List of the Main and Strongest Fire Force Characters

The main and strongest Fire Force characters include The Evangelist, who is stronger than all others, Haumea, Joker, and Sho Kusakabe, among others. As the strongest of the lot, The Evangelist is superhuman and can cause unbelievable damage. 

The main and most instrumental characters of the Japanese series, which premiered on September 23, 2015, and ran until February 22, 2022, have some things in common, such as their combat abilities, their control of fire, physical abilities, and in some cases, speed or some unique abilities. While every character has a role to play in the series, which is a product of Atsushi Okubo’s Fire Force manga series and produced by David Production, here are some whose roles set them apart:

Fire Force Female Characters

1. The Evangelist

The Evangelist stands as the strongest character in the anime series and the deadliest, too. She is an entity that exists outside of humanity. The Evangelist is the main antagonist and the one who is all about destroying the world, thereby creating another sun. She can be equated to Lucifer, and the realm from which she came, Adolla, can be equated to hell.

250 years ago, The Evangelist was behind the Great Cataclysm Event, which was an attempt at destroying the earth, but it failed. Now, to replicate the same event, she needs to have 8 pillars, and the Evangelist is now only waiting for human civilization to grow and more prokinetics to emerge.

The large hooded figure has an order of worshippers dedicated to her and her purpose. What makes her the strongest character in Fire Force is that she can pass through the Tears in Space and get to see the future. She can transform people into Infernals, create earthquakes, and control so much in the physical realm.

2. Haumea

The next in line has to be Haumea, who is recognized as one of the strongest and deadliest members of the White Clad, which is directly under the control of the Evangelist. She can wreak havoc without mercy and can be a sadist at best. She is at par with Sho, but she often uses her powers to bend him to her will.

Humea is easy to love but, at the same time, evil to the core, even as she can be playful and nonchalant. The evil personality of Humea is built with the evil thoughts of humans that she has been feeding on for many years.

What makes her extremely powerful is her Third Generation electrical abilities. Humea takes advantage of this to cause damage to anyone who stands in her way and in the way of what she wants to achieve. Even without her pyrokinesis, she is still a force to reckon with.

3. Maki Oze

Maki Oze
Maki Oze (Image Source)

A Second Generation Fire Soldier of the Special Fire Force Company 8, Maki Oze is among the main protagonists of the anime series and is considered to be one of the favorites. When the 8th Special Fire Brigade was created with the target of destroying the Infernals, she became the first person to be drafted, which tells something about her capabilities. Before then, she was in the army but decided to quit.

While she may be a hopeless romantic at heart and courteous, she is very strong. She is a great combatant and swordsperson. She also has the ability to dodge and attack easily, thanks to her quick transition. Yet another special ability she has that adds to her powers is the ability to control Iron Owls to attack at long range.

Maki Oze is a Second Generation Fire User who doesn’t only control and manipulate flames like most others, but she also has the ability to stand in the way of the abilities of a Third Generation Fire User.

4. Tamaki Kotatsu

Strongest Fire Force Characters
Image Source

Tamaki Kotatsu has a personality that is a mixture of being boastful and loud on one hand and being friendly and kind on another. She used to be a Third Generation Second Class Fire Soldier who is now with the Special Fire Force Company 8. Even with her position, she can decide to be very clumsy, but that is not to suggest she is not very strong.

Tamaki is one who used to be insecure about her strength, but she found a way around it and grew to be very strong. She still struggles before some foes, but her willpower and ability to be calm in almost all situations has become her very important trait.

A Third-generation pyrokinetic, one of Tamaki Kotatsu’s most recognized strengths is her immunity to the majority of burns. She can easily use her ignition ability to protect herself from pink flames. She also has some cat-like abilities that improve her agility and mobility. She can use her forked tail, which she got as part of her cat-like traits known as Nekomata, to move in different manners and generate a blast of fire.

5. Iris

Iris is different from all others, but she cannot be dismissed easily. In the fire force, she is both the shortest and the youngest member of the squad, but she still stands among the most key members. What makes her one of the strongest Fire Force characters is her ability to easily adapt to any kind of situation.

She used to be a sister from The Holy Sol Temple, as well as the Eighth Pillar and the Doppelgänger of Amaterasu. She may not be the most competent fighter, but her bravery makes up for a lot of her flaws. Iris can heal, and she has quick-thinking abilities.

While many may consider her weak, she is very important in any battle because she can grant herself and her allies a great deal of protection from flames. Another thing that makes her a great asset to her allies is that she can distract foes when there is a need or repeatedly beat a trained assassin until he is unconscious.

Fire Force Male Characters

6. Joker

Joker (Image Source)

Joker is always a fan favorite, wherever you find him as an anti-hero. In the Fire Force, he does not disappoint. Initially known as Five Two, he used to be an assassin for the Holy Temple of Sol and worked under Leonard Burns. However, he had an encounter where he was transported with Burns to Adolla, and it was during this experience that both men lost an eye.

When they were transported back, they turned against the church, believing all its teachings were false, and this was what transformed Five Two into Joker. He has so many powers thanks to the teachings he received as an assassin, and he is also physically strong enough to lift himself with his tongue. He is one of the few people who can present a real challenge to Sho, as even with his (Sho’s) ability to slow time, Joker can still manage to escape any damage.

Another thing he has is speed, which is one thing that makes him formidable against Sho. What makes Joker even more formidable is the fact that he is a Third Generation fire user and can ignite a fire with his finger. He deploys his abilities to use cards that can tear through anything and cut deep as projectiles.

7. Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe (Image Source)

Shinra Kusakabe’s place as one of the strongest Fire Firce characters cannot be negotiated. He is a Fourth Generation pyrokinetic, and he serves under the Special Fire Force Company 8. The protagonist of the series has an Adolla Burst, something not many other characters in the series can boast of. He used to be in the Third Generation but got to move to the fourth.

There is nothing special about the looks of Shinra as he is only a teenager of average height, but do not let that deceive you of his strength and abilities. Intelligent, confident, and brave, the things that make him among the strongest in the anime series are his physical strength, an unwavering will, enhanced eyesight, and durability that is at a super-human level.

As regards his pyrokinesis, Shirna learned to ignite from his feet right from the time when he was small. He could use his feet to ignite, control, and utilize flame. More so, he has a strong resistance against eternal flames. His kick is another thing that adds to his strength. It is strong enough to destroy the core of Infernals, and it can cause serious damage to his foes.

8. Leonard Burns

Third-generation pyrokinetic Leonard Burns is also among the Strongest Fire Force characters, which is why he was made the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1. The only thing that surpasses his strength is his devotion to the Holy Sol Temple, which is why he is also referred to by the tote of The Lion That Banishes All Evil.

What makes Leonard Burns very powerful is his abilities and the ease with which he can slay infernals. More so, while he can withstand so much damage, he is capable of inflicting serious damage on his enemies. Another thing that makes him powerful is his level of endurance and durability, as well as his mastery of hand-to-hand battles.

With all these, one of the main things he has to his favor is his ignition ability, which is known as Voltage Nova. It can do a lot of things, which include increasing his physical abilities. He can also cause tremendous damage to opponents. Using Voltage Nova allows him to rip through walls and destroy enemies.

9. Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru is the captain of Special Fire Force Company 7. A former Second and Third-generation pyrokinetic, he is very easy to anger and prefers to be alone than with anyone else except his brigade.

Often described as Special Force’s strongest officer, he has a power that can cause so much destruction, which is why he is also called Asakusa’s King of Destruction. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, he is a master iaido martial artist, which makes him formidable in any combat. Another thing that adds to his advantage is his unrivaled speed, which can keep him ahead of almost any opponent. He also has durability and can withstand poison.

When it comes to pyrokinetics, Benimaru Shinmon is able to ignite flames of his own will and also control the flames started by external forces. He is able to do this because of the Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic trait he has. What is more, the magnitude of flames he can create and control makes him one character to be feared.

10. Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe is 14 years old, but his age does not limit his capabilities. His strength and abilities are tied to what is known as Grace, although he is still powerful on his own without this special ability. However, with Grace, Sho is able to handle almost any opponent and make attacks that are unpredictable because of the ease with which the ability helps him to slow down time for others while everything around him continues normally.

Although he used to be a faithful devotee of the White Clad and the Evangelist, he soon turned against them. He joined the Special Fire Force in the battle against White Clad but was later moved to Adolla when the Greta Cataclysm was reinitialized.

Apart from his speed, he is a master swordsman who can battle trained-assassins. Sho has an older brother who, although is a skilled fighter and powerful pyrokinetic, can hardly stand the much younger Sho.

Who is The Strongest Fire Force Character?

The Evangelist is the strongest Fire Force Character and tops all other Fire Force cast. With her nature and origin not very clear, she is the leader of the White Clad. The Great Cataclysm is the idea of The Evangelist, who had the goal of destroying humanity. However, even with an elaborate plan, she was not successful. After she failed with her first attempt at Great Cataclysm, she got back to work with another strategy.

Recognized as the strongest of all the characters of the anime series, she has some very impressive abilities, including tearing through space and natural disasters such as earthquakes. For those who may want to look at The Evangelist in the eyes, she can easily make one blind.

She makes it possible to connect with others who possess the Abdolla link. If you have the Abdolla link, you can also get what is known as Grace, which is enough to transform anyone and give them strong and effective pyrokinetic abilities. The power can make for one of the capabilities that can make the law of physics give way.


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