Is Sword Art Online Over? When Will The New Season Return?

Sword Art Online is over for now, but there is the possibility of a new season. Although Season 4 concluded the Alicization story arc, which is the last story arc in the original novel series upon which the series is based, we would likely get new seasons of Sword Art Online. This could cover the additional story arc, Unital Ring, penned by author Reki Kawahara. It could also cover the several side stories and spin-offs that he has penned.

When is Sword Art Online New Season Coming Out?

There is no release date for any new season of Sword Art Online, and the anime series may very well be over. The Season 4 of the series, which had 23 episodes and aired from October 2019 to September 2020, covered the last story arc of the original novels upon which the anime series is based.

This is the Alicization arc and focuses on a female form of AI known as Alice. Various groups seek to gain control of Alice for their own nefarious purposes, but the protagonist, Kirito, helps to rescue her.

Season 4 of Sword Art Online ended without any cliffhangers, and there has been no official announcement about any new season since then. However, we could get a new season of Sword Art Online. There are numerous side stories and spin-off novels to be covered. The author also penned a fresh major arc known as Unital Ring, released in December 2018. So, there is still much ground to be covered in the Sword Art Online universe.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

Sword Art Online Season 5 could possibly be released in late 2023 or early 2024. There is no confirmation of these dates, though, as it is not even known if Season 5 of the beloved series is in production.

However, it is very much a possibility. Sword Art Online has been a big hit with fans all over the world, with major streaming platforms negotiating to bring it to their platform. Therefore, there is every motivation for the producers to come up with a Season 5.

Will There Be Sword Art Online Season 6?

It is possible that there may be a Season 6 of Sword Art Online. However, this will be dependent on how Season 5, when it eventually becomes reality, pans out. Season 5 of the series will likely focus on the Unital Ring Arc, which is quite voluminous and has 10 chapters.

If Season 5 can treat it all, then there will be no need for Season 6. If the reverse is to be the case, then there will be a season 6 of Sword Art Online. The Unital Ring Arc is set in the aftermath of the Alicization Arc. Kirito is trying to live a normal life with his good pal Asuna and the rescued Alice when they find themselves being once more sucked into a massive survival multi-player online game.

They are free to log out but cannot log back in if their avatars die. Even if they log out, their avatars will remain active in the game, leaving them susceptible to harm. Faced with such difficult realities, Kirito, Asuna, and Alice have no choice but to put on their thinking cap and devise ways to deal with other vicious opponents who want to gain the grand prize of the winner having his wish granted. Fully aware that there is strength in numbers, the trio recruits others that will be their allies.

How Many Episodes Are in Sword Art Online?

Sword Art Online has a total of 96 episodes thus far, spanning four seasons. Each of the seasons has about 23 to 25 episodes. The novel series upon which the Sword Art Online TV series is based was originally published from 2002 to 2008, while the first anime series was aired in 2012. This also means that the story had already concluded before the adoption. As such, Sword Art Online does not have any filler episodes.

This is quite refreshing, given what is normally obtainable in the anime world. There are series that have as much as 44% filler episodes, for example, Naruto Shippuden. These filler episodes are not based on the story from the source material of the series, either manga or novel series. They are just put in to provide content for viewers while more authentic stories are awaited from the source material.

How Many Seasons of Sword Art Online Are There?

Sword Art Online has a total of four seasons. The first season has 25 episodes which originally aired from July 2012 to December 2021. It covers the early adventures of Kirito. He and thousands of others are recruited to play an online game known as Sword Art Online. They find out that they cannot log out. They also find out that if they are killed in the game, they will die in real life.

Kirito meets a young girl named Asuna, and they become good pals. They work hard to take down the evil masterminds behind the game, one of which is a man interested in marrying Asuna, and end up getting married.

The second season of Sword Art Online originally aired from July to December 2014 and has 24 episodes. It covers volumes 5 to 18 of the Sword Art Online novel series. Once more, Kirito is the center of attention, and this time around, he joins hands with a young ally named Asada, and they voluntarily enter the Gun Gale Online Game. Their target this time around is not the author of the game but rather one of the players who can kill off people in real life by killing their in-game avatars

Season 3 of Sword Art Online has 24 episodes which originally aired from October 2018 to March 2019. The Season 4 of the series, which some sources dub the second part of season 3, has 23 episodes and originally aired from October 2019 to September 2020. Both Season 3 and Season 4 focus on the Alicization Arc.

How Many Sword Art Movies Are They?

Sword Art Online also has about four movies. The first Sword Art Online movie is the TV film Sword Art Online: Extra Edition, which was released on the 13th of December 2013. Then came the 2017 animated film Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. The third and fourth Sword Art Online films are Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night (October 30, 2021) and Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night (October 22, 2022).


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