One Piece Filler Episodes To Skip – The Complete Guide

Only about 9% of the entire One Piece episodes are fillers. Thus, despite crossing over 1000 episodes, to be able to catch up with the whole story, there are still over 950 episodes that need to be watched. With 95 One Piece filler episodes, the show is one of the most successful, longest-running, and most popular anime series ever.

The Japanese anime television series created by Toei Animation made its television debut on Fuji TV in October 1999. It is based on the same-named manga series by Eiichiro Oda and chronicles the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they search for the greatest treasure ever left by the fabled pirate Gold Roger, the famed mysterious treasure; “One Piece.”

Although it is advisable to watch the entire series, including the fillers, some viewers will rather skip them. If you want to make an informed decision on whether to watch the One Piece fillers, skip them, or find out which of the fillers are worth watching, keep reading this article.

One Piece Filler Episodes To Skip - The Complete Guide
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How Many Filler Episodes are in One Piece?

Filler episodes are independent stories that are included in the anime but do not follow the manga; they are frequently added for practical reasons, such as when the manga is running behind schedule or when the anime has adapted every story that has been published, thereby, filling the gap between original stories and new manga stories.

Because they are stand-alone stories, these fillers can be skipped because they do not affect the main story and do not influence the characters or the narrative of the manga.

Out of the 1000+ aired episodes of One Piece, there are reportedly 95 filler episodes, which is a considerably low number of fillers, thus you can choose to either watch them if you have the time to or skip them altogether.

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One Piece Filler List of Episodes to Skip

For fans of one piece looking for fillers to skip, we have listed below the 15 One Piece arcs that contain the filler episodes that can be skipped, in the watch order. Because none of these filler arcs or episodes are of crucial importance to the manga, they can all be skipped if you don’t have any interest in them.

  1. Warship Island arc: Episodes 54-61
  2. Post Alabasta arc: Episodes 131-135
  3. Goat Island arc: Episodes 136-138
  4. Ruluka Island arc: Episodes 139-143
  5. G8 arc: Episodes 196-206
  6. Ocean’s Dream arc: Episodes 220-224
  7. Foxy’s return arc: Episodes 225 and 226
  8. Ice Hunter arc: Episodes 326-335
  9. Spa Island arc: Episodes 382-384
  10. Little East Blue arc: Episodes 426-429
  11. Z’s Ambition arc: Episodes 575-578:
  12. Caesar’s Retrieval arc: Episodes 626-628
  13. Silver Mine arc: Episodes 747-750
  14. Marine Rookie arc: Episodes 780-782
  15. Cidre Guild arc: Episodes 895-896

What is the One Piece Filler Percentage?

The One Piece filler percentage as previously mentioned is 9 percent. This is because, there are currently over 1050 anime episodes of One Piece, with about 95 filler episodes. These filler episodes contribute to the overall length of time it will take to watch the entire One Piece anime series.

It should take about 450 hours of binge-watching One Piece for at least 8 hours every day for about 55 days to catch up with the entire series. But, without the fillers, it could take up to 380 hours of binge-watching One piece for 8 hours per day, over 47 days to catch up.

Is There a One Piece Filler Worth Watching?

Although you can skip the One Piece filler episodes, there are some fillers that are worth watching. This is because, unlike some anime series, the fillers in one piece are intriguing enough for you to enjoy. Below is a list of some filler episodes that will be worth your while and we recommend that you watch them.

Episodes 196-206: G8 arc

With an IMDb rating of 8, it is widely agreed that the G 8 arc is the best One Piece filler arc. G-8 has a similar plot to practically every other filler episode from the series, but it differentiates itself by telling the Marines’ side of the story. In these episodes, characters also experience turning points that demonstrate the lengths this filler arc went in capturing what makes One Piece so compelling.

Episodes 780-782: Marine Rookie arc

Rated 7.5, the Marine Rookie arc is like a starter pack quality check, for One Piece filler arcs. Although the arc started off with a typical concept in the beginning, but what it does later on with the plot, distinguishes it from other fillers.

In these episodes, fans get a closer look at how the Marines operate and train their recruits, making it even more intriguing than most others.

Episodes 220-224: Ocean’s Dream arc

One Piece experienced a disappointing stretch of storylines after it reached 200 episodes, with the Davy Back Fight becoming one of the worst canon arcs. However, it is followed by two filler stories, titled Ocean’s Dream and Foxy’s Return. Rated 7.2 on IMDb, Ocean’s Dream arc is the better of the two.

Ocean’s Dream filler episodes, which frequently use flashbacks and are quite laid back, are a good example of how far the heroes have advanced since their first appearance.

Episodes 575-578: Z’s Ambition arc

Rated 7 on IMDb, this filler was used as a backdrop to create the One Piece Film: Z. It is advisable to watch Z’s Ambition arc if you plan to watch the spin-off movie. Z’s Ambition is the first post-time skip filler and is set after the Fish-Man Island arc. The animation of this arc is excellent.

Episodes 426-429: Little East Blue arc

The Little East Blue arc, which also has a rating of 7 on IMDb, is both a nostalgia trip and a reminder of all the progress the crew has achieved. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of a filler, it does set the stage for the events of the movie, One Piece: Strong World. Because of the nostalgic appeal, many fans rated this arc highly as a filler story.

Episodes 139-14: Ruluka Island arc

With an IMDb score of 6.8, the Ruluka Island arc is one of the One Piece fillers you can watch. It’s rating as one of the higher averaged scored fillers is because of its plot. It also stands out because it has the feel of the early stories in one piece. The characters in this arc also portray their strength and progression.

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