In December 2021, the series author Kohei Horikoshi stated that if My Hero Academia manga “continues to progress smoothly, in just about exactly a year from now it will meet its goal.”

However, in October 2022, he commented on the Shonen Jump: “At the end of last year I said the series would be over in 1 year, but it’s already been 10 months. I’m reconsidering it.” It has been months since then, and the series is still running.

So when will My Hero Academia be over? We can take a clue from the beginning of the series where Deku, who was the narrator, says, “Oh, and by the way, this is the story of how I became the number one hero.”

So until Deku becomes the number one hero, My Hero Academia still has some stories to tell. But then it seems like Deku is in his final faceoff with AFO-Shigaraki Tomura. However, we do know that the thirty-ninth volume is the last volume of the series. In his tease tweet, Kohei Horikoshi stated that “Next volume! The story will reach its final stage. It’s time to conclude many of the battles! Look forward to it!”

My Hero Academia Final Arc

The final arc of the My Hero Academia manga series started as far back as February 2022 with the final war arc. This arc narrates the final battle between the Heroes and Villains to decide the fate of the world. At first, All For One, alongside Shigaraki Tomura and the other villains, gains the upper hand and defeats some of the heroes.  Meanwhile, Izuku Midoriya and One For All, with the help of Yuga Aoyama and the power of the Warp Gate Quirk, teleported the heroes to various battlegrounds where the final battles take place.

The ultimate epic battle is expected to be between Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Shigaraki Tomura. Deku would probably defeat him to become the number one hero, as predicted at the beginning of the series.

Which Is My Hero Academia Final Season?

While the MHA manga series may potentially be seeing its end in 2023, the anime series is likely to continue long after the manga ends. The anime adaptation of My Hero Academia began in April 2016. The sixth season of the anime is not its final season. The sixth season, which delves into the final arc of the manga series, only covers a part of the final arc. Of course, the anime adaptation will not be concluded while the manga is still running.

In fact, the seventh season has been confirmed for My Hero Academia animated series, and it is anticipated to premiere in April 2024. However, this seventh season may be the final installment of the anime.



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