Meet Sydney Sweeney Who Plays Cassie in Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney (born on September 12, 1997) is a 26 year-old American actress famous for playing the role of an eighteen-year-old Cassie Howard in HBO’s teen drama series, Euphoria.

Cassandra “Cassie” Howard is one of the major characters in the show. She is one of the first season’s two tritagonists and one of the second season’s two main antagonists. For her performance in the award-winning show, Sweeney was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Who is Cassie in Euphoria?

Cassie Howard is one of the main characters in Euphoria’s first and second seasons. 18-year-old Cassie is played by Sydney Sweeney, while Kyra Adler plays the 11-year-old Cassie. Cassie Howard is Lexi Howard’s older sister, the eldest daughter of Suze and Gus Howard, and Maddy Perez’s former best friend.

She is a teen who is popular for her sexual history due to the sex tapes that many of her ex-boyfriends have leaked on the internet. She is a young woman who was constantly sexualized and degraded by those around her because her body reached puberty too soon, which attracted a lot of attention and resulted in low self-esteem.

Things get worse after her father disappears due to his drug addiction, and when he returns, he manipulates Cassie with love and steals money for more drugs, leaving her heartbroken.

Meet Sydney Sweeney Who Plays Cassie in Euphoria
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Throughout the series, she goes through a lot of trauma, including being used by everyone around her for sex and her boyfriend McKay facing prejudice for being with someone like her. She eventually became pregnant and had an abortion. By the end of season one, Cassie had decided to focus on herself, but this decision didn’t augur well when Season 2 began.

She is portrayed as a nice and sweet girl dating Chris McKay but has relationship problems due to her infamous sexual past throughout the first season. However, following her break up with McKay and having an abortion, the second season reveals her darker, wrathful, and sociopathic side when she hooks up with Maddy’s abusive ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs.

Despite knowing that her actions resulting from her relationship with Nate are completely wrong and brutal, namely, showing off her relationship with Nate to Maddy and humiliating and abusing Lexi for her play, Cassie continues to revel in them for the sick kicks and amusement she gets from it.  She also swims in the enjoyment and satisfaction she gets from making other people suffer and despair as she did in the past.

How Old is Cassie in Euphoria?

Cassie is an 18-year-old senior in Euphoria. Her younger self is 11 years old. She has slightly wavy, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy “hourglass” figure that is accentuated by her slim frame. As a young teen, she wore her hair wavy or straight and halfway in two pigtails. Her parents separated the night before she began ninth grade.

What is Sydney Sweeney’s Age in Real Life?

In real life, Sydney Sweeney is 26 years old. She was born on September 12, 1997, in Spokane, Washington, D.C. The difference between Sydney Sweeney’s age in real life and her age as Cassie in Euphoria is seven years. Sydney Sweeney founded her own production company called Fifty-Fifty films in 2020.

A Look at Sydney Sweeney’s Euphoria Character

Sweeny needed to give her Euphoria character a lot of depth. The actress, who described her character as “very relatable,” revealed that she and many of her castmates worked closely with the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, to ensure Cassie was as real as possible.

She stated that she “refused to sugarcoat” anything and worked tirelessly to make Cassie someone with whom Generation Z could relate. Clearly, Cassie’s storyline and the show as a whole benefited greatly from her raw portrayal.

Euphoria is currently the most well-received film in Sydney Sweeney’s career, with Cassie being her most famous character. Sweeney was nominated for an Emmy in 2022 for best supporting actress in a drama series for her performance in season two of Euphoria.

She has garnered a lot of attention for the numerous provocative scenes in which her teenage character appears in almost every episode. Sweeney has stated that despite playing the 18-year-old Cassie as a 22-year-old, she finds it easy to separate herself from Cassie.

According to Sydney Sweeney, regardless of how intense the storylines and the filming of her scenes are, the character Cassie has taught her a thing or two about herself.

Is Cassie Pregnant in Euphoria?

Cassie became pregnant in Season 1 of Euphoria. She got into a relationship with football star McKay and discovers she’s pregnant with his child. She tells him the news while keeping the secret from her friends and family, only for McKay to panic, telling her that he isn’t ready to be a father. He pressures her to terminate the pregnancy.

Cassie breaks down in tears in her mother’s arms at the end of the episode, unsure whether to keep the baby or have an abortion, as McKay desires. She eventually decided to have an abortion.

In season 2, fans speculated that Cassie got pregnant again but this time, with Nate’s child. However, Cassie was never pregnant in season 2 because Nate only had a dream about Cassie getting pregnant with their child.

How Tall is Cassie From Euphoria?

Cassie from Euphoria is 5 feet 3 tall (161 cm). This is because Sydney Sweeny, who plays Cassie, is 5 feet 3 inches. Although she cannot be considered tall, Cassie is a slim, curvaceous, beautiful, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed young lady.

Does Cassie Die in Euphoria?

No, Cassie doesn’t die in Euphoria. Her character is, in fact, going to return in season 3. In the finale of season 2, Cassie makes a big scene in front of Lexi’s play audience when she sees her cringe-worthy season 1 carousel moment played out on stage.

Cassie attacks the actress portraying her, but she gets slapped, chased, and thrown into a wall by Maddy. Maddy and Cassie’s fight ends with Cassie having a bloody nose and messy hair. Both Cassie and Maddy end up sitting calmly in the bathroom shortly after their fight, but they don’t appear to be friends. Cassie tells Maddy that Nate broke up with her, but Maddy only tells Cassie, “Don’t worry…this is just the beginning,” and walks away.

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